Sunday, August 2, 2009


As the last installation to my celebrity-like work mates series, I will be featuring the TOP 3 Celebrity-like Work Mates we would LOVE to HATE. They’re the ultimate kontrabida which makes our yuppie lives miserable and hellish!

These are the types who live power play and bullying. They are two faced and most of the time Orocans. Yes. They receive curses from their staff or co-employees because of their inconsiderate and domineering attitude. In short, they are TOXIC to be with! Meet them, NOW!

MARICEL SORIANO. Apart from meeting deadlines, handling grumpy clients, juggling erratic work schedules, and much stress on doing overtime, there’s the existence of a very finicky, moody, and unpredictable persona in our workplace which makes our corporate lives super unbearable! At this point, meet the Ms. Taray Maricel Soriano types of the business world. 

They are the types of people who are very bossy and “masungit.” That kasungitan is actually used to impose fear and not respect among people.Not only they are uber blunt on making unsolicited remarks, they’re also intimidating on meetings or simple meet-ups. 

On top of that, having a small mistake under their account project could bring you to total hell. And if they’re not happy with what you submitted, they won’t have second thoughts of literally throwing things back to you. Imagine a flying paper or simple a document being thrown in the trash bin. And then there’s the long sermon with animated and monstrous facial expression and deadly hand gestures. With this reality, it is most common among office people to think that this type of person with an overflowing kasungitan is an “old lady” or someone getting close to menopause!

CHERIE GIL. Behind the well-ironed suit and the shining smile is an evil ready to make everyone’s lives a depressive mess. She’s demanding, manipulative, insensitive, and cunning! Presenting the kontrabida of all kontrabidas, welcome, the one and only Cheri Gil prototype. 

The moment they stepped into the work place, everyone seems to feel intense goosebumps. And when she calls for a meeting, everyone feels scared which is seen on crackling voice, shaking hands and knees. She’s the ultimate terror a newbie can encounter or an old employee has been dealing with for the longest time. Never cry in front of this person for you’ll either hear ho hum or another set of screaming or TALAK even on your simplest sabits! Yeah. Everyone wants to kill this boss!

Lastly, the evil of all evil as witnessed on her “portrayal” on Pinoy Big Brother Season 2, the “Nagpapakatotoong” WENDY VALDEZ.

WENDY VALDEZ. We work hard because we want to earn, save and have a better future. And so, despite the pressure and stress, we take a vow to do our best in our jobs. On top of that, we try to be professional in dealing with our co-workers. Sadly, there are those kinds of people who make the workplace complicatedly sick. At this point, imagine the ever-natural Wendy Valdez of Pinoy Big Brother Season 2. 

The Wendy Valdez types are just employees who feel, think and massively act like a BOSS.  Most of the 
time, they bank on their being “maangas” to impose authority especially on neophytes. 

They are demanding, domineering and worse, power players. They make remarks for the sake of making one and they zap out the joy of your day by forcing you to do stuffs beyond your work loads. They are the ones who spoil your evening itinerary by texting or calling you to cover a job for her. 

With a palengkera voice and manner-less personality, she cuts you on conversations, makes sarcastic jokes on meetings, and even takes sides on impractical and impossible suggestions just to make a point and be recognized. They’re also the type who takes credit on a project even if it’s not theirs. And if they’re 
recognized, they become so boastful.

On top of that, they are the kiss and tell type. And so, the gossiper loves them. Also, when you seek them for advice on your most death-defying problem, they will only give you a blank face, truly pathetic and ho hum statements! Well, they may be disrespectful on their colleagues but they are so sweet, caring and even daring on the bosses. Yes, as a certified leech and ass kisser, yes, they’ll do everything to rise and be on top of the corporate ladder! Pity them for they’re so organically bleak, shallow and cheap!

So there you have all the celebrity-like work mates I’ve thought. Indeed, the work place is like one big reality show packed with angels and demons!

If you think of another persona, why not blog it!

Please be reminded that the above mentioned celebrities were solely used based on their portray characters on National Television. The author does not wish to bash their authentic identities with this blog entry.

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