Thursday, July 30, 2009


PIOLO PASCUAL. In any company, there will always be a handsome guy who is rumored to be GAY. At this point, imagine Piolo Pascual. 

The Piolo Pascual types of officemates are those handsome, quiet, very industrious and obedient people. They tend to focus more on their jobs rather than going out and enjoying the night with their colleagues. They're also the prim and proper type who could be, if not, but the very last suspect on any uproar or fight in the office. Their words are very few and they speak in a gentle manner. They give you a smile whenever they bump into you. They apologize and admit mistakes too. They make you feel good if you’re in a hurry because they give way. Bottom line, they do all the impossibly good deeds a real brusko guy would not do. 

Moreover, because they keep their private lives super private by not sharing it to others and editing their answers on some questions, their softness and silence become a platform for everyone’s gossip which obviously hit their sexuality.

Then again, no one could blame others if they see this kind of guy gets too vain on some days and would opt to choose going out with some “bestfriend” guy after office hours rather than a date with a girl. Now, that’s totally doubting!

RUFA MAE QUINTO. If Ethel Booba kinds wouldn’t help you on your urgent office needs, well, at least, there’s another life form in the office which can give you a hand and could at least use her brains at mid-level situations! At this point, give way to Rufa Mae Quinto. 

She’s the kind of officemate who projects herself well. She’s a middle class woman who works for the money and truly enjoys life, as in enjoy through ukay-ukay, sale, local travels, movie night outs at SM, and dining in at the most practical fast food. Although her physical features are man-grabbing, she enjoys that perfectly by flaunting more her ass-sets! 

On the other hand, she’s the bungisngis kind of person who mingles with her officemates even in working hours. And in the afternoon, she likes eating peanuts or sipping some juice while making chika with her colleagues. 

Then again, she can easily be fooled. She’s very gullible. She has a tendency to become a social climber just to fit in a group. What's  more, she’s a mortal of ironies and packed with mood swings. 

Nevertheless, she’s proud to be Jologs who doesn't give a damn to what others will say.

CHRISTIAN BAUTISTA. Any company in the Philippines would celebrate the Christmas season not only with the distribution of bonuses and other gifts to its employees, but more importantly, companies throw the much-awaited and bonggacious Christmas party. Of course, parties do not only serve for all the employees to relax, party and be acquainted, it also functions as a venue to showcase one’s hidden talent. Hence, there are those people who would definitely not miss sharing their talents. At this point, welcome the Christian Bautista in the office. 

These are the types who have some simple looks but overflowing with charisma especially on selected occasions. They are the ones who work quietly in the office and in an instant would surprise you with their hidden talent. More or more, they’re a star yet to be discovered in the workplace. After a performance in a party, the next day, all eyes are on them. They're an instant star! And the most common remark, “di ko alam, maganda pala boses mo!” And they will humbly say, “wala yon!”

SARAH GERONIMO. If we think the workplace makes our yuppie lives harder, well, thankfully there’s a reason to smile and feel good. At some point, there are still those kind of officemates who are lovable, kind-hearted, and easy to deal with. Welcome the ever down-to-earth Sarah Geronimo. 

The Sarah Geronimo types are those who excel in their fields and oozing with brains and talent. And despite their unsurpassed greatness, they remain humble. They are the types who work at their best without stepping on others. They are the ones who know how to enjoy life and deal with work smoothly. Although they may be single because of their reserve attitude, they don’t give a damn. As long as they help their family, keep their composure, focus on their goals, and not hurt others, everything’s fine! On top of that, they’re sensitive to others and as much as possible, they give a helping hand whenever the need arises. 

Although they compete, they put their best without bashing others and not taking credits even if obviously they’re the head behind the stunning success. With initiative, genuine pakikisama, loads of sweet stories, and a bucket of compassion, surely, they’ll make your corporate life enjoyable. They’re In short, a role model to emulate, and an angel sent from up above.

ARA MINA. Who haven’t heard of a gossip wherein the boss slept with his secretary or with one of his sexy staff? Well, I guess, almost everyone has their share of such filthy, unfaithful, and “kakalokang” story in the workplace. At this point, imagine the Ara Mina prototypes. 

They’re sexy, still and a serpent at night. They’re the types who stays late at night just to keep at pace with their boss. They use work to conceal the unprofessional acts within. They use their silence to let other people play with doubt and speculations. They bank on their beauty and reserve smile to demonstrate a virginal and angelic persona.  They are the boss’ eyes and an ear especially of capturing staff complains seeped on office gossip between breaks. 

Because they know they’re doing something bad and dark, they hide that perfectly with make-up, good posture, well-ironed clothes, and staged gestures.

To be continued...

Please be reminded that the above mentioned celebrities were solely used based on their portrayed characters on National Television. The author does not wish to bash their authentic identities with this blog entry.

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