Thursday, July 23, 2009


I’ve been here in Brunei for almost one year and 3 months now (what an achievement) and honestly, I still miss the Philippines terribly. 

I guess, it’s a genuine fact that no matter how far you travel or wander overseas, at the end of such quest the thirst for your local roots can only be quenched through going back home. 

In my case, well, going back in the Philippines would be a bit far from now since I still have other plans to pursue while I’m given the chance to work overseas.

Having said so, yesterday, I came to ponder on what are the things I miss about the Philippines. Here it goes.

MY FAMILY. I miss family, terribly. I miss the chit chat, the drama and the exciting encounters. I miss the kulitan with my siblings. I miss the travels. I miss observing Holy Week in Bicol. I miss the bonding. I miss praying the rosary together. I miss the lunch out on Sundays. I miss going to church with them. I miss the carefree grocery time. I miss strolling with them at SM or somewhere. I miss birthday celebrations packed with food trippin. I miss celebrating Christmas as we exchange gifts. I miss the fights which are solved before the day ends. I miss the hugs and kisses. I miss the food trippin at night. I miss every thing. They are my inspiration.

MORNING TRAFFIC. Yes. I miss the traffic at EDSA. I miss the vehicles not following a lane. I miss the running people just to catch a bus, jeepney or the FX. I miss the long queues of people in a FX station going to Ortigas or Makati. I miss battling my way just to land a tiny space inside the MRT. And when I’m inside, my face could almost touch the underarm of the person in front of me. Geesh!

LOVE RADIO. Yes. I miss listening to TAMBALAN every morning. I just can’t help not to giggle, but most of the time, laugh! I miss Nicole-hiyala and Chris-tsuper’s banters. Their humor is so outrageous. I don’t care if I’m judged to be shallow or Jologs. I just enjoyed listening to them. I miss the seeped sarcasm, gender bashing, underlying politics, and the schizophrenic nature of the disc jockeys.

BREAKFAST. Yes. I miss the pinoy style breakfast. Actually, I terribly miss the fact someone would prepare my breakfast and that is Manang! I miss eating Tender Juicy Hotdogs, daing, fried bangus, scrambled egg, tortang talong, dilis, tuyo, corned beef, tapa, and sinangag! I miss such spectacular breakfast which gives me energy to face life’s battles and everyday struggles.

DINNER CHIT CHATS. I miss having dinner with my family. I miss eating bananas while eating rice. I sometimes miss eating utensils-free. I miss the good laughs during dinner. I miss my father’s words of advice. I miss watching my brother eat so fast which I couldn’t beat! I miss listening to manang’s gossip which she gets from our neighborhood! Seriously, she could be an excellent researcher for The Buzz! I miss my Kuya’s long running thoughts on life. I miss my cousin’s sharing of experiences in her office. I miss our cat, which is now gone, playing around while we’re all busy eating. I miss the round table where love, fun, tears, frustrations and oddity which are shared and solved. That special place defines our family.

MY ROOM. Yes. I miss my room. I miss my small hub where I enjoy my privacy. I miss my sanctuary where my vanity, schizophrenia and intellectualizing are witnessed. I miss my books which are well-shelved in the cabinet. I miss my study table where sleepless nights were spent in the past. I miss my bolster which I usually hug at night. I miss the brown teddy bear beside my bed which I treat as an angel guarding me at night. I miss the tons of papers (readings which I acquired since college and when I ventured into my unfinished masters) beside my study table. I miss the karaoke which I normally use when I feel like singing inside my room. I miss the lamp which used to give me light during fatal examination weeks in school. I miss the Harry Potter Themed clock hanging on my wall which reminds me how time flies magically. I miss the small room which defines my identity as a son, brother, and friend. I miss the walls, the window, the door, and the ceiling which have become a sole witness to my craziness and successes.

PHILIPPINE TELEVISION. I spent 3 years of my life in the television industry before landing a job in the advertising world overseas. And seriously, for all its glory and filthiness, I miss Philippine television. Seriously, in Brunei, there’s no TFC and Pinoy TV. It’s a sad truth which we have to bear. So what are the things I miss about Philippine Television? I miss watching rise stars and fall. I miss watching politics interplay with sports and showbusiness. I miss seeing gorgeous bodies parade on national television in the name of the ratings game. I miss reality shows which obviously are faked and manipulating our minds. I miss watching ads which sell fantasies. I miss GMA’s promises and all those trapo politicians. I miss reports on rallies, crime and our decelerating economy. I miss enjoying watching documentaries at night. I miss how people glorify fandom. I miss how foreign series change the face of the world towards globalization.I miss killing time my making love with the HOME CABLE. I miss a world painted through the Boob Tube.

DIVISORIA. Yes. I love shopping. But I’m more on the practical side. I want to get the best value on my money. I miss Divisoria, Tutuban and 168. I miss all the fabulous items at a very reasonable price. Plus, I miss buying CDs! Yes. I know it’s bad but I buy pirated CDs. I also miss the long strolls at some narrow roads. I miss eating at the food court of 168 and Divi. I miss haggling. I miss the screaming vendors on every hallway. I miss the Chinese people oh-so busy selling their products. I miss going home with a big bag full of shopped items. I miss the rage and the vibrant vibe of the rickety stalls. I miss the tightness yet the freedom I can get from shopping in Divisoria, 168 or Tutuban.

SHOEMART. Yes. SM Malls are incomparable. True enough, they’ve got it all! Yes. I miss going to SM. More or more, I miss SM Fairview because it’s 10 minutes away from our house. I miss checking out books at National Bookstore. I miss window shopping. I miss eating Wendy’s while observing how people consume their days. I miss buying magazines at Filbars. I miss recording in a Karaoke Stall. I miss buying sale items. I miss the hype on annual sales. Just the mere fact of strolling relaxes my mind!

ORTIGAS. I miss my way from MRT to Tektite. I miss the crowded cosmopolitan. I miss the yuppies hanging around. I miss the hip and funky dudes and dudettes. I miss seven eleven. I miss mini stop. I miss I miss Greenhills. I miss buying sale items at SM Megamall. I miss eating peanuts on my way home. I miss the rush hour. I miss the heavenly rush which made me lose weight.

FRIENDS/BEST BUDDIES. I miss the coffee talks. I miss the videoke sessions. I miss the okrayan. I miss the revelations of secrets. I miss the gossip. I miss the updates. I miss the weird day dreaming. I miss stories of successes and blossoming love life. I miss mending frustrations through laughing. I miss shallow jokes. I miss spontaneity until morning. Randomness feeds the mind and soul. I miss the “pamorningan.” I miss the dinner time. I miss the gala. I miss the roadtrips. I miss the overnights and talk until the sun goes up. I miss the movie night outs. I miss strolling at SM North while chit chatting. I miss eating in a fastfood with all the authentic stories from friends. I miss the unplanned kitaan. I miss my friends who make my life adventurous and colourful.

MAGIC SING. Yes. I miss singing for three straight hours with the magic sing. I miss singing my favourite songs. I miss doing solo concerts in the living room while our neighbor helplessly listens. I miss singing at the top of my lungs until a heavy rain pours and the dog barks in annoyance! I miss mastering each piece either inside the toilet or my bedroom. Impeccably hilarious!

MOVIE NIGHTS. I miss watching Last Full Show either with my friends or family. Seriously, I miss Filipino movies. I miss watching at SM North. I miss the big movie theatre. I miss the days the aircon is turned off especially when a movie shown in a LAST FULL SHOW session is about to end. I miss hearing the National Anthem on a LAST FULL SHOW session. I miss eating popcorn and sharing it with friends or family. I miss watching a film alone (loser!) especially if no one is available. I miss watching at least 3 films with my family and cousins on Metro Manila Film Fest. I miss screaming, laughing, crying, and keeping in silence with my family and friends. I miss the wide variety of films shown in the Philippines. How I wish I get to experience I-max! Hahaha!

UP LIFE. I miss UP. It was the perfect years of my life. I miss tambays. I miss happy hours with friends. I miss eating monay with cheese. I miss the sleepless nights on examinations week. I miss the rush on production classes. I miss production design, directing, scriptwriting, and acting. I miss theatre. I miss speech classes. I miss lunch time at Philcoa. I miss Jollibee. I miss Mang jimmy’s. I miss the Sunken Garden. I miss our orgs sign up week and hell week. I miss cramming whenever a semester ends. I miss shopping center. I miss eating at Rodics. I miss bringing home tons of readings and sometimes books. I miss thesis making. I miss reading lots of books. I miss the pressure. I miss young and easy-to-deal with professors. I miss my professors in literature, creative writing and production. I miss creative writing workshops. I miss overnights at my group mate’s house. I miss shooting. I miss critical papers which compel me to think think think until I sleep. I miss rushing a paper. I miss printing at shopping center. I miss running because of tardiness. I miss riding the Ikot and Toki jeep. I miss the grueling registration. I miss the sudden lakwatsa on the first day of classes which normally the professor does not show. I miss gossiping in the Library until the Librarian rings a bell because of our noise. I miss getting a nap in the Library. I miss the Lantern Parade. I miss rallies. I miss cancellation of classes during storms. I miss the production rooms. I miss eating at Beach house. I miss my blockmates. I miss tambays in our Org’s Kubo. I miss reading Kule. I miss the Blue Book. I miss the sheer yet fulfilling University Life which opened my eyes to the reality around me and made me a better person.

SUNDAY MORNINGS. I miss eating “malagkit” on Sunday Mornings. I miss puto. I miss taho. I miss kucinta. I miss sweet Sundays!

PINOY FOOD. I miss eating…sinigang, afritada, chicken curry, adobo, kare kare, sisig, gulay laing, bicol express, pinakbet, kaldereta, crispy pata, pochero, fried tilapia, ginataang alimango or hipon, buchi and chow fan of Chowking, salad of Wendy’s, halo-halo (Chowking or the home made), bibingka, maja blanca, palitaw, pichi-pichi, Philippine mangoes, ice cream, puto bungbong, suman, sylvana of Red Ribbon, classic polvoron of Goldilocks, palabok, spaghetti, baked macaroni, cakes from Red Ribbon and Goldilocks, and a lot more!

And list goes on and on and on….

I just miss the Philippines, terribly!

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  1. I miss the Philippines too. Funny that you mention Philcoa; I used to work at Chow King as a "mystery" customer! :-D