Tuesday, August 11, 2009

EXPLOSIVE ENCOUNTER: Crazy Earvs on Petiks Mode!

Seriously, over the past weeks, I’ve been doing uber “few” workloads. Sagad ‘te!!!!! I’m not complaining with all the free time but it’s just odd for me to do “nothing at all” in my workplace. I tell you, for a workaholic like me, doing nothing is a curse. Isang sumpa. So to keep myself busy, I just update my blog almost everyday, surf a lot (as in!), check some design inspirations, blog hop, and comment and reply to Facebook and Plurk’s shout outs super so fast. Because of such PETIKS mode, here are some thoughts, rants, crazy ideas and even gossips I want to share with all of you.

Right now. I’m dreaming of eating ONE BOTTLE OF NUTTELLA! Seriously, takam na takam ako sa chocolate spread na yan. It’s like you’re eating Ferrero! Imagine that!

But the again, DIET mode is hindering me for such sinful indulgence. Okay, I must admit. MAHIRAP MAGING CELEBRITY! Feeling ‘te? Ambisyoso ka ‘te!

I’m thinking of flying somewhere. Go somewhere. Escape mode. Prisoner lebel gone mad. Di ko na ma-take ang maghapong pagharap sa PC and waiting for the office bell to ring. That’s because as I said, we’re not doing anything! It’s super tiring. Eeeeew!

In this context, I want to fly in some country or Island. Bask under the sun. Sight seeing. Puede ring extreme adventure to uplift my low spirit. Super low mahahalikan ko na ang sahig. Eeeeew!

Frankly, PARUSA ang walang ginagawa! Hahaha!

Hep hep hep! If there’s any consolation on this, aba, well paid tayo! Wala lang talagang projects for now. So enjoy thy free time. Pero pag dumating naman ang projects, hala, it pours! BAHA ‘te!

Dahil sa pakikinig sa LOVE RADIO and ENERGY FM, discussions on being a Mistress has been in my mind for the past days. Seriously, super kakarelate ako sa usapan. Well, not because I’m a mistress or some sort but there’s something sa aking paligid na masasabing close to such “chaos” or kaguluhan.

L word. Powerful.

Wonder. Wonder. Seriously I’m wondering what does someone feel when he/she sleeps with a married man/woman. Wondering lang naman.

Let’s see. Should we expect a police coming over? How a bout the land lady screaming at the top of her lungs upon finding the truth? The management receives the bomb and viola, surprise! Let’s watch. It’s going to be one hell of a drama. Cries. Pity. Emotions. This is like Pinoy Big Brother.

Confession room is open.

At this moment, I’m thinking of buying a speaker. Of course, I want my recording to be clearer for all my viewers! Naks! So the next time you tune in into my singing blog, you get the right amount of aural pleasure. The next stop na ang Visual pleasure. For now, shorts mode muna tayo mga friends!

HEP HEP HEP. Note to self: Di ba nagtititpid ka? SELF: Sabi ko nga.

For that, awat muna sa gastos! Goodbye sa speaker!

Haze for life. Haze for life. Yeah. Brunei is still covered in haze. Thankfully, last night, while I was watching a movie titled “KURAP,” in a blink of an eye, UMULAN! Yiheee. Coldness at night and siempre, hopefully the heavy downpour helped killing the migraine causing haze. Sakit sa ulo ng usok ‘te! Buti hindi sand storm!

Last Friday, I auditioned di ba for some singing raket. So before the audition, I had my dinner at CACA. Basta the name of the resto was CACA.

Dahil diet ako, mixed veggies with chicken ang inorder ko. Yummyness mga ‘te! I loved the food. Again, dahil diet ako, I wasn’t able to finish the rice. Yeah! Half lang! What an achievement. What can I do, busog na ako! Wag na ipilit!

But here’s the catch, when I ordered, sabi ng waitress, TAGA-MANILA ka noh? Yours truly curiously answered back, OO ‘te, pano mo nalaman. Bonggang sumagot si ate, “ Eh kasi ang mga taga-Manila, madalas gumamit ng ‘te or kuya!” Nagulat ako. Ababababa! Weeener si ATI!

Feeling ko my BUTT is getting big. That’s because I’m seated for almost most of the day. Seriously, na-mi-miss ng paa ko ang maglakad at tumakbo.

To make lambing with my legs, go walking and dancing ako during afternoons! Hopefully maging effective yan for losing weight.

Before I thought, ANG HIRAP MAGPAPAYAT. But now, I thought, ANG HIRAP MAGPAPAYAT. So what’s new? New clothes for a bulging self?

Pero seryoso. Slightly, lumuluwag na ang damit ko (sa kakalaba!) Tawa lang ‘te!

I’ve been wondering. What if we’ll have 48 hours a day, more sleep or more work? Akalain niyong MORE SLEEP ang nagwagi. For that, sleep na tayo, FOR LIFE. Wag naman, mukhang din a kama ang higaan natin. Coffin? Scary ‘te!

There’s something amazing about Wednesdays. Much-awaited day of the week ko yan. Amazing coz it’s Midweek. For a slightly tinatamad na nilalang just like me, once Wednesday says hello to the world, getting a relaxing weekend is so near from happening! Midweek na!

Guess what kung san ko namana ang shout out n, “It’s Wednesday, it’s midweek!” Well, point tayo kay Ate Ja, ang bonggang bongga kong bos when I was in ABS-CBN! Apir ‘te!

Finally, happiness ako coz sanay na ang dila ko sa OATMEAL tuwing morning. I feel so light and still full. Healthy lifestyle, try niyo na rin!

I’ve been praying every night na di ako sakitan ng ipin. So pag nagpaparamdam ang ipin, I pray harder. Mahal magpa-dentista sa abroad. Promise. Around 1500 pesos isang pasta!

Note to self: Baka naman di mercury ang gagamitin for pasta. GINTO! Investment ‘te!

As I’m writing this entry, FYI, Wu Chun is still in Brunei.

Joke time. Fans day.

Shiela: Ano kaya during the fans day, takbo ka kay Wu Chun tas hawak mo malaking poster. Sabay sigaw ka, I LOVE YOU VANESSA WU!

Panalo! Eh magkakamukha naman sila di ba?

Note to self: Katakot, baka mapatalsik tayo sa Brunei. I love my Job. Stir?LOL!

When I get lonely, weird, I just look at my savings and I feel good. Hala, nabaliw na!

Sometimes, I’m thinking. What if I-absorb ako ng monitor ko and I’ll be in a paradise. Dream lang naman.

Is it possible I eat a lot of chocolates and not GAIN weight?

Aanhin mo ang gabi kung wala kang katabi, aanhin mo ang katabi kung wala naming silbi! – LOVE RADIO

Minsan iniisip ko, parang sarap ma-in love. Parang ang sarap lang.

Note to self: Subukan mo. Kakayanin ba ng wallet mo? LOL!

Last week, I shared to everyone I’m planning to get a house and lot. Yeah. I’m serious bout that. I’m just weighing my options. Pero definite yan!

Note to self: You’ve changed Earvs! Sino naman ang ibabahay mo?
SELF: Ako, sarili ko and myself. Tatlo kami! LOL!

Ramadhan is coming soon in Brunei. Wala na namang kaninan during lunch ang mga Muslim. Siempre, apektado kami. Some restos, sarado! Sa gabi lang sila nagbubukas.

Sabayan ko kaya ang fasting nila?

Note to self: Di nga lang makapag-breakfast, naghihina ka. Gusto mo bang mapa-fast ang buhay mo! Awat sa fasting!

I’m so excited with the coming of Hari Raya. Parang pasko yan sa Muslim tradition. Daming sale. And we’re having a 3 day holiday!

Note to self: I-sale ko rin kaya sarili ko especially at this time of recession? Pakyawan ‘te? Hahaha!

Looking forward na talaga ako for my grad studies! Handa na akong muling maging intelektwal!

Note to self: Handa na ba ang UP sa isang tulad mo, Earvs?
Self: (sumigaw habang nakaposas) Walang pakialaman!

Hala nabaliw na! Exorcism?

Marami ang nagaakala na nakahiga na ako sa salapi ditto sa Brunei. Ang totoo po niyan, naliligo ako sa barya! Echos!

Seriously, if there’s any consolation on working abroad, that’s being able to save. Kapalit naman niyan, homesickness. Gusto mo?

Yeah. I’m extending my stay in Brunei for another two years. Another two years of pagtitiyaga! Ang plano: finish masters, save more and invest! Next stop, abroad ulit! Kung saan man yon!

Asar lang. Someone called over the radio to greet all the Filipinos abroad. Weener dib a. Kaya lang after saying that, binagsak ni Ate ang phone! Kahiya naman!

At this moment, while I’m writing this, some new projects have just arrived. So magiging busy na ako! Yiheeee!

Note to self: Magiging busy saan? Umayos ka!

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