Thursday, November 12, 2009


Everybody knows I’m on a diet. And I’m not just cutting my weight by eating less, I also do lots of dedicated and focused working out in the gym to get my desired body and weight. But just this week, I went out of track with my diet. I attended an all Filipino pigout session last Saturday; I accompanied and ate with our guest speakers to experience authentic Bruneian cuisine last Monday; I had a two-day Seminar packed with powerful breakfast, lunches and even snacks; and most especially, just recent, I ate out with Shiela, Cecil and Aaron at KIMCHI, a new korean restaurant in the peaceful and green city of Brunei. Thankfully, I strictly followed my gyming schedule.

Some souvenirs with our Guest Speaker on the Two-day Seminar:

I have a positive review for KIMCHI. Apart from the place was very cozy, well-lighted, spacious, nicely ornated, and the ambiance was so inviting, good service and the delicious cuisin were a stand out.
The moment we entered KIMCHI, we were greeted with big smiles by the accommodating staffs. And since there were a few dining in, we had the luxury to choose our seats. And yeah, we stayed on the second floor of the restaurant.

Although it was our first time at KIMCHI, with the help of the welcoming waitress who was a Filipino, we got to pick one of their bestsellers. We ended up picking the steamboat set (shabu-shabu) and some chicken and beef BBQ.

We dined in a unique seating arrangement. We didn’t take the typical table and chair set up. But instead, we opted to check out the KOREAN STYLE dining set. There were thin pillows where we sat and a low table which we enjoyed our plate of yummy treats. Of course, seating was not a problem at all. There was a space under the table where we placed our feet.

We had our appetizer. Guess what, the salted anchovies, sweet potatoes and salted egg stirred our appetite big time. Alongside, we had big laughs and some chit chats to match the “mavelous” night!

The moment they served the steam boat, our eyes popped and we never stopped ourselves from devouring the hot and mouth-watering foods.

It was a seafood festival. There was shrimp, oyster, shellfish, clams, fish balls, and a lot more! The spicy kick of the soup of the steam boat also added value and taste on the food and much bigger impact on our appetite. Busog talaga kami!

On the side, we had our chicken and beef BBQ which had to be wrapped in vegetable and some sweet sauce. Frankly, it was soooooo delicious! We just loved it!

At the end, when it was payment time, Cecil and Aaron shared the bill. Surprisingly, Cecil treated us because it’s her birthday on the next next day, and Aaron, why oh why? Oh well he just wanted to treat us! Coolness right!

We capped off the night with laughters and loads of stories. What’s more funny, Aaron had his every famous lines to complete our lovely evening. And his words: “Applause, Applause!” Well, I suppose that defined what I may descibe the services, fun, and food we had on one spontaneous evening.
Pictures at KIMCHI are taken by Shielababes Edelman!

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