Wednesday, September 30, 2009

EXPLOSIVE ENCOUNTER: Onli in the Philippines

Before I proceed with my blog of the GREATEST and MOUTHWATERING discovery I had last night here in Brunei, let me share first the two sensational items which makes my appetite blast in uncontrollable heights! *drool*

Here it goes.

Two weeks ago, I had a big craving on a newly-launched chocolate. I guess you heard of it too. It’s not a milk chocolate or those super super chocolate. but, it's a dark chocolate. Yup. You heard me right. I fell in love with Cadbury’s new sweet offerings – their dark Bournville plain dark chocolate collection. It comes in four types – almonds, hazel nuts, plain, and deeply dark! Seriously, you must try this chocolate. You won’t notice it’s a dark chocolate because the bitterness is absolutely pacified.

Moving on, since the Moon Cake festival is soon to happen, expectedly, Moon Cakes are mushrooming everywhere. Working for an Advertising Agency which has Chinese clients, we had our share of the sticky and delicious festive cake. Having said that, yesterday, I got one. It’s a moon cake in Pandan flavor and placed in an adorable wooden box. Oh well, I haven’t tasted this one but with the “pandan” flavoring, I’m sure, I will love it.

And now, here’s my blog on ‘Onli in the Philippines.’

Back in the Philippines, I must admit, I took for granted most of the Pinoy products. Of course who wouldn’t especially if you feel like forever in your motherland. Surprisingly, with the twists and turns that changed my life (one of which is going overseas), I now terribly misses the “pinoy foods” I took for granted in the past. I realize the foods or simple items definitely have so much impact on my identity. Sadyang nakakamiss!

(In the picture: Shiela modelling a Vinegar!)
And so, with a longing heart of pacifying my cravings for Filipino foods, thankfully, here in Brunei, we discovered a house which sells the hard-to-find Pinoy products. We (Shiela, Cecil, Aaron and I) just found that haven last night. It’s named Greenwich Enterprise.

Although the only things I know about Greenwich Enterprise are it’s owned by a Filipino named Mang Jose and they are the same supplier which sells Filipino products at the church on Sundays, what surprised me loads last night was seeing all the other products which I had been dreaming to eat for the longest time. *Drool, much*
Without further ado, here’s a rundown of what you can find at Greenwich Enterprise!

Itlog na maalat (Salted Eggs)
Goldilock’s Polvoron
Pampanga’s Best Products – Longganisa and Tocino
Daing na Bangus Walis Tambo
Rags (Filipino Style)
Spices and Herbs especially for cooking Adobo

Maggi Sarap Flavoring and Some SarsaToasted Bread and Mamom Tostado
Fish Cracker
Kornik from Ilocos
Boy Bawang

Suka, Patis at Toyo from over very own!
Timpladong Suka with sili
Mang Tomas Sarsa
Juices – from orang to ice tea
Pansit Canton Noodles for Bihon
Tuyo and Daing
Tinapang Bangus
Lily’s Peanut Butter at Cheese Wiz
Century Tuna
Swift Corned Beef
Star Margarine Safeguard
Sanitary Napkins
In the end, I bought Marinated na Bangus, Chocnut, Toasted Bread, Mamon Tostado, Maling, and Cassava Cake! Cool discovery right!

Oh! Next time (if we’re not in a hurry), maybe I can show you what's for sale on the second floor. I heardm, it has all the Pinoy Paintings for sale. Soon!

So, if you wish to stay longer here in Brunei, simply visit the following shop and address below, and surely it will take your homesickness, away!

Greenwich Enterprise
#4 Simpang 45 Jalan Manggis Dua

Monday, September 28, 2009


Last Saturday night, 26 September 2009, the moment I opened my Facebook, I saw various posts stating Manila is hit by a typhoon Ketsana (Local Name: Ondoy). I worried. Hoping that everything will be okay, that night, I opted not to chat with my family because the internet connection could possibly be affected and so I just offered a prayer and texted my family back in the Philippines. Since our place in Lagro, Quezon City is high enough, I thought, getting it flooded is impossible. Thankfully, that proved me right. My family was spared from the touted intense flooding. But that didn’t assure me of anything. As I see my country sink in floods and hammered by the typhoon, I felt upset.

My family had a share of Ondoy’s rage. My cousin was stuck in her office in Quezon Avenue. My father told me that my cousin hasn’t been eating for a day. That’s because, she and he officemates had to evacuate to the third floor of their building because the water was already at the second floor of their building. To my surprise, I never thought the flood would be that extreme. And so the news came in and I was totally saddened.

Images of Ondoy's Rage:

(From the Great Flood, Juliet de Loza/Noel Abuel/Eralyn Prado/Dindo Matining/JB Salarzon/Tina Mendoza/AFP)

Ginulantang kahapon ng walang patid na buhos ng ulan na hatid ng bagyong ‘Ondoy’ ang rehiyon ng Luzon kung saan pangunahing sinalanta ay ang Metro Manila matapos nitong palubugin sa ga-hita hanggang lampas-taong baha ang 90% ng kalungsuran.

Kasabay nito ay naitala ang 9-kataong nasawi dulot ng hagupit ni ‘Ondoy’ sa iba’t ibang panig ng rehiyon.

Paliwanag naman ng Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Admi­nistration (PAGASA) flood forecasting center, ang bumuhos na ulan kahapon ay katumbas ng halos dalawang linggong normal na pag-ulan.

Nabatid pa na simula alas-otso hanggang alas-11:00 pa lamang ng umaga ay umabot na sa 112 millimeters ang volume ng bumuhos na ulan at sobra-sobra na umano ito para bumaha ang malaking bahagi ng Kalakhang Maynila.

Bagama’t sunud-sunod ang bagyong pumasok sa teritoryo ng Pilipinas nitong nakalipas na tatlong linggo, ang pinagsama-sama nilang buhos ay naitala lamang sa sukat na 300 millimeters.

Facebook made me feel the authentic sentiments of my kababayans in the time of crisis. I was even jolted that some of my friends’ places were shattered by the flood. On one hand, Youtube showed me the aftermath of the typhoon. But both sites effectively painted me the genuine Filipino spirit to help those who are in need. As I watch the devastating videos, the heart-breaking posts, and the saddening images, I was uplifted as well with all the avalanche of posts which listed how and where people can donate especially for the victims of the super typhoon.

On one hand, as an overseas worker, prayers had been my instrument to reach out to my kababayans. Of course, I have my family and friends back there. Surprisingly, a person named Jacque Bermejo surfaced as a Facebook Sensation after posting an insensitive shout out: Buti na lang am here in Dubai!Maybe so many sinners bak der! So yeah deserving wat hapend! Seriously, she should not have made such comment especially on a critical and devastating condition of “her” own country. Obviously, with what she did, the people are now in rage flooding her with ruthless responses which she totally deserves. God! It’s as if she doesn’t have any family or friends back in the Philippines. She never even thought or considered the feelings of those families who lost their loved ones!

But then again, despite such numb statements, nothing could ever replace the Filipino spirit and unity especially at these times of calamity. I was so touched with ordinary people helping each other. And mind you, they’re not politicians! They’re not distributing relief goods with their names plastered on it.

Bottom line, we Filipinos have proven that we can rise from whatever problems that may come along. We are a strong race. We are moved by our faith that there will be a new tomorrow to look forward to. We are strengthened by our past experiences. All we need now is stop blaming others and start moving, working, and helping! Indeed, its a wake up call for everyone!

I salute all of those people who braved the rampaging floods just to save others. Mabuhay kayong lahat!
Make your Share!

For those who want to help or send donations, you can check out the following:

Philippine Red Cross

Helping Through Paypal
Philippine and US based donation drop-off centers

Climate Change!
This 15 minute video is part of a larger effort to raise awareness and build capacity on climate change impacts among coastal communities in the Philippines.

All images are taken from an email I received.

Friday, September 25, 2009

EXPLOSIVE ENCOUNTER: Aidilfitri in Brunei

After a month of Ramadhan, Last 21 September, Brunei celebrated it’s much awaited and highly-festive Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Since it was a PUBLIC holiday, yours truly was stucked inside him room and did a lot of eat-sleep-dvd marathongs-blog-facebook-read-eat-sleep routine. Too bad, after the holidays, I had a terrible headache. That’s because I got accustomed to sleeping late and waking up late! Thankfully, as I write this entry, I’m adjusted now to my “on-the-go” self.

This year’s Hari Raya celebration is different compared to last year, and I mean very different based on what I enjoyed. While the traumatizing congested roads and the jampacked malls with panicking last minute shoppers were a normal sight, our visit at NBT’s Hari Raya Exhibition, having eaten three Sungkais and going into an Open house made my Bruneiyuki Adventure on this festive season truly memorable. Then again, looking back, last year, my Dad was here with me on his 4-day vacation. On top of that, the palace had an Open House. This year, becauseof the H1N1 epidemic and for everyone’s safety, His Majesty decided not to proceed with the annual and long-awaited gathering and treat for everyone. Good thing, that didn’t spoil the merry season.

Admittedly, prior to the Hari Raya season, especially during the fasting month, most of the restaurants here were empty at day time and packed at night. That’s because most of the Muslims went for Sungkai, a buffet dinner, which was offered by most eating hubs at night, and for Sahur, an early meal at around 4 in the morning. In relation to Islam, Muslims are only allowed to eat after the prayer at night, at around 6:30 PM. But guess what, I heard some Muslims here just buy their food outside and eat inside their houses. Although I had not proven such undeground act, I guess stories from my friends were enough to affirm such roaming reality. Come on. Can you bear not to drink for the whole day and not even being allowed to swallow one’s own saliva for one whole month? Hard, right?

As a consolation on not eating, most shops and malls offered sale items. Yeah. Brunei launched it’s Grand Sale during the Ramadhan period up to the Hari Raya Season. As a result, hungry individuals opted to pacify their hunger by redirecting it to shopping. With the left and right bazaars and mall wide sale, everyone were stuffed in a whole new level! On one hand, I can’t avoid not to compare the sale here and in the Philippines. In the Philippines, sale is definitely a “sale,” a mega and uber generous sale. You’ll see loads of rock-bottom priced items and you’ll definitely not go home without holding a bulging plastic bag or a branded paper bag. While here, even the sale hits at 70%, you’ll still not get your appetite to buy. Aside from a few selections, still, the prices are pricey. Perhaps, from a budget-conscious like me, it’s not easy to shell out dollars. Plus, reality check, most of the items here can be found in our ever dependable and budget-friendly Divisoria, 168 and Tutuban. Bottom line, the Grand Sale just passed by on my face without even grabbing my shopaholic fancy.

Aside from stuffing myself in three Sungkais, I got also an invitation to visit an Open House by one of my colleague. That happened last 24 September at Nora’s house. I must admit, although it was a simple Raya celebration, the sharing of stories, tons of laughter and food munching were truly worth the visit. Here’s an annotation of what happened on Nora’s open house.

Those who came over at Nora’s open house were Shiela, Cecil, Nick, Grace, Aaron, Jimmy, Hazel, Jeffrey, Jomai, and I. We left the office at around 7:00. Oddly, when we reached Nora’s place, Nora was not yet “in.” She was still outside and doing some last minute grocery to feed us. And so, we waited outside her house.
The moment Nora arrived, we helped her with her grocery. First impression, Yeah, Nora gained weight, but, still Beautiful as ever. In fact, she’s prettier now compared to when she was still with our company. I suppose, she enjoys more her current job. Right?

(In the picture: Nora carrying the Ketsup for the Tom Yam Soup)
We entered Nora’s house and we were stunned. Although her place was just right for the size of her family, it was clean, fresh and well decorated. I just loved the earth tones of her interiors – form the wooden seats up to the curtains. I really saw Nora’s resourcefulness and ingenuity on her home! Perfect!

We seated and started devouring the little cakes and some chocolates. Oh yes! Yummy!

(In the picture: Amazed Jimmy looking at chocoholic Earvs)
Here’s the steamboat Nora prepared for us. The one with the red soup is called Tom Yam Soup. Although it’s a bit spicy, you’ll definitely love it. Believe me. Shiela just asked me to taste one and I liked it.

For everyone’s information, a steamboat style of cooking is very ideal especially on welcoming guests. You just have to boil water and put all the ingredients- crab meats, shrimps, fish balls, some veggies, and even eggs. Once cooked, serve it. But the interesting part on steamboat cooking, you continuously let the water boil as everybody enjoys their plate. The thing is, you have to buy that cooking pot to have a steamboat session. Perhaps, a simple stove and cooking pot will do!

The night was totally packed with HUGE laughs! Seriously, while watching the movie "Sea Beast" and the Hari Raya Videoke where most child stars looked old on their age, we were also throwing punch lines to warm the evening! Jeffrey shared his "egg" which Shiela was asking to have. And there, Nick dropped the bomb! Nick was asking Shiela not to only swallow Jeff's Egg but just LICK it! Hahaha! It was soooooo classic! On top of that, because of the what we call sugar rush, on the two roundabouts we passed by, since we're unfamiliar in the place, we followed Nick on making one complete turn in the roundabouts. Crazy guy!

(Top Picture: Nick shooting someone? Bottom Picture: Everyone peeping on Nora's Daughter's room)
Wearing a big smile and loaded with stories and jokes, we left her house at around 9:30. I sooooo loved the OPEN HOUSE. It opened a lot of smiles and mementos for us!

Frankly, I realized on our way home, an Open house is not only a time for someone to invite his/her friends and offer them with delicious foods and desserts, or a way of thanking Allah for all the blessings the family received and enjoyed, but it is also a perfect time to rekindle happy times and bring back good memories which may remind oneself how to be just and human, regardless of race and religion. Hari Raya Aidilfitri everyone!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

EXPLOSIVE ENCOUNTER: Blog Action Day 2009!

Make a difference in saving Mother Earth!

I got this post from my friend Marlon and seriously it hit me. I guess, it’s high time we, especially bloggers of all ages, to participate in a cause that addresses climate change. Hopefully, by using blogging as a platform of information dissemination, we can contribute in increasing awareness on the prevailing issue which may give birth to solutions or actions to contain more damages inflicted on the globe.

To know more about this cause happening on October 15 and if you want to participate, simply click the icon above. Make your fingers do the talking!Make a change!

Monday, September 21, 2009


Random SHOUT OUTS that articulate my life and feelings for the past days.

1. Graduate School. Finally, after months of waiting, I received an electronic mail last week stating I’m accepted to UP Open University’s Masters in Development Communication. With that, I’ll be starting my postgraduate studies this November. Wish me luck.

2. GYM. Yeah. I’m back working out at Fitness Zone. I availed a special promo wherein I paid a reasonable fee good for six months. I also got a one month free and an umbrella!

3. Goodbye UTI. After bringing back my healthy and active lifestyle, UTI finally bid goodbye. Of course, aside from eating less salty foods and avoiding junk foods, BUKO was so effective.

4. Wedding. I’ll be going back to the Philippines this January to attend my brother’s wedding. Although I haven’t asked permission, I’m really hoping the management will allow me.

5. Oats. Been keeping with my oats with banana diet! I’m so lovin it!

6. Glance. Why are you looking at me with that flirtatious smile?

7. Pig out. Enough of the junk.

8. Business Venture. My younger brother and I are planning to have our business, soon. We’re eyeing on a franchise.

9. Teach. I want to be a professor of communication in three years time. Hopefully, with enough savings (literally and figuratively), I can make that happen!

10. Baby. I’m so amazed with life’s reality. Can’t wait for my brother’s baby to say hello to the world in May or June 2010.

11. Mismanaged. The boat is sinking.

12. Two Face. How do you spot a monster? There! HUGE smile with a pearly white teeth.

13. None of my business. I know right. It’s none of my business. Let Karma make the sweetest revenge.

14. Cadbury Dark Chocolate. The Cadbury Dark Chocolate is my new fixation! Oddly, it’s not bitter.

15. Savings. Looking good, baby! Steady.

16. Bitchin. Do not do unto others what you do not want others do unto you.

17. Homesick. As usual. Overseas life without your frequent visit is incomplete.

18. Monsterized. Lovin each morning with sensible chit chats.

19. Goodbye. Best of luck, dear!

20. Anonymous. Stop hiding. Sooner, they’ll know.

21. Gossip. The milk on my coffee.

22. Language. Twist your tongue and you’ll understand.

23. Silence and Solitude. I love them. It slaps me with so much compassion.

24. Selfish. Look at yourself in the mirror. What do you see?

25. Hope. Ward off fears through prayers.

26. Universe. The sun, moon and planets do not evolve on the Earth.

27. End of Contract. That’s happening on March 2010.

28. Vacation. A month of love and priceless joy! Keeping every penny on a wise investment.

29. Showbiz. What you see is what you don’t get.

30. Election. I’m voting this 2010 Presidential Election.

Friday, September 18, 2009



Hello World, Hello Brunei, Hello Pilipinas!

Ngayon, mas makikilala na natin ang sampung Pilipinong maninirahan sa iisang bahay sa Brunei.

Si Star (Maja Salvador), ang dating sikat na sikat na child star na ngayon ay desperadong muling sumikat.

Si Cris (Piolo Pascual), ang hopeless romantic na suki ng mga dating sites for gay men.

Si Ja (Angel Locsin), ang bruskong babae na handang gawin ang lahat makuha lang ang babaeng pinakamamahal.

Si Migs (John Lloyd Cruz), ang frustrated musician na nagnanais sumikat sa ibang bansa!

Si Jack (Gerard Anderson), ang boy next door type na may maitim na inililihim.

Si Cindy (Marian Rivera), ang breadwinner at social climber na isinusuka ang kanyang sariling Pamilya at ang Pilipinas.

Si John (Derek Ramsey), ang only child at tagapagmana ng limpak na limpak na salapi ng yumaong magulang.

Si Pam (IZa Calzado), ang dating aktibista at ngayon ay magisang itinataguyod ang pitong taong gulang na anak.

Si Sandy (Eugene Domingo), ang dating beauty pageant title holder na nangangarap makapagpatayo ng isang parlor mula sa kikitain pera sa Brunei.

At si Frances (Kim Chui), ang anak ng politikong gustong takasan ang arranged marriage.

Ngunit bago natin sila papasukin at patirahin sa loob ng iisang bahay, silipin muna natin ang natitirang oras ng kanilang buhay sa Pilipinas.


Isang maulang hapon. Nag-fa-facebook si Star (Maja Salvador). Hinihintay tumunog ang bell ng opisina. Naghihintay sabay kinakamot ang singit ng patago. Pagka-kamot, subo naman ng nanlamig na mani sa kanyang mesa.

Farmville. Nagtatanim. Busy sa pagtatanim. Busying busy. Feeling hadinera. Hala tanim. Focus. Focused sa pagtatanim. Amazed sa mga naglalakarang hayop. Naaliw sa pagtatanim. Dream come true ang maging magsasaka!

Yes. Nagtatanim siya for her future. Pero minsan ang future, nakakapagod. Napagod, so nagpahinga panandalian. Isinantabi ang daliri. Huminga ng malalim. Itinabi ang farmville. Deadma muna.

Nag-check ng mail. Nagcheck ng kung anik anik na messages. Me patawa. Me kulang sa patawa. Me pilit sa patawa. Pero may sadyang di nakakatawa. Pause for a minute. Binuksan ang isang email na natitira. Nakasulat, Your Job Application.

Kabog. Kinakabog si Star. Dededmahin lang ba niya at tuloy sa paglalaro ng Farmville o bubuksan ang email. Nakailang job application na ba siya. Lahat sila sumagot sa kanya. Sumagot sila at nagdulot ng pagkalanta ng gana sa buhay. All of them NO for an answer.


Maliban sa iisang employer. Isang employer na sabihin na lang nating ‘literal’ na hulog ng langit. Isang employer na muntik ng magpakamatay dahil sa pagkalugi ng negosyo! Si Star ang sumalo sa nahulog na employer. Si Star. Oo, Si Star.

Yes. It all happened sa isang maalinsangang hapon sa Makati. While Star was on her way to a client presentation, isang Chinese ang kanyang nasalo. Mukhang gusgusin at dugyutin pa, pero milyonaryo pala. Aba! Tumalon ito from the 100th floor. At eksaktong pagkasalo, sabi sa kanya. I’ll hire you.

Okay. STOP it. Sabi ni Star sa sarili. She was just imagining things. Sana nga ganon lang kadali maghanap ng trabaho. Sana nga ganon siya kasuwerte.Sinasalo ang suwerte from up above.

Back to reality.

Nagdilim. Kumurap ang ilaw sa opisina. Kumidlat. Nagulat si Star. Nabuksan ang email. Nabasa ang katagang. Congratulations, you are hired!

Natulala. Nagkamot ng singit. Natauhan. Nagkamot ulit ng singit.Napasigaw.

Star: Putang ina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nagtinginan ang mga kaopisina. Umirap ang iba. Sabay umirap din ang langit. Kidlat ang isinukli. Nagalit ang langit.

Tumayo si Star. Inayos ang naipit na panti sa kanyang singit. Inayos ang bra. Hinagod ang sabog na buhok. Sinabi sa sarili. Hello World. Hello Brunei.


Makati. Tall buildings. Cospomolitan. Busy ang Makati. Busy ang mundo. Oras ng pananghalian. Kainan na. Bumubuka ang bibig ng sambayanan para sumubo ng pagkain at maglabas ng chismis. Rush lahat para sa lahat to buy the most practical meal.

Pero iba ng trip ni Cris (Piolo Pascual). Di niya kailangang kumain para mabusog. Di niya kailangan ng chismis para mabusog. Di niya kailangan ang iba. Iba siya. Ibang iba ang taste. Wala siyang pakialam kung atakihin siya sa puso sa gusto niyang kainin! Iba ang gusto niya.

Sa oras ng pagkangarag ng lahat sa pagkain ng buong Republic of the Philippines, si Cris, tulala. Sabi niya sa sarili. I’m full. Oo. Puede ring fool. Foolish siya sabi ng kaopisinang chismosa. Lagi kasi siyang nakikitang nakatitig sa kanyang MAC tuwing lunch time.

Susme. Pagmasdan ba ang katawan ni Sam Milby at sabihing busog na. Yan ang taste ni Cris. Yan ang kanyang happy meal.

Usual eksena ni Cris pag lunch time. Tulala. Almost naglalaway na. Tulala.Gutom. Nakakagutom, sabi ni Cris sa sarili. Dinededma ang kulo ng tiyan. Mas pinagbibigyan ang kulo sa loob ng isipan.

May tumapik sa kanyang balikat. Agad na isinarado ang web page. Isinara ang taste.

Kaopisina: Cris, kailangan na ni boss yung press release.

Slightly nautal. Gulat. Unexpected moments. Ang kanyang image. Importante. Baka isipan siya ng masama. Baka siya ay pagdudahan. Baka. Di siya mahilig sa Baka o mga haka-haka. Doubt is his number one enemy!

Di nila alam. Di nila dapat malaman. Bubulong bulong si Cris sa kanyang sarili.

Cris: Uhmmm. Dalhin ko na lang sa opisina niya in a while.

Nanghina si Cris. Pinawisan. Natauhan.

Hinanap ang press release sa mesa. Naghanap. Naghanap. Finally, nahanap. Tumayo. Pero bago tumayo, napukaw ang atensyon sa isang email. Sumisigaw ang mga sumusunod: Your Job Application.

Umupo. Natahimik. Sinabi sa sarili, OMG! Binuksan ang email. Tahimik. Kabog. Sumisipa ang kanyang puso.

Congratulations! You are hired!

CRIS: Oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nagtinginan ang mga tao sa opisina. Akala nila babae ang sumigaw. Tili. Tining. Akala nila. Yon ang akala nila. Si Cris pala.

Paspas ang tibok. Kinuha ni Cris ang isang envelop sa kanyang cabinet.

Handa na niyang ibigay ang press release. At higit sa lahat, handa na niyang ibigay ang resignation letter sa kanyang boss.

Sinabi sa sarili. Hello World. Hello Brunei. Bonggggaaaaaaaaa!

Isinarado ang picture ni Sam Milby. Isinarado pa ang ibang dating at pornographic site. Tumayo. Naglakad. Kumendeng!Yun na!


Photo session. Models galore. Seksi ang mga babae. Macho ang mga lalake. Tumitira si Ja. Tumitira sa kanyang camera.Ilaw. Ilaw. Click. Click. Tapos. Finally. Tapos!

Hingaaaaaaa! Yan si Ja(Angel Locsin).

Ja: Okay, thank you guys!

Nagpunas ng pawis sa ilong. Punas. Basa ang kilikili. Huminga ng malalim. Nagpunas ng mata. Babad kasi kanina pa. Lunod sa ganda ng mga modelo. Napalunok. Sabay kamot sa singit. Inakala, me bayag siya. Bimpo lang pala. Of course, it adds to her “masculinity.”

Tumungo sa kanyang mesa. Inom ng kape. Yosi stick. Check ng phone. Check ng laptop. Check ng mail. Check. Check. Checking ng booking. Booking sa babae. Dinner ganyan. Then tuloy sa KFC. Finger lickin good.

Tinititigan ng isang modelong babae. Kanina pa nagpapa-cute. Kinikindatan si Ja. Si Ja, mejo timpi. Payosi yosi muna. Nagtitimpi. Kung walang tao, malamang, kanina pa niya na-screw ang modelo.

Tutok si Ja sa pagbubukas ng email. Messages. Comments sa Facebook. Posts from friends.

Check ang Your Job Application.Check. Check. Congratulations, You are hired!

Kablag! Nahulog ang phone ni Ja. Kablag. Kablag ang puso. Kablag. Nahulog sa basurahan ang phone ni Ja. Nahulog ang utak ni Ja, Nahulog ang panga.

Lumapit ang isang modelong babae. Perfect timing. Sensual ang kapit sa balikat. Sabay sabi ng, are you okay?

Ja: Putcha!!!!!!!!!!! Mag-a-abroad na ako!

Palakpakan ang mga models! Parang awards night lang! Award ang ngiti ni Ja. Nagliwanag ang mata. Sinliwanag ng click ng bawat camera.

Sinabi ni Ja sa sarili, Hello World, Hello Brunei!

This calls for a celebration.Sabi ng modelo kay Ja.

Humarurot ang kakarag karag na sasakyan ni Ja.


Coffee shop. Oras ng kaguluhan sa kalsada. Uwian ng yuppies.Hindi pala. Oras ng hanapan ng mapagtambayan ng mga yuppies. Oras na lang, gig na ni Migs (John Llyod Cruz)! Gig na gig na siya. Oo, nangiGIGil na siya!

Yosi. Hithit. Hithit. Making a hit song ang emote niya. Compose. Compose ng lyrics. Nag-co-compose ng sarili. Kaharap ang second hand na laptop. Sabay tagay ng kape.

Surf surf sa net. Ano ba ang latest, sabi sa sarili. Techno? Mellow? Trans? Acoustic? Ano ang bago. Baguhin ko kaya ang style ko. Shet. Style is sooooo subjective. Kailangan bumenta. Kailangan bumenta. Upload sa youtube, naisip niya. Shet!

Lalapit ang waitress. Dala ang muffins. Dala ang mainit init na muffins. Naka-lebel sa boobs. Natulala si Migs. Parang awa mo na sabi sa sarili. Putcha. Babae. Weakness. Nanginig ang kanyang tuhod. Nagalit ang alaga sa pagitan ng hita. Hinimas ni Migs. Hinimas ang nagagalit na pagkalalake!

Nilapag ng waitress ang muffins. Bumaba rin ang langit sa dibdib nito. Behave sabi ni Migs sa sarili. Putcha. Putcha. Puso ko. Kabog.


Buzz sound sa laptop. Balik ang mata sa laptop.Blinking cursor. Click. Binuksan. Bukas. Your Job Application.Bukas. Congratulations, you are hired!

Namutla. Natulala. Namutla. Di nakapagsalita. Parang nanalo ng award sa MTV Pilipinas. Kabog.

Entra ang waitress. Sabi nito kay Migs, sir, any thing sir?

MIGS: Saan ang Brunei?

Natulala ang waitress. Iniwan ang muffins.

Dinakma ni Migs ang muffins habang nakatitig sa dibdib ng waitress. Sinabi sa sarili. Hello World. Hello Brunei.

Kahit mainit pa, sinubo ni Migs ang muffins ng buong buong!


Papalubog ang araw. Magsisimula na ang gimik ng mga yuppies.

Top floor. Sa the Fort. Pasosyalan ang mga tao. Living their lives to the fullest. Ramdam ang social difference. But the difference, hindi lahat, masaya na ineenjoy ang The Fort. Gaya ni Jack (Gerard Anderson)

Papalubog ang araw. May gustong sumabay sa paglubog ng araw!

Malakas ang hangin. Malamig. Sumisipol ang hangin. Naglalakad si Jack. Tulala. Malayo ang tingin. Pinagmamasdan ang mga ibon. Ang mga ibon na tunay. Di plastik. Malaya. Walang paghihirap. Kampay lang ng kampay.

Dinadama niya ang hangin. Malalim na paghinga. Dinadama niya ang taas ng building. Yes. Gusto niyang lumipad. Lumipad ng walang kapa o pakpak. Oo. Gusto niyang magpakamatay!

Tutunog ang kanyang high tech at mamahaling phone. Yung usong phone. May email. Email. Click.

Your Job Application. Natulala. Humangin. Malakas. Hangin. Kumpas ng malamig na hangin. Natulala si Jack. Goosebumps. Halos matae siya sa nabasa.

Binasa. Oo.Binasa.

Congratulations, you are hired!

Hindi makapaniwala. Hindi alam kung aatras sa gusali o tatalon. Talon o atras. Mi-ni-mi-ni-mi-ni-moh. Sagot. Atras. Sulong?

Malaking buntong hininga.

Sinabi sa sarili. Hello World. Hello Brunei.

Magbabago ako.

Nadulas si Jack. Tutol ang pagbabago.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa…. BLAG!


Nearest motel with the cheapest rate. Blinking ang red lights. Sabi ng motel, the HOTIST place in town. O sya. Pagbigyan na.
Humahalakhak na ang gabi. Sinasabayan ang mga customer na gaya ni Cindy (Marian Rivera)

Ungol. Ungol. Ungol. Blag. Blag. Ungol. Ahhhhhhh…sige pa. Sige pa. Sige pa. Ungol. Ungol. Heaven. Ahhhhhh. Raos. Nakaraos si Cindy.

Dinampot ang laptop. Patong sa tuhod. Bukaka. Bukaka. Pumuwesto si lalake sa ilalim ng laptop. Laro ng apoy. Sumisid si lalake. Inaabot ang rurok.

Binuksan ang laptop. Facebook. Check. Mail. Buzz sound. Buzz. Buzz.

Check si Cindy. Pansamantalang natahimik.

Sabi ni lalake. Okay ka lang ba?

Ssssssshhhhh sabi ni Cindy. Tuloy si lalake sa paghanap ng perlas sa karagatan.

Your Job Application sabi ng email. Bukas. Bukas. Bukas ang kanyang katawan sa lalake. Bumukaka pa. Naligayahan ang lalake sa pagsisid sa kanyang pagkababae.

Bukas. Congratulations, you are hired!


Napatingin ang lalake. Huh? Huh? Dinakma ni Cindy ang ulo nito. Ibinalik sa kanyang bonggang bonggang nakabukang pagkababae.

Habang inaabot ng lalake ang pagkababae ni Cindy. Naabot ni Cindy ang langit. Sinabi sa sarili, hello World, hello Brunei!

Nasipa ni Cindy ang laptop. Napasigaw. Puta!

Bumangon. Dinampot ang laptop.

Sabi ni Cindy. Isa pa.


Sa kahabaan ng Ortigas. Marami ang naglalakad. Panahon ng recession. Matutong magtipid.

Naka-all black si John (Derek Ramsey). Naglalakad. Bitbit ang isang leather black bag. Naka-shades. Nagmamadali.

Sinabi sa sarili.

Hello World. Hello Brunei.


Lumang bahay. Pamanang bahay. Kulay pula ang dingding. Kumukurap ang ilaw.

Nagpapatulog ng kanyang bagets si Pam(Iza Calzado). Nang tulog na ang mga bata.

Inabot ang passport at ang kanyang bank account. Madulas. Binuksan. Walang laman. Wala na. Said ang kaban.

Pumustura sa bintana. Watching the stars. Akala niya, siya si Sharon Cuneta sa pelikulang Caregiver.

Sinabi sa sarili. Hello World. Hello Brunei. Goodbye mga anak.


Sa Airport. Puno ng pamamaalam. Iyakan. Tawanan. Halikan. Paglisan.

Si Sandy (Eugene Domingo).

Suot ang pink dress, pink lipstick, pink shoes, at pink hat with matching pink maleta. Parang si Tesa Prieto ang naglalakad. Mala-Imelda Marcos ang levelling ng heads up high. Kumakaway sa mga kamaganak. Bumabaha ng kaway.

Naglakad si Sandy. Taas noo. Emo. Parang batong di matitibag.

Sinabi na sarili. Hello World. Hello Brunei. This is it.

Pagtingin sa orasan, lumakad ng mabilisan. Takbo. Oo. Late na siya sa flight.


Mayor’s office. Puno ng papeles. Puno ng nakatambak at dinedeadmang papeles ng taong bayan. Mga problemang di lang ipinagpapabukas, kundi habambuhay na isinasantabi.

Ngunit may mga buhay na naisasantabi. Ang buhay ni Frances (Kim Chiu).

Sumisigaw ang Mayor, ang ama ni Frances. Sinasabi nito. Bumalik ka rito. Bumalik ka!

Sabay bato ng mga papeles sa sahig.

Hindi bumalik si Frances. Handa na siya. Ayaw na niya. Pagod na siya. Pagod na pagod. Pagod dahil sa bigat ng maleta. Oo. Deadma sa bigat. Aalis na siya.

Bumagsak ang luha. Pagod na nga siya. Pagod.

Sinabi sa sarili. Hello World. Hello Brunei.

Sumakay sa jeep. Sigurado. Mamimiss niya ang katagang, basta driver, sweet lover! Awww!


Meow meow. Excited na meow ni Garfield. Nakahiga sa sofa ng staff house. Nilalantakan ang isang buong grilled fish! Sowsyal di ba?



Sa dingding. Nakasabit ang 10 larawan. 10 tao. 10 karakter. Hinihintay ni Divine (Gina Pareno).
Tatayo si Divine. Iduduro ang 10 larawan ng kanyang bagong manicured na mga daliri.

Sinabi sa sarili. Hello World. Hello mga Bruneiyukis!

Isang nakapalaki’t napakalanding Meow, sagot ni Garfield.
Maglalabasan na ang mga ugali at lihim...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Last Monday, I had my another taste of this season’s Sungkai Feast together with Aaron, Shiela, Cecil, Celyn, Alice, Nick, Grace, and Hazel. This time, we went to Seasons in Gadong and it’s a KKB (Kanya Kanyang Bayad). Although Seasons was not as “high brow” as Sheraton, I must admit, the food was way way way better and they had a wide variety of cuisine – from appetizers, main course and up to the desserts! Seriously, every penny was worth it!

(Happy and Full! From Left to Right: Celyn, Grace, me, Alice, Nick, Aaron, Shiela, Hazel, Cecil)

(Goofing around at Seasons!)
This is my plate. Guess what I had: Let me name it one by one. Okay, I had Bee Hon, Thai Fried Rice, coleslaw, some slice of ham, chicken wings, shrimps, fish, some lamb, squid, hotdogs, dimsum, cake, traditional Bruneian cakes, tarts, and ice cream topped with chocolate syrup and sprinkled with chocolate sprinkles. Unimaginably, I finished them all!

Feast your eyes on a spread of mouthwatering cuisine!

And since it was our dear Friend Nick’s birthday, we requested for a birthday song for him. Impressively, the singer, a Filipino, sang Happy Birthday in 3 languages – Malay, Chinese and our very own, Happy Happy Birthday, sayo ang inumin!

This is called a HAMPER. It’s the same with HAMPER we give away on Christmas. The only difference, the Hampers here are packed mostly with cookies and chocolates, unlike in the Philippines, hampers mostly have the ingredients for a Pasta or a fruit salad!

After three hours of non-stop eating, we went to Toyota’s Aidilfitri Exhibit. Despite the humidity, we striked our poses to capture the beauty of the Hari Raya exhibit.