Sunday, February 28, 2010

EXPLOSIVE ENCOUNTER: Wu Chun on Gong Xi Fa Cai Celebration

Before the month of love ends, I would like to cap if off by blogging my Gong Xi Fa Cai celebration here in Brunei. I know this a late post. Oh well! Seriously the past weeks made me so busy with postgraduate stuffs that I figuratively drowned in hell!

15 February 2010. It was a sunny Sunday afternoon when I and the gang (Shiela, Cecil, Hazel, Gloria and Nick) went to Mr. Lee's house. Mr. Lee is one of our bosses.

We arrived at Mr. Lee's cozy house at around 2 pm. Unfortunately, we didn't had the chance to eat because the catering hadn't yet refilled the food. And so, we waited for.... two hours.

Thankfully, Mr. Lee served us some cakes and a plate of keropok. A keropok is similary with our very own kropek. We also had some drinks to quench our thirst.

After the long wait, we had our spot to taste the no-meat set of meal prepared by the catering. Mr. Lee and his family prepared a no-meat set because it is a chinese belief to have vegetables or fish on the first day of the Chinese new year.

The food was engaging and not too salty (which I like). However, some dishes were a bit spicy.

Sadly, we didn't enjoyed the food that much maybe because our hunger was already pacified by the mini cakes and the keropok we had earlier. If only they served the main course, we would had eaten more than what we had. =)

After eating and sharing stories with the Lee family, each and everyone of us received an Ang Pao. It is a part of the chinese tradition to give an Ang Pao to kids or young single adults. Oh well, the Ang Pao painted a big smile on our faces. Nice.

We left at Mr. Lee's house at around 4. Then we headed to Fitness Zone to catch the lion dance, the fireworks and the appearance of the Brunei-born Taiwanese superstar and Fitness Zone owner Wu Chun.

We were not disappointed. Aside from the festive dragon dance and ear-splitting fireworks (sinturon ni hudas level), we catched Wu Chun being swarmed by his drooling fans from all over and the press. I heard there were some fans who came all the way from other Asian countries just to check on him. For that, I salute to their total dedication!

Okay. As much as we wanted to have a photo op with Wu Chun, it was just impossible. His manager was so strict and his schedule was just soooo hectic to have a moment with his fans and spectators.
I didn't escape the Wu Chun craze. For the sake of my friends who like Wu Chun, I presented myself as a paparazzi. As a result, I took a lot of pictures.

Here it goes.

Wu Chun checking the festivity.

Wu Chun being swarmed by his fans and the press.
Wu Chun lighting the fireworks.

Wu Chun trying the drums.

Enjoy! Gong Xi Fa Cai! =)

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