Monday, July 27, 2009


Sometimes, I can’t help but look back on the simple and less tech-dependent life I enjoyed when I was young, during the 80's. And so, I’ve listed some of the things which I know most of my friends can relate.
  1. I never missed to watch Shaider, Bio-man, Mask Rider Black, and Machine Man.
  2. Takeshi Castle was my all-time favourite “game/gag/adventure” show on television. Anjo Yllana and Smokey Manaloto were the stars then.
  3. Superhero Marathons normally happened in the afternoon.
  4. During summer, my Uncle would normally scold us. That’s because we opted to play between 1 t 4 pm, the time which the sun was at its hottest!
  5. I can still remember a candy which tasted like Champoy. It has a jingle. The Nano-Nano.
  6. Kool 106 and 97.1 were my radio stations.
  7. I played shake-shake shampoo, Monkey-Monkey-Annabelle, Langit-Lupa-Impyerno, Syato, Luksong-Tinik, taguan, syato, Luksong-Baka, 10-20, and all those backyard games.
  8. MILO used to have their sports summer workshop. Though I never became a part of any, it made a mark because of the free drinks they gave on campus tours.
  9. How can I forget Susy and Geno during my childhood days.
  10. METAL was the term to describe “ROCK.”
  11. HIPHOP became a trend which led to wearing baggy shorts/ pants.
  12. I was a BATIBOT fan. For some, it was SESAME Street! Kuya Bodjie, Ate Sienna, Sitsitritsit Alibangbang, Manang Bola, etc.
  13. I used to shout, 4:30 na, Ang TV na! We would even use the expression “nye” in school.
  14. Brick game became a hit. I loved playing Tetris! Hahaha
  15. For a “batang kalye,” “text” and “jolens” were a hit. Well, don’t underestimate the power of dampa, saranggola and all those GI-JOE toys!
  16. Ghostbusters and Transformers were also remarkably an icon during my time. Even Pacman was felt!
  17. I loved playing super Mario. Play station was not yet the “in” thing. It was Nintendo’s family computer.
  18. For an aspiring wrestler, Hulk Hogan and Ultimate warrior were the icons. Even Andre d’ Giant was a phenomenal hit.
  19. I danced to the beat of Ice Baby, Wiggle it, Howgie, Pray, and MC Hammer’s Can’t touch this!
  20. Watching “That’s Entertainment” was my pastime on Saturday. It’s a highly anticipated show wherein I really took time to see which “group” will win. Obviously, Thursday Group was the best.
  21. Even before TGIS came, there was BAGETS!
  22. On afternoons, my brother and I would go out with some kids just to see someone climb an “Aratilis” Tree.
  23. Pinoy bands were also smashing household names when I was young. Remember Yano, Rivermaya, Grin Department, Tropical Depression, The Teeth, The Youth, After Image, Orient Pearl, The Dawn, Alamid, Wolfgang, and the ever popular Eraserheads.
  24. As a budding singer then, I imagined myself being a part of Smokey Mountain. Seriously.
  25. We called a popular shoe “Mighty Kid.” It’s the kind of shoes which has a lighting functionality when you stepped on.
  26. For girls, it was luto-lutuan, bahay-bahayan, doktor-doktoran, tinda-tindahan, and a lot more were the “in” games. Barbie was a collectible. And some would even collect a “KEN,” the counterpart of Barbie.
  27. I believed that a cap with eight stitches could be vouched as ORIG!
  28. I never missed watching Cedie and Sarah. Dragon Ball and Astroboy were also popular. Oops, don’t forget Daimos and Voltes V!
  29. My playmates and I loved saying “TIME FIRST” when I’m so tired during a game! It’s also handy to save oneself on not being the “taya!” Remember salimpusa? Hahahaha!
  30. I was a SHAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL kid. Up to now, I can’t forget the “Refrigerator” segment!
  31. Spartan was the most saleable slippers then.
  32. Tiyanak totally scared me.
  33. Jokes then were also different. I guess, TODAS and Iskul Bukol may take the credit for the boom of pinoy humor.
  34. Ninja Turtles was also a hit then.
  35. When a bald person passed by, we would say, “pending may kalbo!”
  36. And if a Volkswagen passed by, we uttered “Pendong may kotseng kuba” with a Peace sign.
  37. TUNOG Tao became popular. It came from Eat Bulaga. Now, who wants to make a sound through one’s kilikili? Hahaha!
  38. I used to believe that the BIG EGG on the way to Philcoa was a Dinosaur’s egg. Hahaha!
  39. Regal Films dominated the movie industry. I really hate the “sayawan sa beach” in most of its movies! Kaloka!
  40. Remember the Kempee de Leon Hairstyle? Yung may hati sa gitna? I never tried that but some of my friends had their share of that!
  41. How about the statement “Mahuli may tae sa pwet!”
  42. Mcgyver was a popular series.
  43. Oh! Voltes V and Voltron were also a hit.
  44. I used to buy “Bazooka” not because I want to chew a bubblegum but I enjoyed reading the comics on the wrapper!
  45. I got addicted to Tira Tira and meringue! Hahaha!
  46. Before pellet gun came out of this world, it was a slingshot(tirador) which dominated the kid’s war freak side!
  47. Although C.O.D was a popular place to go during Christmas, I never got the chance to visit it!
  48. I believed there was a real santa claus who would give me my “dream” gifts on Christmas if I’ll behave! Seriously, I believed this!
  49. I learned biking through a bicycle named “BMX!”
  50. Before Blue Ray, there were VHS and Betamx!
  51. Before the iPod, we enjoyed the walkman!
  52. Before the USB, we had the 5.25 floppy disks!
  53. Before the advent of CDs, we had cassette tapes!
  54. My brother and I used to “make ligo” sa unang “ulan” sa Mayo! We believed then that all our skin allergies will be washed away! Hahaha!
  55. To ward off the rain, we would get a chalk and draw a big sun on the street!
  56. Any abandoned house could be called a Haunted House! Hahaha!
  57. Since Internet was not yet that popular, having a family Encyclopedia was a total advantage!
  58. I just enjoyed eating Taho every morning. Sometimes, binatog, banana cue, kamote cue and pandesal in the afternoon.
  59. Our neighbor had a collection of matchbox. Seriously, he had everything!
  60. Remember “Randy Santiago’s Babaero” song? Coolness! Hahaha!
  61. Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk was sooooooooooo infectious!
  62. During the 80s, getting a phone line was so “pahirapan.” But when Bayantel came in the picture, PLDT was like an insane dog menacing each and every household!
  63. Magic was defined through Okay Ka fairy ko! Hahaha! Hirap gayahin ng sayaw ni Prinsipe K! hahaha!
  64. I dreamed of eating spinach when I was a kid because of watching Popeye the Sailorman!
  65. Although it’s still an “in” thing nowadays, having notebooks with “local” celebrities on it was a thing in the past. Gosh! How can I forget my notebooks with Tina Paner, Manilyn, Romenick, and a lot more when I was a kid. It was a cheap notebook though.
  66. Playing around compelled us to believe on “laman lupa.” Stories of the duwende, engkanto, etc surfaced vividly!
  67. Before, high socks were an “in” thing.
  68. We used to camp around in a nearby open area. We would even bring fresh eggs and rice to cook!
  69. I used to play Doctor Quak Quak! Kaloka! Then takbuhan once mabuwag ang chain! Hahaha!
  70. LOVE Bus was moving on major roads! LOL!
  71. Admit it, revival was not that much. OPM was domineering!
  72. I love eating Jack and Jill munchees!
  73. Francis M songs inspired the Filipinos with his songs!
  74. Remember the song "gloria labandera" and “1, 2, 3,asawa ni marie”
  75. I love Marie biscuits! Yes! Love that!
  76. How can I forget “ up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, a, b, a, b, start!”
  77. The popular brands before were U.S.E.D., Boy London, Cross Colors, Esprit, Blowing Bubbles. Bench was starting then with Richard Gomez as the main endorser!
  78. Rainbow brite, carebears and my little phony were so cute!
  79. Before Microsoft, we had wordstar!
  80. My girl friend would collect stationeries and those “kisses” which was believed to “conceive and give birth.” Hahaha!
  81. Pay Phone was a trend. 3 beintesingko ang per tawag!
  82. Aiza Seguerra popularized the “duck” walk and “eh kasi bata!”
  83. I loved drinking Magnolia Chocolait!
  84. My pencil case then was packed with compartments. My friends had some music and lights.
  85. I was addicted to Goya chocolates and even Serg! Hahaha!
  86. Michael Jackson was black then.
  87. Karate Kid was popular.
  88. We used to shop at Uniwide!
  89. I used to watch “Ula” on channel 13. Bagets pa si Juday!
  90. On afternoons, our housemaid would watch “Analuna!”
  91. I watched Chinese cooking shows in the morning even though I didn’t understand a word!
  92. Video Hit Parade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  93. Together with my mom and our housemaid, I sobbed with Lovingly Yours Helen and Connie Reyes on Camera!
  94. I wondered who the hell is Uncle Bob on the Lucky Seven Club!
  95. Coins had a great value then. Remember the one peso candies? Weeener!
  96. Captain Planet made an environment impact on me! Remember, "EARTH!” FIRE!" "WIND!""WATER!""HEART!""Go Planet!""By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!"
  97. 680 Home appliances was the place to buy appliances!
  98. Seiko was the “ang wallet na masuwerte!”
  99. Which alcohol is di lang pampamilya, pang isports pa? Hahaha! 
  100. I enjoyed a cotton candy, ice candy and those plastic balloons!
I just realized, in the past, less dependence on technology had given us the privilege to explore the streets, share stories and mingle with our neighbors without so much interruptions; compel us to invent games we would love to play; enjoy television without being lulled with reality TV,;and our parents were (at least) didn’t get so much pressure on bringing joy and happiness in our lives. Life then was simple and sweet.

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