Saturday, January 30, 2010

EXPLOSIVE ENCOUNTER: Mama, we miss you!

Yesterday was the 4th Year Death Anniversary of my mom. Time flies so fast. It’s been four years but the memories are still fresh and clear. How can I forget the day an angel came by at our doorstep without any warning and instantly took away the most precious person in our family, in my life, my mom.

I am very close to my mom. Actually, my siblings and I are. We call her mama. Sometimes, we call her Momsie. Sometimes, we just say Ma if we’re in a hurry. Nevertheless, whatever monicker we use to address her, our dearest Mama never fails to brighten and beautify our day. Here's more. By merely looking at the interior of our house, friends and relatives can say it’s my mom’s personality – colourful and vibrant.

My mom worked in GSIS for 32 years. She died on the year she was planning to retire. We were shocked.

Mama was a diligent and industrious government employee. My siblings and I were a witness to that. As I remember, there had been a lot of instances wherein she brought us to GSIS for different purposes. First, she wanted us to get free dental in the office. Second, she wanted us to participate in events or parties held by the office. She was a very proud Mom whenever we get to participate in any activity. In my case, my singing talent was discovered to the fullest because of her. And lastly, she tagged us along at times we need to have our eyes check. All these reasons were achieved through her constant undertime in the office.

My mom made us closer to God. She was the backbone behind our strong faith. When she found out I have a talent in singing, she prodded me to join the choir in the church. She also encouraged my brothers to be a Sakristan. On top of that, Mama encouraged Papa to be active in various church activities. Currently, my father is very active as a Lay Minister and never fails to support the church in any way. In addition, my mom and dad once held a high position in our Parish to oversee and run the line-up of activities mounted by different organizations. With these, most of my Mom’s time was devoted serving our Lord and reaching out to our community. As what her friends describe her, my mom was full of PR skills. And we miss that.

My mom loved jewelleries. She had lots of it. She also had tons of clothes in different colours and pairs. Her vanity table was packed with accessories. But despite my mom’s knack on these things, she always shared to us her mantra: “the more you give, the more you will receive.” How can I forget this once instance when my mom had only 100 pesos in her wallet when we attended a mass and instead of keeping it, she gave everything as a love offering. I was inspired at that moment.

My mom was a very supportive woman. She’s more excited whenever she’ll find out her siblings are recognized in different fields. She was very proud of us. She was there together with Papa ecstatic on my declamation competitions. She always extended a hand to whatever my brothers wish to explore. She was very strong when my youngest brother had an unexplainable illness. My brother can definitely prove how Mama with Papa stood up for him. Indeed, Mama gave hope. Mama comforted us. Mama’s smiles inspired us. Mama showed us how to see the world with positivity.

My Mom was the reason why we grew up with a big appetite --seriously. As a good cook, she always pacified our palate with delicious dish. Oh how can my siblings and I forget the times my mom will feed us with her bare hands with her specialty – fried pork and rice seasoned with the pork’s oil. Talagang nagaagawan kami. On top of that, my mom never failed to bring us pasalubong. That’s almost everyday. Name it, we got it - cake, polvoron, brownies, and more. And whenever she attended a party, pasalubongs were expected to be seen on our dining table the next day.

My mom inspired me to be a singer. She was there with me on my singing performances. She clapped with gusto. She smiled with confidence. She was my number one fan. She was the melody of my life; the lyrics that complete our family’s song. I must admit, I always imagine my mom seated in front of me whenever I sing in any occasion. And that gives me joy and confidence. I know in my heart that singing is a way I can express what I want to say to her – that I love her, we misses her.

At this point, our family has already coped up with her passing. However, it will never be the same again. Christmas, New Year, Birthdays and all celebrations of the year will never be as fun, colourful and loud as before. But I thank all our relatives and friends who helped us, sympathized with us. Indeed, we can only get our strength not only within ourselves, but also to those people who are willing to draw the light closer to our darkest moments.

On this fourth year of her death anniversary, I would like to say THANK YOU to my mom. THANK YOU for giving me life, for bringing me in this world. THANK YOU for putting God in the centre of our lives. THANK YOU for making us selfless rather than blinded with material things. THANK YOU for nurturing us to grow as responsible individuals. THANK YOU for sharing us your strong faith. THANK YOU for the comfort, support and love. THANK YOU.

Mama, I love you very much. I miss you. We love you. We miss you.

Till we meet again.


  1. aww. very touching. :'( i wish i was able to meet her.huhu -- you are all lucky to have her. - STACEY

  2. Stacey! Salamat! Grabeh namimiss ko talaga si Mama. Pero hindi ko na lang masyadong iniisip. Kailangan mag-move on at maging strong sa buhay.

    Buti na lang andyan ang family and friends to make each day happy! =)

  3. ang ganda nito dong, nakakamiss tlga si mama..

  4. Dong! Salamat! Nakakamiss talaga. Isipin na lang natin happy na siya with God. =)