Friday, February 5, 2010

EXPLOSIVE ENCOUNTER: Request Express is Back!

One afternoon, I felt sooooo lazy doing my dance exercise and so I just decided to pick the microphone and belt out! Here it is!

I hope you will enjoy my rendition of Guy Sebastian's Angels Brought me Here! This is the song I sang in my brother's wedding last December.

Got a request? Message me! =)

Actually, I'm thinking of joining a singing contest. The process is I have to upload my video and you get to vote me. The performers who will get the highest number of votes will qualify in the finals round - a live performance. However, what's stopping me on joining the competition is that the organizers of the event are the same organizers behind the competition I joined last year (remember I had all the disappointment on the unfair results).

But if I will join, will you vote for me? hahahaha! =)

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