Monday, July 6, 2009

JEPJEP @ 25!

Get to know the 25 Exclusive revelations about my Brother Jepjep! Cheers!

25 Things you should know about my brother Jepjep. Bukuhan na! Hehehe!

1. In our house, we call him “Jepjep.” But when we we’re younger, we call him “Elon.” It’s like Jeron which is pronounced as Elon.

2. My brother and I went to the same school since elementary until highschool. We are proud Anthonians.

3. My brother is a PSP addict.

4. He has a collection of original rubiks cube.

5. He’s an IT graduate from AMA. And now, currently teaching in AMA. I guess, he’s a cool and bagets professor. Does he give good grades? Hehehe!

6. As an IT specialist, he’s my saving grace whenever our PC would crash.

7. He gets easily dizzy on people places. This is tried and tested.

8. In 2007, he compelled me to buy a laptop. He promised then that we will both pay for it. Since I had my credit card, we used mine. All of a sudden, when we got home, he said to me, “Sa’yo na yan.” From that day on, I treated the laptop as my own and paid for it, alone. Loko to! Hahaha!

9. Growing up, we’re not gifted with good eyesight. So, we wear specs. Although my brother wanted to try contact lenses, our family opthalmologist, who has recently retired, adviced him not to use one. There’s a specific characteristic of his eye which does not match the features of the glorious tiny lenses.

10. My brother had an unexplainable sickness when he was young. That sickness affected him very much when he was on his third year and fourth year. End up, he stopped from school and took a process of recovery. Yes. he didn't experience Proms and graduation. Some doctors told us that it had something to do with his blood pressure. With that finding, we engaged him in a strict diet and exercise (swimming). Good thing, when my brother recovered with God's miraculous hands, he took an examination which he passed and made it through to college. Now, he’s back as a very jolly and positive person.

11. When we were kids, he was “namatanda.”As I remember, we were playing under our mango tree when he suddenly had red bumby marks all over his body. Guess what made that marks disappear? Our maid made a ritual using her own long hair. 

12. You know what’s usog. Well, I thought usog is just for babies that’s why we say “puwera usog.” Surprisingly, madaling mausog si Jepjep. Because of that, we’re cautious on commenting on him.Hahaha!

13. With so much religious influence on my family, my brother used to be an altar boy.

14. Jepjep loves Mcdonalds especially at night, or any "chicha" for that matter. Tipong 12 am, papa-deliver and kainan portion. I witnessed this when I had my vacation in the Philippines last April. Pasaway di ba?

15. I sometimes tease him as “Winnie the Pooh.” He has a a cute rounded tummy! Hahaha!

16. If I eat fast, he eats faster. Believe me. 

17. This was a story from my mom. When my brother was a baby, because he was very small, a cat almost took him while wrapped in a white cloth. As in, binitbit siya! I don’t vividly remember if it was a cat or a rat.Hahaha.

18. He likes eating ala-rice in a box. He normally gets one of our bowl, puts rice and puts some "ulam." The next thing, he’ll be in his room, happily eating!

19. My brother has a scar on his left leg. This was the result of our childish adventures the day after new year’s eve. Yes, naputukan siya and Kuya and I were the culprits. Too bad. Good thing, his ­­­_______ wasn’t hit!

20. I guess my brother is shoe-aholic. Daming shoes!

21. Before, he used to make nice tuna sandwiches. Impressively, he can now cook pasta (from red to white sauce)! Improving ha! And, masarap ng pasta!

22. When brother attended my university graduation at UP which was held under the smoldering heat of the sun, he was so ashamed to hold my mom’s umbrella. Guess why! The umbrella was a stand out because it had big eyes and huge ears! Hahaha! Remember?

23. He loves riding an airplane yet he doesn’t like “take-off” moments. As I remember, I had to give him candies to calm him down. Hahaha!

24. My brother had his first high blood pressure when he was in highschool. That’s the reason why he watches his diet. Tama ba? Sana! Hahaha!

25. My brother is a God’s gift in our family. He makes us happy, inspired and IT literate. Hahaha!

Jepjep, Dong, Elon, Jeron, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hahahaha! We will always be here for you! Love you!


  1. soo cute! i agree..this was totally him. ;)) and i soo love your brother for his uniqueness.haha HAPPY BIRTHDAY babe. ;)) he'll surely likes this post. ;D

    Thumbs up ako dito. =)) love it!

  2. Tanungin mo siya, totoo lahat yan! Hahaha! Eh kamusta naman yung dinala siya ng pusa or daga nung baby pa siya. Siya ang pinakamaliit sa amin nung pinanganak, siya na ngayon ang pinakamatangkad! hahaha!