Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Here’s the continuation of my Celebrity-Like Work Mates entry.

ETHEL BOOBA. She’s pasaway but some guys “don’t” actually see that. The male specie only sees the bulging blessing on this girl’s chest.  Define a sexy “walang pakialam” bitch in the office and you’ll definitely imagine Ethel Booba. 

Beware to never seek the Booba types' help in emergency cases, coz end up, you’ll never get the exact help you need and she’ll just be giving you insane answers. It’s a waste of time and effort. 

On top of that, she can only smile or laugh at your harassing quest, and even take side of your enemy if you’re sharing a story. 

Bottom line, this crazy gal will make your life relentlessly upside down, and worse, hellish. The only consolation you can get is the laughs on unexpected serious encounters which hopefully does not happen on sensitive or critical corporate occasions.

BB. GANDANGHARI. She’s sexy. She’s dazzling. She’s jaw-droppingly gorgeous. And She’s a HE. At this point, imagine BB Gandanghari (the former hearthrob Rustom Padilla). 

Frankly, especially in the media industry, there are a lot of BB Gandangharis who are not only beautiful in the outside but also in the inside. Although they may be stereotyped as the “parlorista” gays, well, most of them have brains and are creatively resourceful. 

In fact, some boys in the office can get along with them perfectly because of their sense of humour, openess, authenticity, generosity, and charming persona. Surprisingly, nowadays, BB Gandahari types can be a threat to the female specie.

AIZA SEGUERRA. If there’s a BB Gandanghari, there’s its counterpart, the Aiza Seguerra.

These are the type of officemates who showcase a preppy and boyish look. Same with BB Gandangharis, although they experience lots of discrimination in the workplace, they never let gender issues deter them from being successful. 

In fact, most of them are not only gifted with a lost list of talents, but they’re also sensible to talk with. Their experiences in life and exposure on their environment qualify them as a strong source of inspiration to battle the oddity in the workplace. They can also be your best buddy on solving "heart" or other problems. Tough cookie right? On top of that, they’re cool to be with!

ROBIN PADILLA. They make look like a “kanto” boy, but they’re more than that. Although they are seen on melee, they still have control over their emotions. It’s just that, they are so vocal and expressive in defending their side or simply voicing their thoughts. At this point, imagine Robin Padilla.

The Padilla Types are the type of officemates who some girls would definitely admire. They’re “real” man looking. Erase the vanity. Remove the softness. Just being true. These men definitely grab a woman’s heart. Undoubtedly, Robin Padilla types are very MALE. 

Additionally, these men are into smoking and drinking a lot at night. Okay, some of them recharge a long working day with some alcohol session with other barako friends. That at the end of the day, girls keep coming back to them because they’re “Maginoo pero mejo bastos” kind of person. Tagay na!

JOHN LLOYD CRUZ. Roll the red carpet to the boy-next-cubicle! Simply imagine John Lloyd Cruz and you know what I’m talking about an angelic face, a well-dressed guy, etc. 

This is the type of officemate who banks on their charm to get things done. Because they know some people go crazy over them, they use that to their advantage. Need to photocopy something? Need some assistance on a project? They get that exclusive upfront “assistance” all the time. Of course, who would say “no” for a HUGE hand. Yes. Indeed, they’re the Prince CHARMing!

EDDIE GARCIA. They may be old but what makes them so appealing to the staff are their authentic wit, sweet words, charisma, and leadership skills. At this point, imagine Eddie Garcia, the CEO or higher boss on most movies. 

They are the ones who keep us almost kiss the ground when we bump into them on hallways or corporate parties. They’re also intimidating because of their affluence in life which is possibly made by their long successful depth in the corporate ladder. 

They are the most likely target of the office leeches and the kiss ass to get a position and authority to bully people. They are the ones who receive tight security, first-class accommodation, special services, and all the best things the business world could offer. They are the institution, the icons and the faces that a monument is expected to be built on their name once they die. They’re the rich and famous. 

On the other hand, because of old age, some of them are grumpy and so childish. End up, as mid-life crisis hits them, they crave for the bagets stuff like engaging in a relationship with an 18 year girl, buying a sportscar, and a lot more.

To be continued...

Please be reminded that the above mentioned celebrities were solely used based on their portrayed characters on National Television. The author does not wish to bash their authentic identities with this blog entry.


  1. Nice blog. I wonder which celebrity I am. Hahaha.

    PS: It's good to know you came from UP as well.

  2. Gossipboy! Thanks for reading my blog at sa kumento!

    Abangan mo, me iba pa akong i-po-post at baka don ka swak! hahaha!

    So taga UP ka rin?