Sunday, November 1, 2009

EXPLOSIVE ENCOUNTER: Bagyong Brenda hits Simpang 179-16

Last Saturday, a super typhoon named Brenda (the name of our land lady) hit our Staff house with rampaging nagging and fierce accusations. She was so mad because she was disappointed seeing her house covered in dirt and cobwebs, specifically our kitchen. And on top of that, while she fired her fatal words, she wanted to call our boss and asked for a raise in rental fee because we’re not taking care of the staff house.

Actually, the major reason why Brenda was in our staff house it’s because I asked her to check and send someone to fix the broken shower and faucet in our toilet in the second floor. Surprisingly, she noticed the dirt all over the house. I don’t if she’s just exaggerating but seriously, she’s so mean and annoying.

I was not in the staff house when Brenda came over and nagged. I was with my student. It was only Cecil and Shiela who were in the house. And so they experienced all of Brenda’s sharp and unfair words. But even before I arrived home, I already knew what's happening. Cecil texted me about Brenda's panicking and histerical actions!

Honestly, we clean the house once a week. We normally do it on Sunday, on our rest day. Unfortunately, it just so happened, she came on the day we haven’t cleaned yet the house. Take note, we work Monday to Saturday!

In the end, helpless and clueless with Brenda’s babblings, we just cleaned the house.

Shiela cleaned the cooking and laundry area. She transformed the dust/cooking oil covered area into a sparkling hub!

Cecil washed the windows, mopped the floors, cleaned the exhaust fan, and a lot.

And I cleaned the stuffs on the kitchen sink and documented the cleaning session.

Then at night, we checked and bought some cleaning materials for the house. We even bought a trash bin because our previous one was stolen. The next day, Shiela and I bought a gas stove table! Plus. Cecil and Shiela cleaned the living room! =)

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