Sunday, June 28, 2009


Two weeks ago, I heard over the radio that there’s an upcoming contest titled Brunei’s Who’s Got Talent sponsored by b-mobile and HSBC. As a patron of contests, I braved myself and auditioned for the said competition.

I auditioned last June 14. I sang Martin Nievera’s Say That You love me. However, prior to my audition, to make sure I’ll win the audition master’s taste, I rehearsed my piece very well and even mastered my blocking paired with gestures. I was very positive.

I finished my audition at around 4:30 pm. The organizers told me, they will just notify me on the following day. Surprisingly, days and one week had passed, they didn’t. With that, I thought, I didn’t qualify.

Tuesday night, 23 June, I received a text message saying I qualified for the semi-finals. Frankly, I was so overjoyed! The semi finals round was scheduled on Saturday, 27 June.

Juggling my work schedule, I tried my best to rehearse every night. At first, I was ready to sing “Go the Distance” for the semi finals round. But I changed my mind, I realized, I'll just use that piece on the Grand Finals if I’ll qualify. And so, I ended up singing “Say That You Love Me.”

The Ball game: The organizers will pick the best 3 performers on each category – singing, dancing, playing of musical instruments, and band which will compose the magic 12 of the Grand Finals. And from there, 4 are set to emerge as winners.

Saturday came and I performed with all my heart. My friends were't able to watch because the organizers made the competition earlier. Instead of having it at 2, they set it at 12. I had no choice, I took an absent in the office.

The competition began. Frankly, I was one of the two individuals who sang a “challenging” piece.

The moment I finished my performance, overwhelming feedbacks came in: “Your performance is impressive,” “Fantastic” and “well done!” from the host and audience. Even my co-contestants uttered I’ll surely get in the finals. Confident that I performed well and the huge feedbacks, I expected I’ll get through to the finals.

The results were made on Sunday. We were asked to come back. But since there’s no more time during the event, the organizer didn’t announce who are the grand finalists.
So, to end my anxiety, I just approached the organizer and asked about the result.

Prior to the release of the results, Sunday Morning, I had a chat with my choir mate. I told her about my status in the competition. Then she told me that I should be careful because sometimes, even if a contestant is really good, the judges would favour their locals.

My choir mate maybe was right.

Sadly, my name was not on the list. Clearly, I didn’t qualify.

Frankly, I was shocked with the results. In fact, at first, I didn’t how will I react. Then thoughts came flashing in my mind: Is it because I’m a Filipino that’s why I didn’t get through? Is it because the judges favoured their locals? Is it because I was confident to perform? Blah blah blah.

To my dismay, I just walked home with a sad face. Although I wanted to scream and cry, none was possible. I was frozen. I was in pain. I was devastated.

When I reached home, I immediately texted my Dad so we can have a chat. We chatted for an hour. He was advising me to be positive and have faith in God despite what happened. Then again, I couldn’t hide the pain. I was spontaneously ranting to him.

As I calmed down, I realized, it’s not the end of everything. Yes, I have the right to be sad but I won’t let this incident pull me down.

Soon, I finished my chat with my Dad and I went to sleep. Surprisingly, I fell asleep without taking any pills.

And just this morning, while I was preparing my breakfast, I was spanked again with sadness. It’s the feeling of extreme loneliness. I didn’t finish my food.

Then I came to my senses. I said to myself: I had to be strong and just look on the positive side. On top of that, I know for a fact I performed well during the competition and that’s enough to prove I’m worth to be “in” the contest.

The hours went by, I came to office. An avalanche of messages came in to comfort my lonely heart. And so I thank all my friends who supported me all the way! Thank you very much.

I pondered.

I learned a lot from the competition. Aside from gaining confidence on stage and meeting aspiring singers/performers, it paved way for me to understand more of God’s miraculous hands. I know he’s the Judge who will always be fair in giving judgment in life.

Bottom line, I won’t stop singing. It’s a God-given talent and there’s my commitment to share it with everyone. I know there’s something out there well-planned for me and I’m willing to wait.

At least, di man ako nakapasok sa finals, I won the many hearts of those who witnessed my (as they say) jaw-dropping performance last Saturday.

This is just the beginning! Till the next singing battle (s)!


  1. Aiza!!!!!!!! TUMPAK! Aja aja fighting!

  2. You'll never know... maybe it was meant to be na hindi ka makuha. God always has plans for us that we don't understand.

    Baka overqualified ka at pwedeng wag ka ng contestant at album agad!

  3. Apes! Oo nga eh. Yan din sinabi ng tatay ko sa akin. Baka may plano ang Diyos. At naniniwala ako dyan. Sa dami ng blessings na binigay niya sa akin, di ako dapat malungkot! Thanks sa suporta!

    Nako noh, sana nga. Let's see kung saan patungo ang singing career na ito!Hahaha!

  4. Jennifer Hudson, Daughtry, Adam Lambert... Earvin Cabalquinto. ;P

  5. Grabe na yan Apes! Ibang levelling! Hahahaha!

    Salamat sa tiwala! Watch out for my upcoming concert! Hahahaha! At Get a copy of my self titled album sa mga nearest music store! Hahahaha!

  6. earvs!! all things work out for the good of those who love Him :)

    kaya mo yan!

  7. Eths! Super salamat. Tama ka dyan. Kaya dapat magtiwala ke Lord.

    God Bless!