Friday, July 31, 2009



CHIZ ESCUDERO. The workplace is full of injustices and POLITICS as well, and so it just right to describe someone who is very vocal to fight for his rights. Please welcome, the Chiz Escudero hybrid. 

They are highly-principled, well-educated, smart, and very brave. With such conviction and commitment on expressing one’s corporate right, they’re a perfect candidate as a President of the office Union. On top of that, while they may be compassionate and selfless, they never forget to deliver their work at their best. 

Being a competitive employee, they seek strategies and solutions to what is fair among everyone. 

Nevertheless, they listen to office gossip which may affect the peacefulness and equal treatment in the workplace.

JUDY ANN SANTOS. In an uber-glamourized corporate world wherein recognition is measured on beauty and boobs, they are those individuals who prove there’s more beyond the physical beauty. At this point, a round of applause to the Judy Ann types. 

Because of their unique talent and superb skills, they’re presence is totally recognized. On top of that, they don’t want to lose weight just to please everyone. But, they do it wholeheartedly to imbibe a healthy lifestyle. Yes. They don’t starve themselves on the physical level but they don’t do that either on the mental and psychological aspect. 

They pacify their hunger towards success through working hard, being passionate in what they do, keeping their attention to detail very distinct, and sharing their knowledge to others. Yes. At the end of the year, they bring home awards for their unconditional corporate service!

VILMA SANTOS. As a newbie in the office, it is normal to look for a “guide” who will listen to us and give us some advice especially on the most crucial part of our corporate decision making. Generally, they may be the HR head or a Counselor. At this point, presenting, the Star for all Seasons icon, the Vilma Santos kinds! 

Because of their kindness, approachable aura and sweetness, they attract people especially the neophytes. They normally lead team building activities, produce surprises for birthday celebrants, invite everyone for snack breaks, deliver office supplies to whoever needs it, bring in food on brainstorming sessions, offer ride on late nights, and a lot more. These are the reason why they’re called the star for all seasons. Their positive presence is noticeable everywhere. And soon, because of the massive PR skills coupled with dedication, they are promoted.

PAOLO BEDIONES. Despite the tightness of everyone’s schedule, there’s this one officemate who would take time to conquer the great outdoors. Whether its Bungee jumping, mountain climbing, surfing, or any extreme sports, they want a hold of it. At this point, imagine Paolo Bediones and his extra challenge adventures. 

They may not be the typical tall, dark and handsome, but they’re knack on odd-ventures are so infectious. Soon, you’ll be joining them in some mountains or in some provinces doing some nature tripping. Moreover, with a dynamic blood and a vow on healthy living, they can transform you from being a couch potato to a wild outdoor explorer! Yes. They will make you SURVIVE in the corporate jungle by letting you see life outside your job!

Please be reminded that the above mentioned celebrities were solely used based on their portrayed characters on National Television. The author does not wish to bash their authentic identities with this blog entry.


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