Wednesday, September 30, 2009

EXPLOSIVE ENCOUNTER: Onli in the Philippines

Before I proceed with my blog of the GREATEST and MOUTHWATERING discovery I had last night here in Brunei, let me share first the two sensational items which makes my appetite blast in uncontrollable heights! *drool*

Here it goes.

Two weeks ago, I had a big craving on a newly-launched chocolate. I guess you heard of it too. It’s not a milk chocolate or those super super chocolate. but, it's a dark chocolate. Yup. You heard me right. I fell in love with Cadbury’s new sweet offerings – their dark Bournville plain dark chocolate collection. It comes in four types – almonds, hazel nuts, plain, and deeply dark! Seriously, you must try this chocolate. You won’t notice it’s a dark chocolate because the bitterness is absolutely pacified.

Moving on, since the Moon Cake festival is soon to happen, expectedly, Moon Cakes are mushrooming everywhere. Working for an Advertising Agency which has Chinese clients, we had our share of the sticky and delicious festive cake. Having said that, yesterday, I got one. It’s a moon cake in Pandan flavor and placed in an adorable wooden box. Oh well, I haven’t tasted this one but with the “pandan” flavoring, I’m sure, I will love it.

And now, here’s my blog on ‘Onli in the Philippines.’

Back in the Philippines, I must admit, I took for granted most of the Pinoy products. Of course who wouldn’t especially if you feel like forever in your motherland. Surprisingly, with the twists and turns that changed my life (one of which is going overseas), I now terribly misses the “pinoy foods” I took for granted in the past. I realize the foods or simple items definitely have so much impact on my identity. Sadyang nakakamiss!

(In the picture: Shiela modelling a Vinegar!)
And so, with a longing heart of pacifying my cravings for Filipino foods, thankfully, here in Brunei, we discovered a house which sells the hard-to-find Pinoy products. We (Shiela, Cecil, Aaron and I) just found that haven last night. It’s named Greenwich Enterprise.

Although the only things I know about Greenwich Enterprise are it’s owned by a Filipino named Mang Jose and they are the same supplier which sells Filipino products at the church on Sundays, what surprised me loads last night was seeing all the other products which I had been dreaming to eat for the longest time. *Drool, much*
Without further ado, here’s a rundown of what you can find at Greenwich Enterprise!

Itlog na maalat (Salted Eggs)
Goldilock’s Polvoron
Pampanga’s Best Products – Longganisa and Tocino
Daing na Bangus Walis Tambo
Rags (Filipino Style)
Spices and Herbs especially for cooking Adobo

Maggi Sarap Flavoring and Some SarsaToasted Bread and Mamom Tostado
Fish Cracker
Kornik from Ilocos
Boy Bawang

Suka, Patis at Toyo from over very own!
Timpladong Suka with sili
Mang Tomas Sarsa
Juices – from orang to ice tea
Pansit Canton Noodles for Bihon
Tuyo and Daing
Tinapang Bangus
Lily’s Peanut Butter at Cheese Wiz
Century Tuna
Swift Corned Beef
Star Margarine Safeguard
Sanitary Napkins
In the end, I bought Marinated na Bangus, Chocnut, Toasted Bread, Mamon Tostado, Maling, and Cassava Cake! Cool discovery right!

Oh! Next time (if we’re not in a hurry), maybe I can show you what's for sale on the second floor. I heardm, it has all the Pinoy Paintings for sale. Soon!

So, if you wish to stay longer here in Brunei, simply visit the following shop and address below, and surely it will take your homesickness, away!

Greenwich Enterprise
#4 Simpang 45 Jalan Manggis Dua

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