Friday, July 31, 2009



CHIZ ESCUDERO. The workplace is full of injustices and POLITICS as well, and so it just right to describe someone who is very vocal to fight for his rights. Please welcome, the Chiz Escudero hybrid. 

They are highly-principled, well-educated, smart, and very brave. With such conviction and commitment on expressing one’s corporate right, they’re a perfect candidate as a President of the office Union. On top of that, while they may be compassionate and selfless, they never forget to deliver their work at their best. 

Being a competitive employee, they seek strategies and solutions to what is fair among everyone. 

Nevertheless, they listen to office gossip which may affect the peacefulness and equal treatment in the workplace.

JUDY ANN SANTOS. In an uber-glamourized corporate world wherein recognition is measured on beauty and boobs, they are those individuals who prove there’s more beyond the physical beauty. At this point, a round of applause to the Judy Ann types. 

Because of their unique talent and superb skills, they’re presence is totally recognized. On top of that, they don’t want to lose weight just to please everyone. But, they do it wholeheartedly to imbibe a healthy lifestyle. Yes. They don’t starve themselves on the physical level but they don’t do that either on the mental and psychological aspect. 

They pacify their hunger towards success through working hard, being passionate in what they do, keeping their attention to detail very distinct, and sharing their knowledge to others. Yes. At the end of the year, they bring home awards for their unconditional corporate service!

VILMA SANTOS. As a newbie in the office, it is normal to look for a “guide” who will listen to us and give us some advice especially on the most crucial part of our corporate decision making. Generally, they may be the HR head or a Counselor. At this point, presenting, the Star for all Seasons icon, the Vilma Santos kinds! 

Because of their kindness, approachable aura and sweetness, they attract people especially the neophytes. They normally lead team building activities, produce surprises for birthday celebrants, invite everyone for snack breaks, deliver office supplies to whoever needs it, bring in food on brainstorming sessions, offer ride on late nights, and a lot more. These are the reason why they’re called the star for all seasons. Their positive presence is noticeable everywhere. And soon, because of the massive PR skills coupled with dedication, they are promoted.

PAOLO BEDIONES. Despite the tightness of everyone’s schedule, there’s this one officemate who would take time to conquer the great outdoors. Whether its Bungee jumping, mountain climbing, surfing, or any extreme sports, they want a hold of it. At this point, imagine Paolo Bediones and his extra challenge adventures. 

They may not be the typical tall, dark and handsome, but they’re knack on odd-ventures are so infectious. Soon, you’ll be joining them in some mountains or in some provinces doing some nature tripping. Moreover, with a dynamic blood and a vow on healthy living, they can transform you from being a couch potato to a wild outdoor explorer! Yes. They will make you SURVIVE in the corporate jungle by letting you see life outside your job!

Please be reminded that the above mentioned celebrities were solely used based on their portrayed characters on National Television. The author does not wish to bash their authentic identities with this blog entry.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


PIOLO PASCUAL. In any company, there will always be a handsome guy who is rumored to be GAY. At this point, imagine Piolo Pascual. 

The Piolo Pascual types of officemates are those handsome, quiet, very industrious and obedient people. They tend to focus more on their jobs rather than going out and enjoying the night with their colleagues. They're also the prim and proper type who could be, if not, but the very last suspect on any uproar or fight in the office. Their words are very few and they speak in a gentle manner. They give you a smile whenever they bump into you. They apologize and admit mistakes too. They make you feel good if you’re in a hurry because they give way. Bottom line, they do all the impossibly good deeds a real brusko guy would not do. 

Moreover, because they keep their private lives super private by not sharing it to others and editing their answers on some questions, their softness and silence become a platform for everyone’s gossip which obviously hit their sexuality.

Then again, no one could blame others if they see this kind of guy gets too vain on some days and would opt to choose going out with some “bestfriend” guy after office hours rather than a date with a girl. Now, that’s totally doubting!

RUFA MAE QUINTO. If Ethel Booba kinds wouldn’t help you on your urgent office needs, well, at least, there’s another life form in the office which can give you a hand and could at least use her brains at mid-level situations! At this point, give way to Rufa Mae Quinto. 

She’s the kind of officemate who projects herself well. She’s a middle class woman who works for the money and truly enjoys life, as in enjoy through ukay-ukay, sale, local travels, movie night outs at SM, and dining in at the most practical fast food. Although her physical features are man-grabbing, she enjoys that perfectly by flaunting more her ass-sets! 

On the other hand, she’s the bungisngis kind of person who mingles with her officemates even in working hours. And in the afternoon, she likes eating peanuts or sipping some juice while making chika with her colleagues. 

Then again, she can easily be fooled. She’s very gullible. She has a tendency to become a social climber just to fit in a group. What's  more, she’s a mortal of ironies and packed with mood swings. 

Nevertheless, she’s proud to be Jologs who doesn't give a damn to what others will say.

CHRISTIAN BAUTISTA. Any company in the Philippines would celebrate the Christmas season not only with the distribution of bonuses and other gifts to its employees, but more importantly, companies throw the much-awaited and bonggacious Christmas party. Of course, parties do not only serve for all the employees to relax, party and be acquainted, it also functions as a venue to showcase one’s hidden talent. Hence, there are those people who would definitely not miss sharing their talents. At this point, welcome the Christian Bautista in the office. 

These are the types who have some simple looks but overflowing with charisma especially on selected occasions. They are the ones who work quietly in the office and in an instant would surprise you with their hidden talent. More or more, they’re a star yet to be discovered in the workplace. After a performance in a party, the next day, all eyes are on them. They're an instant star! And the most common remark, “di ko alam, maganda pala boses mo!” And they will humbly say, “wala yon!”

SARAH GERONIMO. If we think the workplace makes our yuppie lives harder, well, thankfully there’s a reason to smile and feel good. At some point, there are still those kind of officemates who are lovable, kind-hearted, and easy to deal with. Welcome the ever down-to-earth Sarah Geronimo. 

The Sarah Geronimo types are those who excel in their fields and oozing with brains and talent. And despite their unsurpassed greatness, they remain humble. They are the types who work at their best without stepping on others. They are the ones who know how to enjoy life and deal with work smoothly. Although they may be single because of their reserve attitude, they don’t give a damn. As long as they help their family, keep their composure, focus on their goals, and not hurt others, everything’s fine! On top of that, they’re sensitive to others and as much as possible, they give a helping hand whenever the need arises. 

Although they compete, they put their best without bashing others and not taking credits even if obviously they’re the head behind the stunning success. With initiative, genuine pakikisama, loads of sweet stories, and a bucket of compassion, surely, they’ll make your corporate life enjoyable. They’re In short, a role model to emulate, and an angel sent from up above.

ARA MINA. Who haven’t heard of a gossip wherein the boss slept with his secretary or with one of his sexy staff? Well, I guess, almost everyone has their share of such filthy, unfaithful, and “kakalokang” story in the workplace. At this point, imagine the Ara Mina prototypes. 

They’re sexy, still and a serpent at night. They’re the types who stays late at night just to keep at pace with their boss. They use work to conceal the unprofessional acts within. They use their silence to let other people play with doubt and speculations. They bank on their beauty and reserve smile to demonstrate a virginal and angelic persona.  They are the boss’ eyes and an ear especially of capturing staff complains seeped on office gossip between breaks. 

Because they know they’re doing something bad and dark, they hide that perfectly with make-up, good posture, well-ironed clothes, and staged gestures.

To be continued...

Please be reminded that the above mentioned celebrities were solely used based on their portrayed characters on National Television. The author does not wish to bash their authentic identities with this blog entry.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Here’s the continuation of my Celebrity-Like Work Mates entry.

ETHEL BOOBA. She’s pasaway but some guys “don’t” actually see that. The male specie only sees the bulging blessing on this girl’s chest.  Define a sexy “walang pakialam” bitch in the office and you’ll definitely imagine Ethel Booba. 

Beware to never seek the Booba types' help in emergency cases, coz end up, you’ll never get the exact help you need and she’ll just be giving you insane answers. It’s a waste of time and effort. 

On top of that, she can only smile or laugh at your harassing quest, and even take side of your enemy if you’re sharing a story. 

Bottom line, this crazy gal will make your life relentlessly upside down, and worse, hellish. The only consolation you can get is the laughs on unexpected serious encounters which hopefully does not happen on sensitive or critical corporate occasions.

BB. GANDANGHARI. She’s sexy. She’s dazzling. She’s jaw-droppingly gorgeous. And She’s a HE. At this point, imagine BB Gandanghari (the former hearthrob Rustom Padilla). 

Frankly, especially in the media industry, there are a lot of BB Gandangharis who are not only beautiful in the outside but also in the inside. Although they may be stereotyped as the “parlorista” gays, well, most of them have brains and are creatively resourceful. 

In fact, some boys in the office can get along with them perfectly because of their sense of humour, openess, authenticity, generosity, and charming persona. Surprisingly, nowadays, BB Gandahari types can be a threat to the female specie.

AIZA SEGUERRA. If there’s a BB Gandanghari, there’s its counterpart, the Aiza Seguerra.

These are the type of officemates who showcase a preppy and boyish look. Same with BB Gandangharis, although they experience lots of discrimination in the workplace, they never let gender issues deter them from being successful. 

In fact, most of them are not only gifted with a lost list of talents, but they’re also sensible to talk with. Their experiences in life and exposure on their environment qualify them as a strong source of inspiration to battle the oddity in the workplace. They can also be your best buddy on solving "heart" or other problems. Tough cookie right? On top of that, they’re cool to be with!

ROBIN PADILLA. They make look like a “kanto” boy, but they’re more than that. Although they are seen on melee, they still have control over their emotions. It’s just that, they are so vocal and expressive in defending their side or simply voicing their thoughts. At this point, imagine Robin Padilla.

The Padilla Types are the type of officemates who some girls would definitely admire. They’re “real” man looking. Erase the vanity. Remove the softness. Just being true. These men definitely grab a woman’s heart. Undoubtedly, Robin Padilla types are very MALE. 

Additionally, these men are into smoking and drinking a lot at night. Okay, some of them recharge a long working day with some alcohol session with other barako friends. That at the end of the day, girls keep coming back to them because they’re “Maginoo pero mejo bastos” kind of person. Tagay na!

JOHN LLOYD CRUZ. Roll the red carpet to the boy-next-cubicle! Simply imagine John Lloyd Cruz and you know what I’m talking about an angelic face, a well-dressed guy, etc. 

This is the type of officemate who banks on their charm to get things done. Because they know some people go crazy over them, they use that to their advantage. Need to photocopy something? Need some assistance on a project? They get that exclusive upfront “assistance” all the time. Of course, who would say “no” for a HUGE hand. Yes. Indeed, they’re the Prince CHARMing!

EDDIE GARCIA. They may be old but what makes them so appealing to the staff are their authentic wit, sweet words, charisma, and leadership skills. At this point, imagine Eddie Garcia, the CEO or higher boss on most movies. 

They are the ones who keep us almost kiss the ground when we bump into them on hallways or corporate parties. They’re also intimidating because of their affluence in life which is possibly made by their long successful depth in the corporate ladder. 

They are the most likely target of the office leeches and the kiss ass to get a position and authority to bully people. They are the ones who receive tight security, first-class accommodation, special services, and all the best things the business world could offer. They are the institution, the icons and the faces that a monument is expected to be built on their name once they die. They’re the rich and famous. 

On the other hand, because of old age, some of them are grumpy and so childish. End up, as mid-life crisis hits them, they crave for the bagets stuff like engaging in a relationship with an 18 year girl, buying a sportscar, and a lot more.

To be continued...

Please be reminded that the above mentioned celebrities were solely used based on their portrayed characters on National Television. The author does not wish to bash their authentic identities with this blog entry.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Obviously, today, I have (almost) finished all the stuff I’m about to do. All I’m left with is a sequence guide to revise and a simple script to write, while waiting for some copies to proof read. And so, at this very moment, thankfully, blogging keeps me moving and productive in killing time. At least, I won’t bore myself to death while waiting for the magical sound of the office bell to signal the end of the day.

On the side, on my quest to combatting “dead” times, online stuff lubricate my corporate life. Facebook keeps me awake with all the comments and funny posts and quirky quizzes. Plurk gives me a high on meeting new friends and makes me smile on the emoticons I can add on my “statements.” Twitter cheers me up with some friend messages and riveting replies. It’s the endless surfing and online discoveries at least pampers my decelerating energy on facing the computer for more than 8 hours. Geeesh! Although I have never imagined my professional would be like, I still thankful with all the my job’s advantages. One thing is the sensational “discounted” salary, LOL.

I won’t talk about my salary and all those compensation as this entry is probed by my observation on our staff in the office. On this entry, I will share to share the types of people one can encounter in the workplace. I won’t just delve on the kinds of mortals who bring tons of toxic in our lives, but in general, I will make way for the other “stereotypical witty characters” which everyone could really relate to. I hope you will love it as much as I do while composing this.

Having worked in a Television Network packed with rising and falling celebrities, having experienced the laughter, the harrasment and terror from the office space, and believing that life is like a blockbuster movie in which we are the scriptwiter/director who controls the hero/heroine and villain, I will be using some Filipino iconic celebrities to vividly describe the people in any workplace.

May I present to you the counter part of showbizlandia in the workplace! Enjoy!

JOBERT SUCALDITO. Admit it or not, gossips spice up the workplace. Because of its intriguing nature and spicy sensation, gossip obviously sells like hot pan cakes in the office. Of course, that wouldn’t be possible without the prime “Chef,” the gossiper. At this point, imagine Jobert Sucaldito. 

The Sucaldito's types are perky and very friendly. The people like him not only because he has a towering PR skills, he also has the gift of tongue and ultra-bionic ears and zooming eyes which come very handy on fishing gossips and bashing his enemies. 

He knows every little and juiciest detail in the office. He knows who slept with whom, who’s had a fight, who’s to be fired, who among the hunks in the office are confirmed metrosexual and gay, etc. He has the say on even the unimaginable rumors lurking the office space. His endless gossips are bought by the people around not only to break monotony but to be at paced with the raging, roaring and repressive reality.

CRISTY FERMIN. If there’s a budding gossiper, there’s of course the queen bee gossiper who’s all knowing. At this point, imagine Christy Fermin. 

Because she is on position, she mingles with the lowlifes up to the most elite butterfly of the corporate town. Oddly, because the people know her type, some people also use her to conceal the blatant truth, make her as a bridge to bring messages to the vulnerable, and be an effective portal to drop bombs in the workplace. 

As the queen bee, she remains still. She waits for her ally to come to her and share gossips. And once she speaks her thoughts, like any rule, the words of the King is not meant to be broken. 

Seated at the top of the mountains of gossip, her words confirm even the most hasty stories. On top of that, the people are afraid of her because her talent to twist situations and act innocent especially on fatally award-winning dramatic moments.

BOY ABUNDA. They’re stylish, fab, well-mannered, poised, and intelligent. And on top of that, they’re self-confessed and proud gay people. At this point, Imagine Boy Abunda. 

If you work in the media industry, you will encounter them, loads. In fact, their presence is so positively infectious and truly gripping. They don’t only give you a gazillion of laughters during office hours or breaks, provide you advices on relationships; guide you in finding a perfect; push you to try dating; let you explore sex better and bolder; give you a big hand if you’re down; give you some coffee treats if you’re feeling lost; guide you on travelling tips and tricks, and a lot more; and they also perfectly provide you sensible discussions on a wide-array of topics – from food, fashion, film, makeover, and on life. 

And because most of them are voracious readers and highly creative people, their out-of-the-box thinking and confidence are considered to be the office’s arsenal on special corporate battles especially on brainstorming, client presentations and events management. While most of them are single or in a relationship, Boy Abunda kinds are hardworking and passionate. 

Indeed, their impeccable disposition and outlook in life make them the right candidate of being a model.

RUFFA GUITIERREZ. A workplace will never be complete without having a high-pitched, talkative, sorta- kolehiyala, and narcissistic persona. At this point, imagine Ruffa Gutierrez.

The Ruffa Gutierrez types came from a Beuna Familia and who has at least 3 maids pampering her needs. With her empowering stature in society, she brings her brat and omnipotent aura in the workplace. 

She wears branded clothes, make-up and perfumes. And when she mingles with her officemates, she uses her naturally “pa-cute” voice like it’s as if she’s twisting her tongue. 

On discussions, she doesn’t care if someone will be hit by her “straightforward” remarks. And in all angle of the story, she will always bring up her unreachable status in the society – her expensive family adventures, her imaculate taste on fashion, movies and even in the arts, her collection of posh items which she got from her travels abroad, her list of guys going gaga over her, etc. With these, you would wander why is she working her ass in your company despite ger grand narratives and richness. 

Bottom line, it is just natural for her to believe that in this world, there’s no concept of “we” or “they,” for it will always be “I.”

AI AI DELAS ALAS. Aside from gossip, punchlines and a bevy of slapsticks sweeten the workplace. The clowns are the ones who paint a big smile on our face from any time of the day; someone who flip a sad incident into a laughble occasion; someone who re-enact moments which so much gusto and animation; and someone who just make the office place more likeable and fun. At this point, imagine Ai Ai Delas Alas.

 Although some clown bank on their physically features, some get the credit through their naturally outrageous personality. They’re the ones who attract positivity in life by living simple yet sensational. They are the ones who believe life is short and the only way to fight ageing is through loads of laughs. They are in so many ways damn vocally and naturally funny, wishing you to put them in comedy bars and rake in money!

Then again, just beware engaging in a fight with them. You’ll be surprised, you can be a laughing stock in a circulating slapstick or joke in the office. Truth is, even a cuddly cat can give you a deep scratch when provoked in a wrong way.

SAM MILBY. Welcome to the world of the so called “Metrosexuals!” They wear a hot bod paired with some trendy men’s clothes with a “colgate-like-commercial” smile. They walked in a very poised manner yet still manly and composed. They breathe massive grooming and a healthy lifestyle. At this point, imagine Sam Milby.

Sam Milby types are the the “untouchable” prince charmingsss for a simple office girl. They are the “Adonis” for a hopelessly romantic gay guy. By merely saying hello to someone or be it a sheer glance, everyone could be blown away. Their smooth presence is truly office shaking which also threatens the “brusko” and “dirty looking” traditional “suave” guy. And on office team building or company outings, this guy’s physically or talent revelations is much awaited by everyone. 

Here's more, even if they sing bad and dance terrible on the dance floor, by merely showing their blinding smile on a big crowd makes them become an office star!

To be continued...

P. S. Please take note that the above mentioned celebrities were solely used based on their "portrayed" image on National Television. The author does not wish to bash their real life identities with this blog entry.

Monday, July 27, 2009


Sometimes, I can’t help but look back on the simple and less tech-dependent life I enjoyed when I was young, during the 80's. And so, I’ve listed some of the things which I know most of my friends can relate.
  1. I never missed to watch Shaider, Bio-man, Mask Rider Black, and Machine Man.
  2. Takeshi Castle was my all-time favourite “game/gag/adventure” show on television. Anjo Yllana and Smokey Manaloto were the stars then.
  3. Superhero Marathons normally happened in the afternoon.
  4. During summer, my Uncle would normally scold us. That’s because we opted to play between 1 t 4 pm, the time which the sun was at its hottest!
  5. I can still remember a candy which tasted like Champoy. It has a jingle. The Nano-Nano.
  6. Kool 106 and 97.1 were my radio stations.
  7. I played shake-shake shampoo, Monkey-Monkey-Annabelle, Langit-Lupa-Impyerno, Syato, Luksong-Tinik, taguan, syato, Luksong-Baka, 10-20, and all those backyard games.
  8. MILO used to have their sports summer workshop. Though I never became a part of any, it made a mark because of the free drinks they gave on campus tours.
  9. How can I forget Susy and Geno during my childhood days.
  10. METAL was the term to describe “ROCK.”
  11. HIPHOP became a trend which led to wearing baggy shorts/ pants.
  12. I was a BATIBOT fan. For some, it was SESAME Street! Kuya Bodjie, Ate Sienna, Sitsitritsit Alibangbang, Manang Bola, etc.
  13. I used to shout, 4:30 na, Ang TV na! We would even use the expression “nye” in school.
  14. Brick game became a hit. I loved playing Tetris! Hahaha
  15. For a “batang kalye,” “text” and “jolens” were a hit. Well, don’t underestimate the power of dampa, saranggola and all those GI-JOE toys!
  16. Ghostbusters and Transformers were also remarkably an icon during my time. Even Pacman was felt!
  17. I loved playing super Mario. Play station was not yet the “in” thing. It was Nintendo’s family computer.
  18. For an aspiring wrestler, Hulk Hogan and Ultimate warrior were the icons. Even Andre d’ Giant was a phenomenal hit.
  19. I danced to the beat of Ice Baby, Wiggle it, Howgie, Pray, and MC Hammer’s Can’t touch this!
  20. Watching “That’s Entertainment” was my pastime on Saturday. It’s a highly anticipated show wherein I really took time to see which “group” will win. Obviously, Thursday Group was the best.
  21. Even before TGIS came, there was BAGETS!
  22. On afternoons, my brother and I would go out with some kids just to see someone climb an “Aratilis” Tree.
  23. Pinoy bands were also smashing household names when I was young. Remember Yano, Rivermaya, Grin Department, Tropical Depression, The Teeth, The Youth, After Image, Orient Pearl, The Dawn, Alamid, Wolfgang, and the ever popular Eraserheads.
  24. As a budding singer then, I imagined myself being a part of Smokey Mountain. Seriously.
  25. We called a popular shoe “Mighty Kid.” It’s the kind of shoes which has a lighting functionality when you stepped on.
  26. For girls, it was luto-lutuan, bahay-bahayan, doktor-doktoran, tinda-tindahan, and a lot more were the “in” games. Barbie was a collectible. And some would even collect a “KEN,” the counterpart of Barbie.
  27. I believed that a cap with eight stitches could be vouched as ORIG!
  28. I never missed watching Cedie and Sarah. Dragon Ball and Astroboy were also popular. Oops, don’t forget Daimos and Voltes V!
  29. My playmates and I loved saying “TIME FIRST” when I’m so tired during a game! It’s also handy to save oneself on not being the “taya!” Remember salimpusa? Hahahaha!
  30. I was a SHAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL kid. Up to now, I can’t forget the “Refrigerator” segment!
  31. Spartan was the most saleable slippers then.
  32. Tiyanak totally scared me.
  33. Jokes then were also different. I guess, TODAS and Iskul Bukol may take the credit for the boom of pinoy humor.
  34. Ninja Turtles was also a hit then.
  35. When a bald person passed by, we would say, “pending may kalbo!”
  36. And if a Volkswagen passed by, we uttered “Pendong may kotseng kuba” with a Peace sign.
  37. TUNOG Tao became popular. It came from Eat Bulaga. Now, who wants to make a sound through one’s kilikili? Hahaha!
  38. I used to believe that the BIG EGG on the way to Philcoa was a Dinosaur’s egg. Hahaha!
  39. Regal Films dominated the movie industry. I really hate the “sayawan sa beach” in most of its movies! Kaloka!
  40. Remember the Kempee de Leon Hairstyle? Yung may hati sa gitna? I never tried that but some of my friends had their share of that!
  41. How about the statement “Mahuli may tae sa pwet!”
  42. Mcgyver was a popular series.
  43. Oh! Voltes V and Voltron were also a hit.
  44. I used to buy “Bazooka” not because I want to chew a bubblegum but I enjoyed reading the comics on the wrapper!
  45. I got addicted to Tira Tira and meringue! Hahaha!
  46. Before pellet gun came out of this world, it was a slingshot(tirador) which dominated the kid’s war freak side!
  47. Although C.O.D was a popular place to go during Christmas, I never got the chance to visit it!
  48. I believed there was a real santa claus who would give me my “dream” gifts on Christmas if I’ll behave! Seriously, I believed this!
  49. I learned biking through a bicycle named “BMX!”
  50. Before Blue Ray, there were VHS and Betamx!
  51. Before the iPod, we enjoyed the walkman!
  52. Before the USB, we had the 5.25 floppy disks!
  53. Before the advent of CDs, we had cassette tapes!
  54. My brother and I used to “make ligo” sa unang “ulan” sa Mayo! We believed then that all our skin allergies will be washed away! Hahaha!
  55. To ward off the rain, we would get a chalk and draw a big sun on the street!
  56. Any abandoned house could be called a Haunted House! Hahaha!
  57. Since Internet was not yet that popular, having a family Encyclopedia was a total advantage!
  58. I just enjoyed eating Taho every morning. Sometimes, binatog, banana cue, kamote cue and pandesal in the afternoon.
  59. Our neighbor had a collection of matchbox. Seriously, he had everything!
  60. Remember “Randy Santiago’s Babaero” song? Coolness! Hahaha!
  61. Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk was sooooooooooo infectious!
  62. During the 80s, getting a phone line was so “pahirapan.” But when Bayantel came in the picture, PLDT was like an insane dog menacing each and every household!
  63. Magic was defined through Okay Ka fairy ko! Hahaha! Hirap gayahin ng sayaw ni Prinsipe K! hahaha!
  64. I dreamed of eating spinach when I was a kid because of watching Popeye the Sailorman!
  65. Although it’s still an “in” thing nowadays, having notebooks with “local” celebrities on it was a thing in the past. Gosh! How can I forget my notebooks with Tina Paner, Manilyn, Romenick, and a lot more when I was a kid. It was a cheap notebook though.
  66. Playing around compelled us to believe on “laman lupa.” Stories of the duwende, engkanto, etc surfaced vividly!
  67. Before, high socks were an “in” thing.
  68. We used to camp around in a nearby open area. We would even bring fresh eggs and rice to cook!
  69. I used to play Doctor Quak Quak! Kaloka! Then takbuhan once mabuwag ang chain! Hahaha!
  70. LOVE Bus was moving on major roads! LOL!
  71. Admit it, revival was not that much. OPM was domineering!
  72. I love eating Jack and Jill munchees!
  73. Francis M songs inspired the Filipinos with his songs!
  74. Remember the song "gloria labandera" and “1, 2, 3,asawa ni marie”
  75. I love Marie biscuits! Yes! Love that!
  76. How can I forget “ up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, a, b, a, b, start!”
  77. The popular brands before were U.S.E.D., Boy London, Cross Colors, Esprit, Blowing Bubbles. Bench was starting then with Richard Gomez as the main endorser!
  78. Rainbow brite, carebears and my little phony were so cute!
  79. Before Microsoft, we had wordstar!
  80. My girl friend would collect stationeries and those “kisses” which was believed to “conceive and give birth.” Hahaha!
  81. Pay Phone was a trend. 3 beintesingko ang per tawag!
  82. Aiza Seguerra popularized the “duck” walk and “eh kasi bata!”
  83. I loved drinking Magnolia Chocolait!
  84. My pencil case then was packed with compartments. My friends had some music and lights.
  85. I was addicted to Goya chocolates and even Serg! Hahaha!
  86. Michael Jackson was black then.
  87. Karate Kid was popular.
  88. We used to shop at Uniwide!
  89. I used to watch “Ula” on channel 13. Bagets pa si Juday!
  90. On afternoons, our housemaid would watch “Analuna!”
  91. I watched Chinese cooking shows in the morning even though I didn’t understand a word!
  92. Video Hit Parade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  93. Together with my mom and our housemaid, I sobbed with Lovingly Yours Helen and Connie Reyes on Camera!
  94. I wondered who the hell is Uncle Bob on the Lucky Seven Club!
  95. Coins had a great value then. Remember the one peso candies? Weeener!
  96. Captain Planet made an environment impact on me! Remember, "EARTH!” FIRE!" "WIND!""WATER!""HEART!""Go Planet!""By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!"
  97. 680 Home appliances was the place to buy appliances!
  98. Seiko was the “ang wallet na masuwerte!”
  99. Which alcohol is di lang pampamilya, pang isports pa? Hahaha! 
  100. I enjoyed a cotton candy, ice candy and those plastic balloons!
I just realized, in the past, less dependence on technology had given us the privilege to explore the streets, share stories and mingle with our neighbors without so much interruptions; compel us to invent games we would love to play; enjoy television without being lulled with reality TV,;and our parents were (at least) didn’t get so much pressure on bringing joy and happiness in our lives. Life then was simple and sweet.

Friday, July 24, 2009


I’ve been a member of a choir of the Church of our Lady of the Assumption here in Brunei for one year and three months now. But last night, upon receiving praises on my singing prowess, I came to ponder how being a part of the choir has helped me to not only develop my skills in singing but also has made me become selfless.

To elaborate, here are the TOP 10 REASONS why I love being a part of a choir.

FRIENDSHIPS. When I first arrived in Brunei, I had no friends. Apart from making bonds with my officemates/housemates, thanks to being a part of a group like a choir, I was able to make a lot of friends of different ages – from the physically young to the young at heart!

FILIPINO BOND. Most of the members of our choir are Filipinos. Thanks to that because it helps me to at least find “HOME” even in a foreign land. I get to talk in Filipino, laugh at Pinoy humor, sympathize with depressing overseas news, and even share comments on political or economic issues being thrown on free time before rehearsals. Seriously, being with a Filipino group reminds me of my roots which one should never forget and be proud of!

FOREIGN GROUP. Attending the choir on Friday rehearsals and on Sundays is like seeing a bunch of individuals tagged like “United Colours of Benetton.” Because of the multi-racial and multicultural nature of the group, I get to mingle with an Indian, a Chinese, a Malay and even with an Irish to know more about their country, culture and traditions. And seriously, being with them gives me a different kick to not only show what a Filipino is made of, but more importantly, to feel that in God’s eyes, we are all equal. On top of that, these people have become an integral part of my life especially in understanding differences and respecting views of the world.

FREE FOOD/ PARTIES. I’m not a fan of gatherings or sudden “tambays” especially if I’m new in a group. Believe me or not, I’m a shy type. In fact, it takes “three” invitations for me to come to an event or lakwatsa. But being with the choir which is packed with generous people, I get to experience “FREE FOOD” invites most of the time. Yes. Especially on Friday rehearsals, if a Filipino celebrates his/her birthday, expect some snacks and drinks. And seriously, with the Filipino’s kakulitan, you can’t say “NO” for an answer. On top of that, I had my share of Christmas parties in an Islamic country because of being a part of the choir. The food was awesome! Well, count those as reasons why I gained weight in Brunei.

HELPING HAND. My choir mates have always had a helping hand. They are very willing to reach out to the needy and in hard times. This is tried and tested on a lot of instances. When I was a newbie and I don’t know to drive, some of my choir mates would offer me a ride going to the rehearsals and sending me home. They would even text me if I need a ride. Relatively, after a news spread in the group that I was sick for weeks, a choir mate offered me to bring me to a clinic which is known for its best “Orang Puti” (White) doctor. I accepted the offer. Soon, I got well.

INSPIRATION. They say that inspiration comes on the things we’re passionate about. Truth be told, my passion on singing has been a moving factor for me to find inspiration in being a part of a chorale. It’s the inspiration to learn new songs, share to people, sing with all my heart and let that voice be heard and reach everyone’s heart. In fact, last night, my choir told me, whenever I sing, he always gets the “goosebumps.” He even asked me how I do that. My answer, yes I’m so flattered, but seriously, I don’t know. Maybe, I just sing from the heart.

SERVICE. Back in the Philippines, my friends could testify that I am very active in chorale. Growing up, I was an active boy in the school’s Glee Club. I also became a part of our Highschool Choir. IN college, I passed Concert Chorus but I didn’t pursue it because I was afraid that I won’t be able to concentrate on my studies. And so as an option, I just focused my likeness on choir singing at our Church in which I had been a part since I was 9 years old. With these experiences, I have always thought that being a part of a choir is a service and commitment. And I always love the feeling of touching other people’s lives with my gift on singing. It’s just so fulfilling.

COPING HOMESICKNESS. As we all know, for an OWF/Expat, homesickness is the greatest battle one must strongly cope up with. Thankfully, because of my active participation in the choir, I have toppled down homesickness. Learning new songs on weekends and singing on Sundays totally warded off such longing. The feeling is like, once a melody comes out of my voice, it’s as if my family and friends are a part of the sea of people observing the mass.

PRACTICAL SKILLS DEVELOPMENT. If you really want to develop your talent in singing, I seriously suggest that you join a choir at a very young age. It’s so practical because you don’t have to pay a training fee. All you need is your commitment on rehearsals and attending masses, plus your willingness to learn. Trust me, that’s my greatest armor in developing my gift in singing. Being a part of such group has made me harness my voice, compose my confidence and be more responsible on dealing with pressure and embracing diversity.

GOD’S LOVE. I’ve always put God as the center of my life. And seriously, the realization of my God’s presence in my life doesn’t only transgress on the blessings I and my family and friends receive, but it also manifests on how such group has helped to feel happy and contented with my life right now. Truthfully, my choir has taught me a lot of things. It’s not only making friends and embrace diversity, but it has inspired me to serve God more despite all the challenges that may come along in my life! Seriously, after each church service, I feel very light and positive.

Wish me luck people. Being a church soloist for a year and three months now, I was picked to sing Ryan Cayabyab’s Ave Maria in an upcoming special mass. I hope I can give justice to the song. To God be the Glory!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


I’ve been here in Brunei for almost one year and 3 months now (what an achievement) and honestly, I still miss the Philippines terribly. 

I guess, it’s a genuine fact that no matter how far you travel or wander overseas, at the end of such quest the thirst for your local roots can only be quenched through going back home. 

In my case, well, going back in the Philippines would be a bit far from now since I still have other plans to pursue while I’m given the chance to work overseas.

Having said so, yesterday, I came to ponder on what are the things I miss about the Philippines. Here it goes.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Yesterday was JUST an ordinary day. I was glued on my seat and finishing some work for our client. And then suddenly, total silenced crawled in after my officemate received a call from the Philippines. Her father passed away.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


When I arrived here in Brunei last 5 March 2008, I thought, I was thrown in a ghost town. Aside from Brunei’s airport was packed with animosity for a newbie’s perspective, it was so freakin empty. 

Seriously, I guess, there were just around 20 people considering that it was already 9 am. No one could blame for such an impression because I left the Philippines at 7 am and it was jampacked with cramming people – locals and foreigners.

My friends predicted that after three months, I will be back in the Philippines. They were confident I wouldn’t bare the independent life and homesickness. I proved them wrong. I have been here in Brunei for a year and 3 months now. And honestly, it was a liberating and learning experience. I braved to come out of my comfort zone.