Monday, March 15, 2010

EXPLOSIVE ENCOUNTER: Of Oranges, Tweets, Duhat, and a bunch of Craziness!

Last week was just crazy. I guess, it won't be normal for me if my week runs on a plateau.

Last week, Saturday...

I started reading Paolo Coehlo's The Winner Stands Alone. By merely leafing through at some pages, I said to myself: I'll definitely love this! Seriously, I fell in love with the book. Paolo Coehlo's literary gift is just moving. His language is authentic. The plot he designs is distinct and is poignant. Plus, his characters are enveloped with great passion and presence.

Last Tuesday...

After chasing the movie house, I had the chance to watch Alice in Wonderland. We watched it on its first debut in Brunei.

If I will rate the movie, out of five, it will be more like 4. While the total design was overwhelming especially with its shrinking and expanding effects, I just observed there were few animation glitches. Just see it for yourself.

The storyline is simple and I guess the children will understand it well - good vs. evil, living one's own dream, etc. On one hand, adult viewers will enjoy the perky characters. I soooo love the cute twins, the cat and the Red Head Queen. Oh! The potion making was just disgusting (watch it!)!

Overall, the movie was an eye candy not only for kids but for adults as well. I guess it will be much better to catch it in 3D.


Two weeks ago, to control my cravings on sweets and to improve my diet, I opted to eating oranges which I buy from a nearby grocery in our office. And guess what, the oranges were just irresistibly sweet.

Last Wednesday...

I had some bad anxiety attacks. Imagine, I thought I'm dying. Seriously, I had some recurring thoughts of losing my life and leaving behind the people I love. I guess this weird thoughts mushroomed out of the chest pain I suffered for the past days. As we all know, I am diagnosed with scoliosis. Too bad, right? I know!

One reason I thought which gave me the chest and back pains was overdoing the dance exercises I had. Another reason was carrying some heavy weights which (hard headed eh!) my personal doctor advised me not to attempt doing. Frankly, the chest pains were just excruciating; even sleeping was uncomfortable. Thankfully, after hiatus on doing a tedious exercise, the pain is lessened. I'm now slowly recovering after taking some muscle pain relievers..


I realized I don't have to push myself just to get a well-toned body. I realized I'm not that FAT anymore.In fact, I lose a lot of weight already (in reference to my younger years' physique). Oh well, I should love my body. Perhaps I should just maintain a healthy food intake and pair it with a less stressful exercise.

I think my Dad is right. I better try breathing exercises. Perhaps Taichi can help me get fit. So do I hear the sound of my excitement to learn my father's new hobby?


I contemplated on rewarding myself with a gadget. Now, I'm thinking of seriously getting one. I'm hoping to get a Black Berry Mobile Phone(Duhat in Tagalog). I suppose its features will fit my busy bee lifestyle. *cross fingers*

Last week, I got hooked with Twitter. And seriously, it now enslaves me.

I like Twitter because it gets me informed on Philippines Politics, Showbusiness and on every hot topics the world is talking about. Interestingly, the information are first hand!

What's more, you can observe and prejudge who among showbusiness personalities have the brains and who are just sheer beauty. Nevertheless, I enjoy celebrity tweets! I am a self-confessed fanboy!

On top of that, getting quotes from Ihatequotes was just refreshing. From time to time, I can pull some of their posts and repost it in my Facebook account. Cool!

Last week...

I composed myself. I will "try" to join this year's Palanca Awards. I will join in the short story or in the essay category. In fact, I already written my outline last Saturday. I just have to fill in the details. Wish me luck!

Last week...

If I'm homesick, Jollibee is home. =)

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