Monday, January 25, 2010


I’m shocked. And that is for real.

When I watched the documentary titled “Secret” – which originally was a book – I realized one thing: to think good in order to feel good (our thoughts send messages to our emotions). The next day, I tried thinking of positive thoughts. And guess what, my day started with a light, fun and positive surrounding.

Surprisingly, after days of always looking at the bright side of things, here comes another positive change. And I mean positive, a blessing.

After six months, our company restores our original salary! There will be no more 10 percent deduction. YES.

As you all know, my company cut our salary with 10 percent last August because we weren’t earning much. As they said, we’re on recession. But just today, the good news pops out. Thank God.

I’m just happy about this good news. More greens, more savings for my future positive change plan.

Indeed, sometimes you just have to be patient. That despite the odds, you have to be strong. They may call you crazy for always thinking positive, but being positive won't cost a penny. be it as simple as imagining good things, you know you can sweeten your longing heart.

I know God is always there to listen. I don't have to speak. I just let him touch my heart.

I guess, what I experienced for the past six months of recession blues is a humbling experience. It taught me to see life as packed with compartments and chapters. There will always be an end to everything.

At least, I learned to make loose ends meet. I learned to compromise. Just like a bamboo, I gracefully danced with the raging storm. And now that the sun is up, it's time to prepare for another battle. Complacency might push me to the ravine of uncertainty.

I want to be certain. I want to succeed where all my efforts are aligned. This is why, I thrive on positivity.

The greens will pour once again. But just like an Ant, I will save, save and save. No one can predict when will the next storm is coming.

For now, seize the moment.



  1. wow, i like this. love it love it :))))))))).
    we always have positive thingking in every decison. it can make us to be successful

  2. Lili! Thanks.

    yeah, all we need in this world is positive thinking despite the challenges we encounter.

    Do you have a blog? I can link yours on mine.

    Thanks for the comment.