Friday, September 11, 2009


11 September 2009.

In conjunction with our company’s 14th Anniversary Celebration and as a send off party to Shiela and Pei Pei, we had a special sungkai feast at Sheration Hotel, Bandar Seri Begawan. For everyone’s information, a Sungka Feast is a Muslim dining practice which occurs after a whole day of fasting. On one hand, Muslims can only eat after the prayer or right after the sun goes down. In most restaurants, Sungkai is an eat-all-you-can or Buffet set-up. Yeah. You heard me right. It’s a BUFFET set-up.

Since we’re not Muslims (well, only two among my colleagues), we just walk in to our reserved seats and enjoyed the Sungkai Feast with an overflowing plate of various cuisine. Seriously, it’s one of the festive celebration I attended which made me raised the white flag on eating. There were a lot of FOODS everwhere! Noodles, beef, chicken, barbecue, salads, cakes, drinks, and even desserts. Name it, they all have it!

Here are the evidences of our unimaginable FOOD QUEST!

The Appetizer, mix some veggies for your soup!

This is my plate: Rice, chicken, satay, grilled chicken, a fish, some grilled shrimps and a lot of veggies!

Now, let’s get into the details and some of my comments.

Here’s a chicken in red sauce. At first glance, you might expect that it’s some sort of Kare Kare or perhaps a Kalderata but it’s not. It’s a special Bruneian cuisine called chicken rending. On one hand, regarding its taste, it’s a bit spicy. Lowdown: It’s oily.


Here’s some grilled fish, shells, chickens and shrimps! Yummy!

This is called Satay. It’s in beef and chicken. It’s perfectly eaten by dipping it in a special sauce. The sauce is made of crushed peanuts. Seriously, I loved Satay. As long as I don’t dip it in nutty sauce, my uric acid shall be safe!

This is not Papaitan, rather, it’s a special fish dish here in Brunei. For spicy food lovers, surely you’ll adore this. Thankfully, it was not that spicy when I had this.

And there’s the KAMBING! Yeah! Finally, I had a taste of KAMBING! Frankly, it was well-cooked and it was not smelly.

Oh! That’s the ever popular Mee Goreng! Yummmmy!

Lastly, with drinks overflowing at its most varied, there were also a lot of desserts. It was flooded with salads, fruits, veggies, cakes, sago, leche flan, and ice cream! That's Shiela, scooping her ice cream!

Overall, the food was soooo great. It was distinct and truly festive especially at this time of Ramadhan! Frankly, I was soooo FULL during the night!

Selamat Berpuasa to Everyone!


  1. Grabe talaga ang buffet sa hotel!!!! Now am planning to go to Spiral at Sofitel kaso i want yung libre! hehehheee.... Huy Earvs! Hinay ah, baka lumobo ka nyan.... :) - Abby

  2. Abby! Sungkai kasi. Yung kainan after ng whole day fasting dito sa Brunei kaya uso ang buffet! Kaloka, tonight nga, Sungkai ulit! Nako, kaya bumalik na ako gym. Lumulusog ako ng bongga noh! Hahaha! Gayunpaman, life is short so enjoy! Balanse lang! hehehe!Thanks sa comment!