Sunday, August 9, 2009


Last Sunday (9 August 2009, yeah It's my Kuya's Birthday! Happy Birthday Kuya!), I had a singing engagement with Fitness Zone’s Event. It was an event mounted in conjunction with their Anniversary celebration. 

Apart from having the Zone Race where youngsters (group of four) compete to win a total of BND20,000 (almost 600,000 pesos), there were bazaars and a special programme dedicated to some charitable organizations. Wu Chun also came with a throng of guests to grace the event!

For eveyone’s information, Wu Chun, the stunning Taiwanese actor was born and raised here in Brunei. And guess what, he’s the owner of Fitness Zone, the leading gym here in Brunei where I used to work out before the recession bug hit me and made me tighten my wallets and compelled me to venture into some practical and money-saving exercising schemes. But I’m now thinking of going back to the gym probably soon. Let’s see!

The event was so colourful and exciting. Yeah. Yellow was the color theme (seriously, it had nothing to do with Cory!). The staffs were wearing yellow clothes and big smiles! Well, thankfully, I knew most of the staffs coz I used to work out at Fitness Zone!
Guess what “who” made the people go crazy with! It’s Jollibee! Yeah! Jollibee was at the event! He/She even danced!Weeener ang pinakasikat na bubuyog sa mundo! LOL!
Surprisingly, after my performance, two Koreans came over to have a picture with me. Seriously, I was so shocked. Maybe they thought I’m a celebrity here in Brunei on Wu Chun’s event.

But of course, I was so proud with my performance. I hit all the high notes (as they say effortlessly) and I was in my element. I sang the ever popular “This is the Moment” and Michael Bolton’s “Go the Distance.”

If there’s any consolation on my performance, it’s I was able to share my talent, serve a charity event, expose my talent, and some Koreans made an effort to have a picture with me! Although we’re supposed to meet Wu Chun, as he requested to meet the singer (that’s me), we weren't able to do that! It’s understandable coz he was very busy touring his guests in Fitness Zone and accommodating the press!

And weeeeeeeeee! I got a shirt, some bowler and a cap from Fitness Zone! 

Nevertheless, I was soooooooo happy and proud with my explosive singing performance! As a special mention, I would like to thank Shielababes (My manager) for booking me in the event! Mabuhay tayong lahat!


  1. Apes!!!!!!!!!!!!!Salamats ng bonggang bongga! Excited na ako sa wedding mo! Pinaghahandaan ko na ang aking performance! hugs!

  2. Ayos! The Manager noh ;D hahaha... you did well during the event... keep it up, Charles C. ;D hahaha!

  3. Oo naman no! The Manager siempre! Salamat 'Nay! Mabuhay si Charles C! hahahaha! Screen name? LOL!