Thursday, August 6, 2009


I’m just sooooooooo happy coz for the past days I was able to religiously update my blog which keeps me busy on “dead” times. Aside from posting some witty articles like the Celebrity-like Work Mates, I’m able to upload videos of my so called rehearsals inside my room (siempre naging “icon” ang SHORTS dahil kay Sir Brian!). Actually, all the videos here are shot in preparation of my upcoming performance this Sunday in a charity event organized by Fitness Zone, Wu Chun’s business! Yeah! You heard me right the gym (Fitness Zone) where I used to go is owned by Wu Chun. With that, I shall be expecting Wu Chun to be at the event. Hopefully, I get a photo op with him to prove such rare moment. On top of that, I’m getting some song requests through REQUEST EXPRESS. At this point, I think singing is keeping me at pace with my energetic and perky self.

For the past days, lots of changes have happened in my Bruneiyuki adventure. And admittedly, I can categorize all of these series of events on what’s HOT and what’s NOT! Let’s begin!


TITILATING TAPAO (Tapao in Malay means take out of excess foods). As we all know, the recession bug has bitten our company resulting to slashing a 10 percent off on our salary, converting overtime pay to leave, and a lot more financial restructuring. With these, I opted to just prepare my lunch! Yes, ako po’y nagbabaon na! 

But here’s the overwhelming catch. Upon conditioning myself into a thrifty mortal, my hidden culinary skills came out in the open and VIOLA, I was able to cook scrumptious meals. Last week, I cooked adobo. This week, I cooked sinigang na baboy. And guess what, next week, I’ll be preparing Afritada! On top of that, being a health buff, I bought some fish which I plan to marinade for frying. Seriously, I feel fulfilled on preparing my Baon. I don’t only get to save, but I also learn to cook and experiment on new dishes! Yummyness!

WALK, WALK AND WALK. I already stopped going to the gym for a major reason I want to save more money. As an alternative to lose weight, aside from strictly eating a small amount of food at night and simply eating oats on breakfast, I decided to just walk home after office hours. At least, a 15 to 20 minutes walk could be a good source of cardio exercise. Then again, I just have to be careful crossing the road. And seriously, this walking exercise is keeping my weight, DOWN! Yes! My clothes are getting loose on me! Yebah! Well, I don’t intend to be a HUNK. I just want to be healthy!

RICE, I RISE! I’m back to eating rice at night. That's because I feel weak whenever I’ll only have oats at night. But, although I’m back to some glorious rice meal, I make it a point to just eat half of one cup of rice, more veggies and yes, paired with a fish! With this, I become stronger and I no longer deprive myself of my highly rice-addicted appetite!

BARELY “UNTOUCHED” SALARY. What an achievement! Normally, whenever I receive my pay check, I would treat myself with some rewards. But guess what, last week, when I received my pay check, I didn’t touch it. I controlled myself. Yes. It’s what you call financial abstinence! Yahoo! Now, I’m really looking forward to my goal of hitting a certain savings amount. Seriously, I want to invest in a house and lot. On the side, my brother and I are planning to set up a small business. Siempre, kailangan paikutin ang pera sa bangko! Now na!

WORK ON A BUDGET. As part of financial abstinence, yes, I’m back to working on a strict budget. The last time I went to do grocery, I shopped at just around 60 dollars completing all the ingredients for my baon, my toiletries, and even got me some snacks for a pig out session. Seriously, I just love the feeling of getting more value with my spending!

MORE FRESHNESS, LESS PROCESSED FOODS. To live a healthy life and maintain a lean body, I already stopped eating oily and processed foods. Yes. I’m more exposed now to eating fish and some veggies which keep me light and energized. I’m lovin it!

RIVETING READS. After finishing some books, I can say that I can now read faster! Yeah! I’m about to finish a book titled “God of Small Things” and soon I’ll digest another book of my idol Neil Gaiman. And as part of my financial abstinence, I promise to finish first all the books in my shelf before I purchase one! I’ll tell you, tambak ang libro! It’s as if I’m taking LAW! Kaka-LAW-ka!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE RADIO! Honestly, since last year, I’ve been desperately looking for a link which will connect me to LOVE Radio 90.7. And thank God, just last week, I finally found one. It is through e-portal! With that, for the past days, it has become my habit to listen to LOVE radio. At least, it gives me big laughs on mornings and truly awakens my sleepy spirit. And yeah, listening to a Philippine station keeps my homesickness tolerable. Tambalan really spices up my day even in a foreign land! Diyos ko, wala kayang TFC of Pinoy TV dito sa Brunei! If you want to watch Philippine soap operas, damn, you have to buy it in CDs. Just like how we market and sell pirated American series in Divisoria!

Relative to my LOVE Radio addiction, I heard a Filipino song patterned with Akon’s beat. It’s something like, “Buy ka na ng aking bananana, sige na’t mura at masustansya!” Seriously, the song gave me a HUGE laugh! Plus, have you heard the tagalized version of Craig David’s Insomina? Grabeh, nakakalurkey!

EXTEND OR TRANSFER? Yesterday, the manager of my company had a talk with me. She was asking me if I still intend to extend my contract in our company despite the recession thingy. Of course, I didn’t give my YES. I just humbly declared what I want especially on the benefits and compensation. Hopefully, they will give it. But as a plus point, my company is supportive on my postgraduate studies and they’ll provide training by sending us to some advertising congress or seminar. On the side, another company is asking me to join their team. I tell you, it has an attractive and competitive compensation. With these, now I have to decide. For now, I’m ignoring such decision making. I think I’ll just cross the bridge when I get there. Bottom line, I lift to God everything.

ASSURANCE. After two graphic designers were asked to leave the company, my boss just assured me that no one will have to leave the company! Oh well, hopefully, this is true!

SING, SING, SING-GALING! I’ve been rehearsing for the past days because I will be performing for free for an upcoming charity event here in Brunei. If there’s any consolation with this performance, it is only through having a photo op with Wu Chun and sharing my God given talent to everyone. Seriously, maybe it’s time na karirin ko na ang pagkanta ng todo-todo! Let's wait and see!

A CALL OR A CALLING? Last night, I was on my bed reading a novel when I received a call. Mr. Loey, the guy who wanted me to record a song with his alaga, called me and was asking me audition right before some Malaysian and Singaporean talent casters. Of course, without batting an eyelash, I said I wanted to. Hence, Mr. Loey texted me the address of the audition. So, tonight, I’ll be auditioning! Is singing could be a calling? Abangan!

EARVIN, EARVIN, MUSIKAHAN! I’m thankful to God coz despite the recession, he blessed me with another income generating scheme or in short, a RAKET. As of the moment, I’m teaching a Chinese to sing English songs. And what’s fantastic about that, my Chinese student has many friends who also would want to learn to sing English songs! With that, as my student promised me, her friend is very interested to enroll in my class! Let’s see where this music teaching raket will bring me! As of now, it’s covering at least the 10% cut off on my salary with my current company! In short, thankfully at bawi!

TWO MONTHS AND I’M UP (University of the Philippines). Although I still have two months to wait before the second semester starts, I'm now feeling the excitement of finally pursuing my graduate studies at UP Open University. Well, in preparation, I have to brace myself with the expenses on shipping my books and the tuition. Nonetheless, the feeling of being back in school is giving me a different kick to fulfill my future goal of being a professor! Yahoo!

BAHAY BAHAYAN! I guess, it’s now time to invest on something that will grip my commitment. Yeah! With the help of my family, I’m now looking for a house and lot in the Philippines which I can get. With that, I’ve been saving a lot as to cover the cost of such long-term plan! Jump jump jump!


MISSIN BUDDY CECIL. Yeah. I miss this gal. She went back to the Philippine because her dad passed away. I miss the kulitan, chismisan and all our sensible discussions on life! I suppose, she’ll be back on the 14th!

FAREWELL Last week, two graphic designers were asked to leave the company. Too sad, the other designer was a Pinoy. On top of that, he’s a very good, promising and passionate designer!

UNLOCKED DOOR. I don’t know who but someone is “sometimes” forgetting to lock the house door at night! Please, do not put us in danger! Lock the door!

SLASHED PAYCHECK. Ouch! It’s real! A 10% was deducted on our salary! Poor little me!

HAZE. The dry spell or El Nino has been affecting Brunei at unprecedented heights. With vast forest fires, Brunei is currently covered in haze. Yeah! It’s my first time to see such condition! Too bad, the air is so thick to bear!


MISSIN PINAS. I know, it’s normal and it’s given! I just have to deal with it strongly! I miss my family and friends, terribly and bonggang bongga!


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