Monday, September 21, 2009


Random SHOUT OUTS that articulate my life and feelings for the past days.

1. Graduate School. Finally, after months of waiting, I received an electronic mail last week stating I’m accepted to UP Open University’s Masters in Development Communication. With that, I’ll be starting my postgraduate studies this November. Wish me luck.

2. GYM. Yeah. I’m back working out at Fitness Zone. I availed a special promo wherein I paid a reasonable fee good for six months. I also got a one month free and an umbrella!

3. Goodbye UTI. After bringing back my healthy and active lifestyle, UTI finally bid goodbye. Of course, aside from eating less salty foods and avoiding junk foods, BUKO was so effective.

4. Wedding. I’ll be going back to the Philippines this January to attend my brother’s wedding. Although I haven’t asked permission, I’m really hoping the management will allow me.

5. Oats. Been keeping with my oats with banana diet! I’m so lovin it!

6. Glance. Why are you looking at me with that flirtatious smile?

7. Pig out. Enough of the junk.

8. Business Venture. My younger brother and I are planning to have our business, soon. We’re eyeing on a franchise.

9. Teach. I want to be a professor of communication in three years time. Hopefully, with enough savings (literally and figuratively), I can make that happen!

10. Baby. I’m so amazed with life’s reality. Can’t wait for my brother’s baby to say hello to the world in May or June 2010.

11. Mismanaged. The boat is sinking.

12. Two Face. How do you spot a monster? There! HUGE smile with a pearly white teeth.

13. None of my business. I know right. It’s none of my business. Let Karma make the sweetest revenge.

14. Cadbury Dark Chocolate. The Cadbury Dark Chocolate is my new fixation! Oddly, it’s not bitter.

15. Savings. Looking good, baby! Steady.

16. Bitchin. Do not do unto others what you do not want others do unto you.

17. Homesick. As usual. Overseas life without your frequent visit is incomplete.

18. Monsterized. Lovin each morning with sensible chit chats.

19. Goodbye. Best of luck, dear!

20. Anonymous. Stop hiding. Sooner, they’ll know.

21. Gossip. The milk on my coffee.

22. Language. Twist your tongue and you’ll understand.

23. Silence and Solitude. I love them. It slaps me with so much compassion.

24. Selfish. Look at yourself in the mirror. What do you see?

25. Hope. Ward off fears through prayers.

26. Universe. The sun, moon and planets do not evolve on the Earth.

27. End of Contract. That’s happening on March 2010.

28. Vacation. A month of love and priceless joy! Keeping every penny on a wise investment.

29. Showbiz. What you see is what you don’t get.

30. Election. I’m voting this 2010 Presidential Election.


  1. funny. funny..

    on # 2. GYM - its good that you're back gym-ing. hehe! good for your health

    on # 6. Glance. - hahah! may add ako jan.. "♪♫♪pasulyap, sulyap pa kunwari..patinggin tinggin sa akin...♪♫♪"

    on # 14. Cadbury Dark Chocolate. - i lurve these...super.

    on # 16. Bitchin. - feels good to be a bitch paminsan minsan. hahaha! oh yes dear, i am! :)

    last but not the least...
    on # 4. Wedding. - uwi na dear. i hope to see you soon. miss ko na mga ka lerkihan mo ahahah!@

  2. Kalay!

    on #2. Kailangan magehersisyo ng hindi bonggang bonggang lumobo! Hahaha!

    on #6. Napakanta ako ha! Hahaha!

    on #14. Super love cadbury lately. Kahit dark yung chocolate di siya bitter!

    on#15. Korek. Kasi pag masyadong mabait, minsan, naaapi! hehehe

    on#4. Nako, wedding ng kuya ko. Mukhang mapapaaga uwi ko kasi tinext ako tatay ko. Change of date. November na!