Monday, September 14, 2009

EXPLOSIVE ENCOUNTER: Saturday And Sunday Special!

For the past year, there’s this one cuisine here in Brunei which has not only captured my big appetite, but has totally imprisoned it as well; Presenting, the ever tasty, irresistible, mouthwatering, and creamy Buttermilk chicken paired with my ever favourite drink, the Tea-C Special with Sago.

The Buttermilk chicken is composed of chicken balls with lots of thick and creamy sauce. It comes with a slice of tomato and a cucumber which you can enjoy by dipping it in the sauce. On one hand, the green chilies added make it a bit spicy. It also has diced green leaves which make its smell more appetizing. Overall, I guess it’s the soft and well-cooked meat balls covered with the smooth sauce which makes this dish a bestseller. Overall ranking, 5 out of 5!

This is called Tea-C Special with sago. Nevertheless, despite the odd mixture of tea and milk, this drink stands out because of its bittersweet after taste. This drink comes in warm and cold serving. I tell you, once you get a sip of this, you'll be back for MORE! With that, if you see back in the Philippines with LOADS of weight gained, you know which food to blame!

Garbage dumps are everwhere and I mean everywhere. Surprisingly, even in Brunei, there's one! Seeeeeee!This view reminded me of our dirty streets. Too bad, as my friend told me, this dump has been there for five days (last Saturday). Maybe the garbage collector forgot to collect it on time.

Last Sunday, I checked out the Rambutan Tree on our backyard. And guess what, it’s totally packed! I just love the sweet fruit!

A shot from my window! Nice, right?

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