Tuesday, August 11, 2009

EXPLOSIVE ENCOUNTER: When Homesickness Strikes!

Monday morning, I woke up at around 6:30. I had a not-so-good morning! The moment I woke up, there was one thing in my mind – to shorten my stay in Brunei and get back to the Philippines, immediately. Obviously, it’s one of those sudden “homesicked” days. It’s an avalanche of emotions pulling me down (again) in my helpless and weakest self. Zooom! Wakey wakey!

Prior to such morning, I had a great weekend. Saturday, I got an invitation to sing in an upcoming birthday celebration of the husband of my student next Saturday. Then Sunday, I sang in an Anniversary celebration of Fitness Zone. It was huge and explosive performance for me, considering I didn’t have a good sleep the night prior to my stint. Overall, it was a lovely and blessed weekend. However, because of such busy and hectic schedule over the weekend, I wasn’t able to attend mass. As the weekend ended, I realized it was at those special successful moments I truly miss my family. How I wish they’re with me as everyone applauded my performance. On top of that, it was my brother’s birthday! Geeeesh! I really miss them. Guess what, they went to Tagaytay to celebrate his day! Inggit ako to the maaaaaaaax!

And so Monday came and a surprising feeling greeted me. Yeah. I knew I was feeling homesicked. Thankfully, when I arrived in the office, after opening my Facebook, reading my emails and started “PLURKING/TWEETERING,” and digesting all the thread and shout outs, I felt relieved. Soon, I composed my strong self and veer away from delving on life’s What ifs! Damn!

My Monday ended and I had a big smile painted on my face for some reasons: (1.) I enjoyed the home-cooked Afritada I made (recording breaking coz it’s my first time!), (2.) Through my blog, I was able to help someone by sharing what are the basics to know here in Brunei. The girl is bound to work in Brunei soon as an admin officer in Bandar Seri, (4) I uploaded the pictures from my successful and highly-anticipated (feeling!) explosive singing guesting at Fitness Zone’s Anniversary, and (4) Monday ended so fast and it’s just great! To cap off my day, I walked a few meters to burn some calories. It was one of those reflective walk I truly enjoy!

Monday night came, although a minor migraine was bugging me, I had a chat with my Dad. I laid my “sudden/spur of the moment plans.” I was glad coz my dad listened to me well and he was very supportive of me.

Here’s my decision: To just extend my contract for a year instead of having it for TWO years! That’s it. I was even saying to him that I’ll finish my masters. I was so firm on this.

That’s what I thought. I was wrong.

Surprisingly, upon checking my email this morning, a wind of change blew. I was jolted from an email from UP stating the tuition fee I have to pay for my postgraduate studies. Geesh! I'm so impatient that I almost forgot I have some "schooling" to attend this September!

With such realization, I had to stand back with my initial decision: I will extend for another two years in Brunei because I want to finish my masters through UP’s Open University, nothing more and nothing less. So there, I “ate” what I told my dad in our chat. I’m back to my decision, I will extend for another two years! I think, I’ll just find an alternative plan to ward off homesickness attacks and the extreme feeling of boredom on the office. Seriously, we’re not doing anything! Obviously, I blog almost everyday! Well, at least that's how I practice my writing skill!

Bottom line, I will extend for another two years. At least, when I reach 30, I’m done with my masters (hopefully) which (hopefully again) gives me a ticket to more opportunities to study (Phd) and work abroad. On top of that, I’ll be able to save more and start my business (if there’s any I feel like venturing into).

Again, I’m telling myself that I have more reasons to celebrate life. I should be thankful with all the blessings I’ve been receiving. I have a healthy and supportive family. I have cool and loving friends who never fail to cheer me up. Yeah. Let me attract those positive vibes to succeed in life. Bring it on!

As I’m writing this entry, my father is clueless I’m getting back to my old initial plan of extending for more two years in Brunei. True enough, I have a very erratic mind! Kalurkey!
P.S. I made the doodle when we ate at Burgoo during my two-week vacation in the Philippines last April 2009!

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