Tuesday, September 8, 2009


As everyone one knows, because of munching lots of chips (as part of my weekly and sometimes daily pig-out session) for the past months, I’m now suffering the ever famous UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). And seriously, it’s painful! Thankfully, since I’ve been drinking lots of water and with the help of the syrup given to me, at least the pain is now tolerable. Hopefully, the pain is bound to say goodbye (cross fingers, forever)!

With that, I've proven, eating lots of fruits, less salty foods and stopping my pig out session have undeniably helped me to end the excruciating pain brought by UTI. On top of that, I’m also back working out in the gym. Yeah. I have to sweat it out. I have to eliminate all the toxins in my body!

As a jumpstart to a healthy eating lifestyle, last Saturday, I had steamed chicken for lunch at Rejoice Restaurant. And as a treat, I had a Tea-C Special, my ever favorite drink in Brunei. Seriously, it's a must to taste the Tea-C Special if you'll visit Brunei!

(In the picture is my ever fave Tea-C Special and the chicken rice at Rejoice Restaurant)

Then at night, I went to the gym with Shiela. I attended a Yoga class. After an hour of stretching and a mind-relaxing routine, I ended up sweating it out more in a Latin dance session. Seriously, it was FUN-packed! What’s more exciting, Raquel, the instructor, with her well explanations on the features of Yoga, helped me appreciate Yoga more especially in making my bones stronger to handle well my scoliosis!
After the two hour session at the gym, I bought some DVDs for the loooong weekend. But here’s the deal, normally, on Saturday nights, I would have a pig out session. But last Saturday, I overhauled my traditional pig out session. Instead of stuffing myself with sugar and salt, I just ate apples and some bread and drink lots of water. And so, the moment I woke up the next day, Sunday, I felt better! Powerful!

Okay. I had my usual Sunday. After attending the mass, I went to buy some stuff at Supah Save, a grocery store. And guess what, Shiela found an authentic Leche Flan. Seriously, we were amazed and our jaw dropped the moment we saw the tempting sweet sensation. And so, without wasting any second, we grabbed it. And on our way home, gosh, we we’re so excited to eat it ASAP! So, after lunch, the verdict was made. I soooo loved the Leche Flan. Come on. Who wouldn’t drool on such irresistible dessert especially if you haven’t tasted it for three years? Heavenly!

Came Sunday night, I had my usual chat time with my Dad. I was so shocked yet felt happy and uber thrilled with what he said! Yes! Magkaka-pamangkin na ako! Seriously, at first I didn’t know how to react but when I came to my senses, I knew it was God’s blessing to us. But here’s the funny thing. Before my Dad revealed to me who’s the one conceiving, I was soooo anxious. I thought it was my youngest brother who had some “rocky relationship phase” for the past days who’s bound to become a daddy. Thankfully, it was Kuya! He’s on age and I know he can handle it well!

The next day, I went to the gym with Shiela. I did some walking and jogging on the thread mill. After an hour, I enjoyed a rejuvenating moment in the sauna!

Funny thing, before we went back to the staff house after our intense work out in the gym, we passed by Mum, a popular bakery in Brunei, to buy some bread. I bought some hopia prototypes and some bread. I also bought a mamon just in case I feel eating in the afternoon. Yan ang nagdi-diet take note! LOL!

The moment we got back in the house, Shiela cooked her ever fabolosong sinangag with Aaron’s longganisa. Shiela also shared her “pampanga’s best longganisa” which she bought last Sunday after the mass in the church. On one hand, Cecil cooked her ampalaya dish which was yummy! I had my “tasteless” sinigang (as per the doctor’s prescription) and a fried fish for lunch. As our dessert, we devoured the Leche Flan! Overall, the afternoon was festive in nature and homey!

At night, I was supposed to sing in a wedding anniversary party, but with the onset of my migraine, I opted to take a rest. But before going to bed, I had the chance to chat with my Dad. And guess what, a wedding is set to happen on January 2010. With that, hopefully my boss will allow me to go home for my brother’s special day.

Soon, I capped the long weekend with how I started it – a MOVIE MARATHON.

And speaking of a MOVIE MARATHON, here are the movies I watched over the fast looong weekend.

1.) Funny People.

I’ve always been a fan of Adam Sandler movies. But I guess this film focusing on the story of a successful stand-up comedian who’s given less than a year to live was just COMMON for me, nothing fab, nothing special, simply sober. Having been exposed to melodramatic films, I guess, the story was a cliché especially on the premise of seeing the main character a successful stand up comedian George played by Adam Sandler overhauls his life after the devastating sickness, realizes the importance of family and friends, ponders on the shortness of life, meets an aspiring stand up comedian, and a lot more. The again, to what its credit, the movie is able not to sugarcoat the battles of a comedian even on his darkest and lowest time just to stage a humorous or stand out performance. Bottom line, still, reality was mirrored at its authentic phasing and representation. Rating: 3 out of 5.

2.) Labor Pains.
The movie “The Parent Trap” launched my fandom on any Lindsay Lohan’s Films. And with Lohan’s new movie titled “Labor Pains” shown at cinemas, I was just so ecstatic and thrilled to grab a copy (yeah, pirated!). By merely looking at its cover, I can say, the film is interesting and fresh. But the moment I watched it, although the plot was predictable, still, it was very CURRENT. It had this ‘NOW’ appeal because it articulates the rigors of recession even on film making. Yes. In a dog eats dog culture, one must find ways to survive. At that premise, Thea Clayhill (Lindsay Lohan) lies about being pregnant to save her job as she saw an episode of Law and Order that you cannot fire a pregnant woman as a stand against discrimination. Bottom line, although the film paints some cute, teeny, and sweet moments, what made it worth watching was its power to draw not only pregnancy in its authentic sense – tiring but very rewarding- but the depiction of womanhood even in a ballooning life’s oddity! On top of that, the film reincarnated a positive and goodie image on Lohan! I hope that works! Rating: 3 out of 5.

3.) The Proposal.
Watching Miss Congeniality 1 and 2 made me love Sandra Bullock. And upon watching her latest flick, “The Proposal,” I even loved her more! Seriously, I soooo love the flick. It’s a feel good, romantic comedy movie which consistently paints a smile on my face. What’s more captivating about this movie, apart from the naturally funny acting of Sandra Bullock as Margaret Tate, a high-powered editor-in-chief of a book publishing company, it reminds the viewers the importance of relationship and families in the formation of being human. On a different note, Sandra Bullock’s pairing with Ryan Reynolds was perfect – not too mushy but not too stiff as well. Oh! I just love the moment these two bumped each other naked! Bottom line, with the smooth establishment of characters and the explosion of the conflict, the movie reinforces the statement that love changes and defies everything even in impossible roads! Rating, 4 out of 5!

4.) Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Ice Age didn’t disappoint my expectations. It was able to sustain the magic I saw on the previous two Ice Age flicks. Apart from the eye candy visuals, introduction of funny characters, and a new colourful and loud environment, it was gripping because it nailed the importance of having a family or a herd in order to enjoy the world. To me, it’s just magical yet authentic as the herd rescues Sid in a different world because of stealing dinosaur eggs. On one hand, it was heart warming to see Manny and Ellie expect a baby and soon Ellie gives birth to a cute cuddly baby. With Scrat on the hunt onto his beloved acorn, it was sweet for him to possibly find a romance in a female sabre-toothed squirrel named Scratte, which added flavour to the monotonous give-me-my-acorn adventure. Overall, the film leaves everyone a happy ending and with a moral punch especially on highlighting the essence of being with someone or with a family in a fast-changing jungle. Rating: 4 out of 5!

5.) The Interpreter
Nicole Kidman’s unparalleled all-natural acting is the reason why I watch her films. Her authenticity simply knocks me down. And seriously, upon watching her old flick “The Interpreter,” I appreciated her more. Superb acting, intense plot, mind-boggling twist; It was undeniably a movie gem! Seriously, you have to watch this film. It doesn’t only articulate the reality of the globe facing the issues on terrorism, but it hits the concept of ‘misinterpretation’ in firing the onset of terrorist branding, genocide, war, and a lot more which may relate to a national leader’s position, power and perspective. But what’s best about this film, the unpredictability of the plot makes its totally awesome! Rating: 5 out of 5!

6.) Cinema Paradiso
There are few films which last for 2 and a half hour but don’t bore me. Seriously, this is one of them. In fact, I fell in love with this film! It’s sharp yet subtle. It’s funny and light yet it’s heart touching. It’s poignant, powerful and even piercing without even being so melodramatic or cliché. On top of that, I like how the cinema is used to affect the society and the intertwined relationship of the characters. As the movie rolls and paints reality among its viewers, as a viewer, we are also moved with Toto’s relationship with his passion in films and his unrequited love for Eleina. And as the film bares its authentic plot and develops the conflict, we see how the cinema is used to defy time and space, articulate the society’s existing ideologies as presented through censorship, represent the privatization of a publicly owned artifact, up to the demolition of an icon which may symbolically represent the movement towards the industrial future and Toto’s letting go of his past. Indeed, Cinema Paradiso defines the beauty of movie making as paralleled with the innate nature of true love. It’s massively rousing! Rating: 6 out of 5!