Tuesday, June 30, 2009


10 years ago, I graduated in high school. Now, I can’t help but to look back and reflect on my life. Many things have changed and I'm so grateful about it!

I studied in a Catholic School. We may not have nuns and priests roaming around, the mere presence of our teachers in well-ironed uniforms during classes and breaks were enough to remind us how competitive the standards of the school when in comes to academics and imposing values. Well, they shall not be my topic on this entry.

Back in high school, I was one of the commoners. I was an average student who sometimes passed examinations and failed too. In idle times, I would not hold books to read or bring out my notebooks to write lectures, rather, I would move to my friend’s chair to share stories and school gossip. With an exaggerated personality, you can hear my high-pitched and loud giggles around the class room. And if someone noticed me, I would shut up and continued threading the scintillating gossips, quietly. Yes! I was unstoppable in talking yet I knew how to discipline myself. It’s a matter of control.

Academically speaking, although I became a part of the crème section in my 4th year, I must admit, I was bad at numbers, molecules, geometry, and formulas. Seriously, Math and Science gave me nightmares. I even cursed some of the lessons which haunted me before graduating high school. But since I did not delve on my weaknesses and I focused my energies on subjects I excelled (English, Filipino, and many more, Lunch? Recess?), thankfully, I survived high school with full positivity. Yes, I got one award which I was very proud of, the LOYALTY AWARD. Yes. I stayed in School of Saint Anthony from nursery to highschool!

Setting academics aside, I was known for being a FAT SONG BIRD. Yes. “Fat,” because I weighed more than 180 lbs, and “Song bird,” because my melodious voice was heard in glee clubs and in the school choir. In fact, I was one of those students who wholeheartedly sang “Ako ay Pilipino” during flag ceremonies. A clap among students after I sang would cap my performance. With all the praises on my “Pavarotti” voice and project kung project style in singing, as part of our highschool prophecy written by my friend Katrina, I was prophesized to be a recording artist someday. Yes, many believed on my authentic talent in singing (naks!).

Stand out for a bubbly, loud and schizophrenic personality which perfectly surface on class performances, some could hypothesize I was a closet thespian. I love acting as much as I love singing. In fact, in my solitude, I would face the mirror, act strangely and utter vindictive dialogues. I would even imagine myself as a king, a pauper, a singer, a vendor, etc. Name it and I can give justice to it. Apparently, this “odd” side of me wasn’t seen by my school because I was “shy” (Yes, I was then!) to show it. I just thought, the big vanity mirror was the only rightful to witness my insane fantasies. It was only in college I unleashed that jaw-dropping side of me.

I was a late bloomer in writing. Thanks to my 4th Year English Teacher and our Highschool Paper Adviser, Teacher Anne Marie, my talent and confidence on writing was ignited. I was an incoming fourth year student when I passed as a writer of our school newspaper. From there, my views on world changed a lot. Teacher Anne Marie introduced me to the enchanting world of literature while exposing me to journalism. Her trust and training on me was so powerful that it compelled me to take a degree in creative writing. Luckily, I didn’t disappoint her. After knowing I didn’t pass the UPCAT, I took a talent test on creative writing in UP Diliman and I passed. Soon, I ventured into Broadcast Communication and I even graduated with high honors paired with another prestigious award. Seriously, I credit to Teacher Anne Marie my achievement. If not for her support and encouragement, I might not found a direction in college.

Teachers trusted me. My double face personality helped me on this. Hey, I was not a teacher’s pet. Truth be told, because I knew how to flex my persona in various groups and people, I got some magical formula to tickle the senses of my teachers. I just knew how to keep still or speak when asked. I may rebel discreetly but I strictly obey rules. Right after highschool, my teachers became my friends.

Although I was not experimental, I didn’t inhale fandom and I was just a simple/unnoticeable ordinary student, I enjoyed my highschool life to the fullest and foolest. I loved every moment because of the sheer memories with my friends – Agatha, bestfriend Apes, Kyke, and Ethel. We may look harmless, but I tell you, our group was phenomenal sa kalokohan! The chismisan, tawanan and okrayan during lunch time were truly organic and remarkable. On top of that, the stereotypical classic high school dramas happening around the school ground and trends in 90’s spiced up my past.

Indeed, time flies so fast. Many things have already changed over the past 10 years. Some of my batchmates have their own family. Some are happily married and are expecting to have a child. Some are excelling on their chosen careers. Some are earning double than their age. Some are lawyers and soon-to-be. Some are taking up their Masters degree. Some are working as nurses or professionals abroad. My batch mates are everywhere. In short, everyone has come a long way! Applause!

Looking into my personal life, despite the ups and downs, I can say that I am blessed in so many ways. I may not become the singer my batch once predicted. Positively, I have become a writer in the glamorous yet highly-politicized world of mass media. From being a writer/segment producer of ABS-CBN and ABC-5, now, I’m a writer in an advertising agency here in Brunei. Earning enough to save for my future and help my family, my talent also on singing and hosting is recognized in some events or mall shows. Talking in a big foreign crowd, entertaining them and seeing a big smile on the audience after a hilarious performance are enough for me to reinstate how I am proud to be a Filipino.

I always believe in the life-changing impact of education in creating change even in the smallest community or on our personal space. And so, soon, I’ll now be taking up my graduate studies in Development Communication at UP Open University to harness more my skills, improve my personality and someday go back to the Philippines to teach. Hopefully, I can have a Phd once I finish my Masters. I seek God’s help on this.

On a more personal note, there have been events in my life which truly affirm God’s miraculous hands. First, despite the passing of my mom in 2005, I have become stronger and closer to our dear Lord. Second, just in time for the retirement of my Dad, I got a lucrative job abroad. Third, people might have regretted my sudden resignation on the biggest television network, here I am, learning and earning more in the creative world of advertising. With these, it is a fact that a rainbow shall surface every after a devastating storm.

Bottom line, I guess, we really can’t predict the future. Who would have thought I’ll be in Brunei in 2008? Even I didn’t thought of that! Although we can opt to go with the flow or veer away from what is around us, but at the end of the day, there’s something meant for us that we should be thankful for. Just keep the faith.

True enough, only God knows everything. We may take actions on what’s happening on us but it all depends on luck, opportunities, fate and trust in the Lord. So, let us not stop believing and live positivity. Think of it, we’re still at the prime of our youth. We may have done something wrong in the past, move on. What’s important is our present. We live in our NOW, not in BEFORE, so we shall inherit the best of the SOON.

Yes. Back in high school, I was one of the commoners. I was an average student who sometimes passed examinations and failed too. In idle times, I would not hold books to read or bring out my notebooks to write lectures, rather, I would move to my friend’s chair to share stories and school gossip. That was my reality in high school. Today, in the real world. I’m still the same bubbly EARVIN. I gossip and now live creative mass media. Yes. I am one of the commoners who NOW wants to make a difference.I believe, it’s a choice.

The next question is: BATCHMATES, do you wish to have a reunion next year? Summer Reunion so you can bring the whole family! Tara!Pagusapan na ito! Now na!


  1. Ako ba si Ajh? Or assuming lang ako. Hahaha.

    Kasi may agatha ka na.

  2. Apes, napalitan ko na! Ikaw ang Ajh! Ajibabe kasi dapat yan! Hahaha!

  3. Makulit ka daw sabi ni Macmac.

    Btw, musta ang pagkanta natin? Tuloy ba yung sa Sultan?

  4. hahaha! Si Mecmec talaga oo!Hahaha!

    Speaking of that, dapat i-me-meet ko ang organizer today kaya lang nasa kalayuan sila. So malamang bukas. Inaayos pa ang sked. Sana kayanin pa ng sked ko kasi malapit na kaarawan ng Sultan eh kamusta naman ang rehearsal di ba.I'll keep you posted.

  5. earvs di ka commoner nung highschool noh..bulag lang ang iba kaya di nila nakitang star ka kahit noon pa :D

  6. Hahaha! Eths! Alam mo naman tayo, low profile lang! hehehe!Simpleng buhay! Hehhehe!

  7. Ngayon ko lang nabasa to! Hahaha! Hoy Apes mang-aagaw ka ng nickname ha... :P

  8. Ajh! Hahaha! Nagkamali kasi lagay ng nickname! LOL!