Sunday, October 4, 2009


I never expected I’ll get a hosting or even a singing stint here in Brunei. To me, it was all luck, a blessing from God.

For everyone’s information, I am currently working as a writer in an Advertising Agency. I’ve been working here in Brunei for a year and 7 months now. And to date, I’ve already hosted five events, sang at three affairs, and currently, I’m teaching a Chinese to sing English songs. All of these hosting and singing “rakets” were gifts from our dear Lord.

Back in the Philippines, I knew I had this dream of becoming a talk show host, a DJ or a singer. That’s one of the reasons why I took Broadcast Communication as one of my majors in college and eventually gave me a job in some television networks. Looking back, I always loved the pockets of hosting on parties of my friends and relatives, and even teaching a children’s choir in the church. Also, I enrolled at Center for Pop Music Philippines to harness my singing and performance skills. Obviously, these co curricular activities or exposures gave birth to my versatility in entertaining people.

Admittedly, my passion on showcasing my talent increased when I worked in a television network. Being exposed to the glitz and glamour of show business, I stepped into the realm of the superficial yet spectacular celebrity life. I was so envious. Yeah. I envied these celebrity act and talk on cam. I also envied those DJs talking over the radio. How I wish I was one of them. But of course, we can't all the things that we want.
I became a writer. As a writer, I trained celebrities to deliver spiels which I wrote. Still on show business but just behind the camera.

But being exposed to a glamorous world paved way for the sharpening of my talent. Absorbing the celebrities’ techniques and PR skills in reaching out to their fans aided me to position my self act smoothly in events where I was given an opportunity to host or performer. Yes, the celebrity spirit within me soon surfaced.

Those were my past which led to the beauty of my present. The frustrations blended well with a highly driven spirit and the support of my family and friends made me realize I’m uniquely talented. Thankfully, Brunei saw that and opened a lot of doors for a dreamer like me.

My first hosting stint happened in September 25 to 28 in 2008 at Seri Q-lap Mall. It was the Twister Roadshow which was our Agency’s concept.

Frankly, it was an accidental stint. TelBru, Telephone Brunei, the client, had no budget for a host. Surprisingly, my boss recommended me to host the said event. He was so confident in me that I can pull it off. Viola! After the four days of hosting, the client was impressed with my hosting skills. As they say, I’m very articulate and I have a certain “wit” which captivates people’s attention! Naks! And from there, the client trusted me on my hosting skills and got our Agency to do MORE “loud and exciting” campaigns or roadshows for them.

Believing in my talent, TelBru got me for another project. This time, I drove all the way to Pantai Kenangan, Tutong Beach to host their annual event, the Let’s Cruise. This happened on 30 November 2009.
The event was memorable for me because I got to be exposed with a lot of people. Plus, with an adventurous outdoor feel, I had to host like Paolo Bediones to pull it off! Gladly, I made that! Again, TelBru praised me with my performance and promised me to produce a campaign for them which I will be the host.
Came 5 February 2009, my agency had another Roadshow for TelBru. This time, the road show happened in Brunei’s major mall, The Mall. Meaning, having bigger crowd, I had to double my hosting efforts.

Having worked in a television network, I introduced the “Fear Factor” element and tagged the event as “Be Home or Be Wild.” Yours truly hosted the said event. And frankly, I so loved hosting this show. Not only I showcased my “kakulitan and uber kadaldan” in prodding the contestants to enter the Chamber filled with ‘fake’ insects, I was able to interact more with the Bruneians. Some even commented I’m crazy!

Then again, at the end of the day, the Manager of TelBru praised our campaign and especially patted my back for a job well done. I was speechless! We were even featured on a popular blog here in Brunei.

Before the month of love ended, our agency fired another roadshow for TelBru, it was called Dive and Crack the Code. I again injected the consistent chaotic and fun approach on the show's concept!
The contestants had to get a key in an aquarium packed with live crabs to unlock the treasure boxes to win prizes.
Again, the event was swarmed with screaming and loads of laughter. I was so animated on this show. In the end, we were congratulated for the event’s success! Again, we were featured on a popular blog site.

Suddenly, because my agency charged high, TelBru pulled out. That left me on a hiatus on my hosting. Alternatively, singing opportunities started coming. The highlight, I was asked by a Chinese to teach her sing English songs after seeing me sing in the church. Happily, up to now, I teach her and she pays me per hour. The fee is good enough to cover the 10% deduction by my company on my salary. Recession issues! Waaaaaah!

Relatively, I also sang in a Charity event organized by Fitness Zone and in a wedding which provided me LOADS of food as a fee and promoted me very well!
Thankfully, just recently, I hosted an event. It was a Bridal Fair organized by Prime Media Event Management and Advertising, in cooperation with Full House Communications. Guess what, the organizer got me because she saw me on my previous hosting. Plus, she saw me sang in Brunei’s Got Talent and she thought I can perform for her fair. Fair enough, although I didn’t win the Brunei’s Got talent, I was discovered! Naks! Opportunities during the fair knocked at my door step. After I sang, a music school from Singapore was offering me to work with them. Also, the organizers from Singapore were asking if I’ll be interested to work with them after my contract ends here in Brunei. They even gave me a calling card and asked me to email them. On top of that, I was so happy because the client was pleased and overwhelmed with my hosting and singing performance! Seriously, I can’t ask for more! I’m sooooo OVERWHELMED!

Speaking of OVERWHELMED, yes, I'm overwhelmed. Next week, I'll be hosting another event. It's a car launch of Porsche new sports car! Yikes!

At least, aside from earning from my company, these hosting stints give me extra to meet my savings and help me pay the tuition, books and shipping of books for my upcoming postgraduate studies.

With all these blessings, let me thank those people who inspire me to be at my best. First is my family. They are very supportive and caring. Second are my friends. Their uplifting words keep me moving in showcasing more my talent. Third are my choirmates. They harness more my talent by serving God and sharing one’s God given talent. Fourth are my officemates. They are always there to back me up on my gigs. Fifth are my bosses for opening the doors. Lastly is God. He has always showered me with loads of blessings. Indeed, I’m so blessed to have a family, friends and God! Mabuhay tayong lahat!

Bottom line, I learned that yes, each and everyone of us has its time to shine. We only have to firmly believe in ourselves and never loose hope. We should be strong and never let others crash our dreams. Plus, let God be the center of our life and surely we'll definitely move forward! Trust in him and fear nothing.

Follow your dreams! The time is NOW!