Thursday, February 11, 2010


I’m not a risk taker type of person. Unless a situation calls for it, I am ready to jump.

In my entire life, I can seriously count how many times I took risk in the past and fortunately reaped the fruits of such decision.

First, I took the risk of going into UP Diliman instead of pursuing a Music Degree at UST. Thankfully, after 4 years of college life, I survived UP. I even graduated with flying colors.

Second, I took the risk of working in ABS-CBN as a production assistant (the one we called taga-timpla ng kape ng director or utusan). But why get the job offer? I believed then that experiences are the best teachers for me to grow in the broadcasting industry. I wasn’t wrong. With the sleepless nights, endless shoots, and mind shaking brainstorming, I learned a lot from the Kapamilya network.

Third, after two years, I resigned from ABS-CBN. That time, I just realized that the network’s culture is too much to handle. I didn’t regret moving out and finding my life. Here I am, happy.

Fourth, I (we) took the risk of letting go our Mom to be reunited with our dear Lord. It was a painful decision.

Fifth, I jumped out of my comfort zone as I chose to leave the Philippines and work here in Brunei. Now, I’m loving my independence coz I’m learning a lot and I can think which direction I want to pursue in life. Of course, I will never forget my family and friends wherever I go.

Fifth, I withdraw from Master in Media Studies (Broadcasting) at UP Diliman and took the risk of shifting to Master in Development Communication under the UP Open University. Seriously, I’m juggling my work and school schedule terribly. Thankfully, I have my family and friends to brighten my stressful days.

Lastly, just recently, I took another risk which can put my self in danger. I am doing a “underground na dokumentaryo” in Brunei. And it is not a simple narrative. I am tackling a very sensitive topic. As we all know, Islamic country ang Brunei.

I will share more details once I’m done with it. Sa totoo lang, para akong espiya dito sa Brunei. Lahat ng shots eh done discreetly.

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