Thursday, October 29, 2009

EXPLOSIVE ENCOUNTER: Paranormal Activity

In conjunction with the upcoming Halloween, I would like to share my eerie-sistable and unforgettable paranormal experience way back 2005. And seriously, whenever I look at the pictures below, I can’t help but get goosebumps!


Friend: Naniniwala ka ba sa multo? (Do you believe in ghost?)
Earvs: Noong una, hindi pero nung na-experience ko ang isang nakakakilabot na series of events in 2005, naniwala akong, they really exist! (At first, no. But when I experienced a series of scary encounters in 2005, I start to believe that ghosts exist!)

The first picture was taken in 2005. Our Executive Producer celebrated her birthday in a restaurant in Quezon City. Everyone had a good time. To cap off the night, we had the usual Filipino gathering tradition, to have a group photo! I didn't leave a space beside me. Apparently, when we look at the photo in a digital camera, there's a white smoky figure beside me. We thought, perhaps its smoke or the light bounced. What do you think?


This next picture was taken in a resort in Bulacan. It was quite late when we had a group photo. It was At Home Ka Dito’s annual out-of-the-town/ bonding trips. Apart from the big smiles we had on this pictures, the smoke all over the place was evident. And if you will look closely or zoom in the picture, the smoky figure favored me. Nevertheless, believe it or not, I felt there was an “unseen” someone enjoying the night with us.

Also In 2005, together with AT HOME KA DITO staff, I went to Paranaque for an ocular inspection of Phoemela Barranda’s house where we planned to conduct our next shoot. On our way to the Barranda's house, we passed by a road that is rumored to be haunted. Hell no. It's not a rumor. During the night when we drove in Paranaque, all of us who were inside the car experienced an undeniably scary moment. We saw a big, floating and headless white lady. As we passed by the big tree with the white lady, my colleagues screamed and looked way. It was only me who looked at the figure. I tell you, it was so real. The figure was headless. It was big. It was wearing a white dress. And yes, it was floating! Unfortunately, I can't remember the exact name of the street where we saw the white lady!


My fourth eerie encounter happened inside my room also in 2005. I was sleeping and suddenly a noise woke me up. The noise came from the dark space beside my cabinet. The noise sounds like a dog is scratching the doors of the cabinet. The noise stopped and then...Oh God! When I opened my eyes, I saw a girl with a long hair and white dress. In few heart-stopping seconds, I just stayed on my bed and waited for it to disappear. Thank God, soon, the ghost vanished. She sank in the dark space beside my cabinet.


Before the year ended in 2005 I experienced the scariest and unforgettable paranormal activity in my entire life. We had a Christmas party in one of the newly-opened restaurants along Timog. Of course, apart from the gift giving, raffle prizes and food galore, the night was packed with picture taking. As a souvenir, we rented a BAG TAG maker wherein we can take our pictures and print it on a bag tag "straight away". Apparently, as we painted the night with so much joy, an “uninvited” guest joined our photo session. Look closely at the picture (on the right top most side where I was standing. Yes, I'm the "healthy" boy there). Believe it or not, this is not photoshop-ed! Creepy right? 

Meanwhile, this photo became a talk of the town in the production and entertainment department of ABS-CBN. It was even made as a wallpaper in all of the computers in editing rooms. Also, a television station interviewed me about this for their Halloween episode in 2006. Oh yes, I became popular with this photo. But seriously, I don't want my life to be haunted or chased by ghosts just to have a few seconds or minutes of fame in television! I'm not ready for nightmares! Crazy! 

Here's more. The scary encounter was reported to the Manager. We just learnt recently that the Manager of the newly-opened restaurant asked a priest to bless the place. We also heard that even before we had the party there, the staff had already had eerie experiences, which they'd been keeping to themselves for the longest time. They said that whenever they use the toilet (female), there's always a strange feeling that someone is watching them. Meanwhile, upon further investigation, even before the restaurant was built, a guy was found dead in the spot where the restaurant is located.  Yeah, it sounds like a story in a film but it is true!

I don't believe in ghosts. Apparently, with what I experienced over the past years, I started to believe that "perhaps" there are unseen entities. To be honest, I can see and sense ghosts. I just ignore it. I don't want to scare myself and those who are with me. Meanwhile, it is also strange that my mom passed away during the time when I had paranormal encounters. Someone even told me that it may be possible "na may sumusundo sa akin" and my mom saved me from death. Oh well, it seems that it is normal to put logic behind the abstract or unexplained such as paranormal activities and death. However, despite all of these, I believe that we must respect and pray for the repose of the souls.

This is the official trailer of the movie PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. You might wanna check it out!

Happy Halloween Everyone!


  1. Na scared naman ako sa post mo!! I am not very keen in seeing or even hearing about ghosts... pero un nga if I feel something, I just pray ksi I am sure I will be protected.

    Happy Halloween!!

    - rach

  2. earvs, kinilabutan naman ako dun sa photo sa beach, parang ang dami ko kasing nakitang tao sa bandang likod mo. d ko na binalikan ng tingin, baka kung ano pang makita ko. - michele

  3. Michele, loka ka! Hahaha! 2005 yang pic na yan kung di ako nagkakamali. Creepy di ba!