Monday, October 26, 2009


Last, Saturday, I was invited to attend two remarkable birthday celebrations – one in the office and one in the gym.

The first celebration happened in the morning. The celebrant was Pei Pei, our marketing executive, a Chinese. Despite the IMPACTS of recession in the office, she treated us with a large super supreme Pizza, an aussie chicken BBQ pizza, and fries! As a treat of our office to her, she received a blueberry cheese cake!Seriously, I was soooo full that morning that I ended up not eating for lunch!

In the picture: Jomai, Zidie and Me!

In the picture: Bubuyog me and Shiela!
But what I liked about her celebration, she revived the joyous and quirky ambiance of the office which I thought was zapped out since the onset of the so called indescribable recession. I realized, for a moment, the big laughs totally trashed the prison like workplace ambiance. We had tons of laughter, sharing of stories and of course, cam whoring!

While Pei wore her Big red glasses, she even provided each and everyone a mask for boys and head dress for girls. Well, don’t be surprised, yours truly had both. Walang pakialaman! =)

A rare picture: With everyone's prodding, our boss wore Pei Pei's big red glasses: Pictures below were taken as we test run our mask and head dress with Shiela's MAC Powered PC!
Surely, we’ll definitely miss Pei Pei. She’s one of a kind, a very TRUE person, fun to be with, a cheerful gal, a mother and a friend, a cool officemate, and she has lots of stories to say! I think she should be given a radio show with her wit and talent!
Look at me behind her! Like a Movie Poster of Betty La Pei Pei!=)

Oh! I will never forget her high-pitched voice and laughter in the office. It’s so amazing and funny! Anime power Pei! Happy Birthday Betty La Pei Pei!

The second birthday bash I attended happened at night. Ate Aileen, our kababayan at Fitness Zone threw a pinoy style salo-salo! Seriously, the food was delicious! There was Calderata, Bihon, Butter Prawns, bangus, chicken, and a lot more. I almost lost my diet because of her food.
In the picture: Ate Aileen, the celebrant wearing a black top. =)

On top of that, what I loved about being with Ate Aileen on her special day was the though of being with our happy kababayans – the gym instructors, the members, and more. I felt like I was transported back in the Philippines because of the food and fun times. Yeah! Cam whoring captured the wonderful moments!

Indeed, having a bunch of Filipino friends helps in warding off homesickness. So if you’re planning to go abroad, join groups and be friendly. These kinds of people can be your greatest ally in battling the onset of homesickness or whatever personal problems you may encounter overseas. I'm soooo lucky to have them!

Happy Birthday Ate Aileen! Literally, taob ang pagkain sa SARAP!

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