Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Yesterday was JUST an ordinary day. I was glued on my seat and finishing some work for our client. And then suddenly, total silenced crawled in after my officemate received a call from the Philippines. Her father passed away.

Honestly, I got a glimpsed of the unpredictable nature of death and its life-changing impact on the people whom the departed would left behind when my mom died 3 years ago. I was afloat then. I was unprepared. It was sudden. And so I was devastated. Yet, I battled to save my sanity with a dawning reality.

Positively, as my friends and family advised and guided me, time lets heal the wound. Yes. At first, there was denial. Then, regrets came along. But soon enough, acceptance embraced my longing heart. Finally, I came to my composure, I should be happy that at least my loving mother would at peace with our dear Lord. Slowly, I moved on but it took me years before I finally recovered.

I miss my mom terribly. Oh How I wish she could still be here with me and my family. Then again, fate directs our lives. All I can do is pray for her and make her an inspiration.

I know she will always be there for me and my family. I can sense it. It’s beyond what my eyes can see. It is inside my heart.

Looking back, the one thing I learned about the unexpected visit of death is its ability to create presence by bringing absence. We become aware once death steals our loved ones, relatives or even close friends. Yes. We become aware that we must take each and everyone for granted. Yes, we begin to reflect we are mortals and vulnerable to the forces of nature. Yes, we share a unifying perspective that life has its end and we are all getting towards that line. It’s just a matter of time. Only God knows.

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