Sunday, October 18, 2009


Last week was HELL WEEK for me. I was soooo busy. I juggled 3 campaigns for our major client. I had a meeting with a new client. I was tasked to make a proposal. I handled the media booking. And on top of that, subject selection and assessment for my postgraduate started knocking on my door while my mind was so into my brother’s upcoming wedding.

And so, upon pondering on the hectic week, I realized, the stress bug kinda bitten me. I felt it.

However, with a schizophrenic personality, seriously, no one can determine if I’m totally stressed. And speaking of stress, I listed some of the attitude change you could probably observe on me especially if I’m stressed.

EXTREME SILENCE. I’m a kind of person who would work work and work rather than talk during working hours. However, if I’m stressed, oddly, I tend to become quiet. Yeah. I concentrate a lot to meet deadlines. But mind you, once I finish my job, I tranform back into a loud and witty me.

IRAP (SUNGIT). If you see me making a sudden “irap,” that’s the sign that maybe I’m busy thinking or doing something and suddenly I’m interrupted. Back in the Philippines, whenever I study, my family knows that I should not be disturbed. They only talk to me once I get out of my room, join them for dinner, and engage in a relaxing chit chat in the living room. Thankfully, here in Brunei, my housemates are sensitive enough to distance themselves whenever the” I’M BUSY” button is on. Isa pa, at least we have our own rooms here in Brunei to enjoy our privacy. Don’t worry, the ‘irap’ moments are very rare. As much as possible, iniiwasan ko!

WORKOUT. If I work out a lot, that’s the sign I’m battling stress. And for the past days, I hit the gym for almost everyday. Well, it’s part of my plan ever since to consume my days in the gym because I’m paying for it. Thankfully, working out relaxes my mind and keeps me focused on achieving a healthy and active lifestyle despite the work and upcoming school loads.
JOKER. I’m a certified joker. I joke a lot. But during stressful times, I tend to joke more. And I mean more. You’ll mistake me as going insane! To me, it’s one of the thousand ways I can cope with stress. As they say, laughter is the best medicine. And so, I fire jokes to paint smiles around me. Coz if I’ll be drowned in total silence especially on free times, I might loose my sanity. Kinda scary.

SLEEPY EYES. Blame that to some over thinking. Yeah. I’m a workaholic, before. I’m a schoolaholic, always. Frankly, I never let my schooling suffer. But then again, right now, I’m lowering my standards. To me, what’s important is to pass the subjects I’m getting, learn from it, and absorb anything critical which can be beneficial for me if I move to another company or land a job in the academe. As they say, hinay hinay Earvs!

SHOP MORE. Shopping is therapeutic for me. If I’m stressed, I shop a lot. I buy anything that piques my interest – books, clothes, etc. And here in Brunei, I shopped a lot of DVDs. Well that’s reserved for more DVD marathon nights.

SWEETS GALORE. I’m a self-confessed chocoholic and if I’m stressed, I tend to eat more sweets – candies, ice cream, chocolates, etc. Seriously, sweets boost my energy to finish a project or to fuel my mind on a brainstorming session.
HIGH PITCHED. I don’t have a high pitched voice but whenever I feel like soooo stressed, that ‘matutina’ voice suddenly appears. Well, put it in context, I guess it has something to do with being ‘magugulatin’ or slightly ‘irita’ on some situation. Again, this happens on rare occasion.
LETHARGIC. Sluggish movements happen after the stressful phase. This happens once my energy is zapped out. Tendency, I move so slow and lethargic. But don’t worry. I don’t let this interfere with work. Minsan, sadyang mabagal lang ako kumilos!

BANGENGE. This is very common to me. Sometimes, when I talk, I talk nonsense. Sometimes, pag humirit, wala sa context. And worse, I sometimes forget things. Well, blame it to some sleepless nights packed with either extreme studying or some anxiety visits which normally happens once a month. Well, at this point, isama mo na ang homesickness.

LONER. I’m used to being alone. In fact, I love being alone. My solitude keeps me to know myself better. And if I’m stressed, I seriously sometimes prefer to be ALONE. I just want to sometimes not speak, not start a conversation or not laugh. Silence keeps me calm. Madalas, if I’m alone, I go to NEVERLAND! Baliw? LOL!

LATE ON LAKADS. Before I left the Philippines, I promised to never be late on any kita kits or meeting. Although I followed that vow, sadly, not totally. Slightly na-la-late pa rin ako minsan especially if I don’t have enough rest. Ang totoo nito, if I’m stressed and feeling na-drain ang energy, I’m hungry to take a power nap which normally slides to long rest! Kaloka!

FUNNY FLICK. I love watching comedy films. But on stressful times, I tend to watch these flicks even more. Well, after a long day in the office or school, I just want to get a HUGE laugh to take the blues away.

MOODY. I don’t know if this has something to be with being a Gemini, but I’m so moody when I’m stressed. Sala sa init, sala sa lamig. And sometimes, I can’t decide on things easily. Minsan din, I decided to go YES but in the end, I backed out. Promise, mooooody talaga ako. Thankfully, ang moodiness di ko na nadala sa Brunei.

SING SING. Yeah. Singing relaxes me. Now if you hear me sing a lot, you would definitely know that either I’m rehearsing for a gig or just warding off the stress around.

Despite the busy week, as a certified survivor, I undeniably survived. I know that more stressful days will come. Soon, postgraduate studies will eat my schedule. Tons of projects will come along as this is our agency’s peak season. And more office brouhaha will fire to spice up each day. Nevertheless, as long as I have a complete trust to God and I’m confident I’ll succeed on each task, everything will be alright. On top of that, I would never let the good relationship I have with the people around me just be ruined just because I’m stressed. I guess, being stressed is not an excuse to hurt others or pull down the joyous environment. For that, I would rather trash kasungitan, moodyness, kairapan, and all of those nega attitudes.

At these times, I need to balance my life, be optimistic and enjoy whatever experiences I may choose to take. I have to be strong. I have to dwell on happy times than wallow on lonely and stressful times.

Life is full of decisions. I decided to work and study. It’s my choice. I have to deal with it.
Gayunpaman, work hard, study harder, pray harder-ER!

Now, let me share this for those who want to fight stress!

O, bakit ka na naman na-i-istress? Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed?
Meron ka bang deadline na i-bi-beat ngayong araw na ito?
It's important to understand stress before we can effectively manage it
kaya Stress ang pag-uusapan natin ngayon.

Ayon sa mga scientists mayroong dalawang uri ng stress.
Eustress and Distress.

Eustress is positive stress. Ito ang nararamdaman ng isang dalaga kapag dumarating na ang kanyang manliligaw at may daladalang flowers. Eustress din ang tawag sa stress na nararanasan ng mga nagwo- work-out when they are doing their exercises. Ang mga athletes, pagkatapos na ma-stress ang kanilang muscles, they rest para ma-repair ang kanilang muscles. Kapag hindi sila nagpahinga, the stressed muscles will be injured. When injury happens, yan ang distress.

Distress is the negative side of stress. Nakakaramdam ka na ng sakit ng ulo, pagsakit ng tiyan,
hindi na makatulog, di pa makakain. Distress ang uri ng stress na nagreresulta sa kung ano-anong sakit tulad ng hypertension , minsan nga ay emotional breakdown pa.

Ano ba ang pwede nating gawin para ang stress natin ay hindi maging distress? Famous author and inspirational speaker, Dr. John Maxwell has the following suggestions:

Don't be overly sensitive to criticism.
Tanggapin na natin ang katotohanang hindi natin kayang i-please ang lahat ng tao. Talagang mayroong hindi aayon sa iyo kahit na napaka-noble ng iyong mga intentions and motives.
So when you receive criticisms, take it constructively kung sensible ang criticism.
If you think the criticism is not objective , huwag na lang pansinin at ng hindi ka madistress.

Don't take too much pride in your achievements.
Ang pride ay parang uling, ginagatungan niyan ang distress. Ang taong proud ay mas lalong nadi-distress dahil masyado niyang iniingatan ang kanyang achievement at accomplishment. Minsan nga our achievements hinder us from growing and learning kasi sinasabi natin sa ating sarili, aba may na-accomplish na ko. Mas mahusay ako kaysa sa iba, hindi na nila ko pwedeng turuan.
Ang lungkot ng buhay kapag naging ganyan ang attitude natin.

Don't harbor jealousy over the achievement of others.
Ang taong mainggitin madalas ding madistress, kasi nga totoo namang mayroong mas higit kaysa sa atin. Natural ang iba ay maaaring magkaroon ng achievements na wala tayo di ba. Instead of being jealous or envious, let's learn to rejoice in the successes of others. Malay mo malibre ka pa bogchi dahil nakikigalak ka sa kanilang tagumpay, di ba?

Don't focus on your weaknesses and inadequacies.
Ang sugat kapag mas lalo mong ginalaw mas lalong lalala at baka maimpeksyon. The more you focus on your weaknesses and inadequacies the bigger the tendency of wallowing in self-pity. While it is important to acknowledge your inadequacies, it is helpful to focus on your strengths and capabilities.

One effective way of fighting distress is by counting our blessings -the good things which life brings. When we have grateful hearts, we will always be reminded that we are too blessed to be stressed!

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