Friday, March 5, 2010

EXPLOSIVE ENCOUNTER: 2nd Year Celebration!

In celebration of my second year anniversary here in Brunei, the gang (Aaron, Cecil, Joms and I) went to Charcoal to have a taste of one of the most popular steak house in Brunei!

Charcoal has a very cozy and vintage ambiance. Aside from its line of velvet covered sofas and some wooden chairs, it is well lighted and the hanging decors are a sight to see. They have all these popular culture posters which depict various western movies set in cartoonish design. And with the overall interior set-up and dish offerings, you'll never though you're dining in Brunei.

The menu has a wide selection of dish which you can choose from. However, the steak is a must try in the western themed hub.
I had the Classic American Burger with a potato salad and tossed garden salad as my side dish. Yum yum! The meat of the burger is big and packed. The vegetables are also fresh and crisp.

I just find the Lemon Iced tea so quirky. See that blue twisted straw which fits my outfit. Kinda cool eh!

Joms had the Charcoal Lamb chop with mashed potatoes and tossed Garden Salad.
Cecil had the steak and Aaron had the grilled chicken.
Overall, you get good value with your money at Charcoal. =)

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