Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I hate writing and I don’t keep diaries. Those were my realities back in my elementary and high school days. Surprisingly, everything changed when I got to study at UP Diliman. I was exposed to tons of books and was compelled to write a gazillion of school papers – from literary to critical ones. Luckily, with my perseverance and dedication, I survived my college days.

And now that I’m living in a highly-digital and mobile world, who would have thought I would appreciate and love writing very much through blogging. Although I have written some entries on Rriendster and multiply, waltzing into the blogspot hub could be weighed as an upgrade. 

As a creative writing student, I find blogging attractive and sensational to my imaginative persona. As a copywriter in an advertising agency, I realise blogging keeps me connected with the ropes of online business marketing. And as a very emotional and talkative person, the blogosphere pacifies my rants and tattle tales in life. Bottom line, from being an ordinary student who once despised writing compositions, now, I’m transformed into a voracious and blog addict, ready to voice and share my whatnots in this world!

Here are my TOP 10 REASONS why I blog:

BLOGGING KEEPS ME SANE. Blogging has served as an outlet for me to express my individuality. It’s like keeping an open diary for everyone to read.

BLOGGING DEFINES. Through entries and pictures, I define and position my identity even in a blur virtual world – a proud Filipino working in Brunei to earn money and be back in the Philippines to teach.

BLOGGING INSPIRES. By articulating my feelings, dreams, ambitions, daily activities, sad stories, or even simple joyful encounters, I know I can inspire people. It just feel right if someone from the virtual world leave comments positively.

BLOGGING SHARPENS. I consider myself as a pencil. I can be sharpened to reach my full potential. And in a writer's world, blogging contributes to one's growth and value.

BLOGGING CONNECTS. Aside from engaging in social networking sites, blogging keeps me connected with my reality, with my family and friends, and even with complete strangers who some have become my online buddies.

BLOGGING HEALS. For an OFW, blogging has become my perfect companion in battling homesickness. It wards off loneliness greatly.

BLOGGING PROVOKES. By stirring my sensibilities, blogging has served as a ground for me to someday publish my own book – a novel or a collection of short stories. Thankfully, an update on other blogs keeps me on track with global events.

BLOGGING IS SEXY. Blogging is gloriously pleasurable to my five senses – sight, smell, touch, hear, and taste. By simply writing an entry or posting a pic, all of my senses work in smooth rendition.

BLOGGING COMFORTS. Just like a chocolate to devour when you are depressed or a coffee session with friends, blogging is comforting for a longing heart. You can throw whatever topic or say whatever you want to say. Democracy is well observed.

BLOGGING INVITES. Venturing into the Information highway opens endless possibilities. Through blogging, I am not ony invited to share my private space to others, I am also delightfully hailed to take a peek on other people’s lives. The emotional relevance of such entries makes me captivated!

On a last note, I haven't thought of getting paid through blogging. Perhaps, I'm still looking at my site as an avenue to express my uniqueness and authenticity.


  1. for as long as we have faith in the written word, we'll never run out of reasons to blog. Thanks po fro adding me on mybloglog. HAppy blogging!

  2. Ayel! And I think, as long as we have our experiences to share to others, blogging would definitely be fulfilling. Thanks for the comment!