Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Last Monday, I had my another taste of this season’s Sungkai Feast together with Aaron, Shiela, Cecil, Celyn, Alice, Nick, Grace, and Hazel. This time, we went to Seasons in Gadong and it’s a KKB (Kanya Kanyang Bayad). Although Seasons was not as “high brow” as Sheraton, I must admit, the food was way way way better and they had a wide variety of cuisine – from appetizers, main course and up to the desserts! Seriously, every penny was worth it!

(Happy and Full! From Left to Right: Celyn, Grace, me, Alice, Nick, Aaron, Shiela, Hazel, Cecil)

(Goofing around at Seasons!)
This is my plate. Guess what I had: Let me name it one by one. Okay, I had Bee Hon, Thai Fried Rice, coleslaw, some slice of ham, chicken wings, shrimps, fish, some lamb, squid, hotdogs, dimsum, cake, traditional Bruneian cakes, tarts, and ice cream topped with chocolate syrup and sprinkled with chocolate sprinkles. Unimaginably, I finished them all!

Feast your eyes on a spread of mouthwatering cuisine!

And since it was our dear Friend Nick’s birthday, we requested for a birthday song for him. Impressively, the singer, a Filipino, sang Happy Birthday in 3 languages – Malay, Chinese and our very own, Happy Happy Birthday, sayo ang inumin!

This is called a HAMPER. It’s the same with HAMPER we give away on Christmas. The only difference, the Hampers here are packed mostly with cookies and chocolates, unlike in the Philippines, hampers mostly have the ingredients for a Pasta or a fruit salad!

After three hours of non-stop eating, we went to Toyota’s Aidilfitri Exhibit. Despite the humidity, we striked our poses to capture the beauty of the Hari Raya exhibit.

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