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My Friends: Faith (in black), Elna (in red) and Daniel!

The Coverage continues...


The Palace was jaw dropping. The first time I had the chance to visit the Palace was in broad daylight. Last Saturday, it was festooned with bright and bubbly lights which made the evening truly majestic.

The Palace was blasting in full colour. There were green, blue, red and a lot of robust rainbow hues well-positioned to perk up the celebration.

The garden was transformed into a posh banquet covered with a series of tent. The former garden grown with grass was covered in gray carpet.

The chairs were covered with a white cloth and chiffon. The tables were embellished with fresh white flowers paired with a glass lamp with a candle inside. The utensils were simply a regal sight paired with the exquisite glass.


The well arranged and irresistible food was everywhere – left, right, front and back! There were even some quirky decorations which emphasized a birthday celebration for a kid.

It was a buffet. There was a popcorn stand, a Japanese food set, a big frying fan, a grilling for seafood and lamb, a coffee/tea corner, a bread and salad combo rack, and a lot more. To top it all, there were mouth watering desserts which were near our table.

There was a stage designed with lights and some plant landscape. There was also a complete band set up. And interestingly, there was an in-house video coverage – from cameras with tripods, to moving ones, and to a crane which moves gracefully. There were also big projectors while the whole area was filled with televisions so people from afar can watch what’s going on stage. Frankly, the set up was similar with a wedding banquet held by some celebrity wedding in the Philippines.

I asked one of the staff who was managing the floor. He told me that the set up took them three days. Plus, the Palace had a hundred waiters/ waitresses to serve the food and assist the guests. There were also chefs on each food section to deliver the best culinary services.

Because we were early, we had the chance to have our shoot near the Banquet Hall. It is where the royalty normally do their gathering. Last Saturday’s affair was a deviation. It was held in the garden turned into a seven-star hotel hall design.

After our picture taking near the Banquet Hall, we took our seat and relaxed. The moment I composed my energy, I roamed and took a picture of the interesting pieces which I want to share. Too bad, my camera was not fully charged. With this, I had to turn it off and on to take pictures. Luckily, my camera was cooperative when I was so engrossed drowning my eyes into the details.


This is the red carpet where the Royal Family shall make an entrance. Interestingly, there’s a glass stand with some orchids.

Here is another interesting piece. It’s a big glass with fresh fruits. In a dry country, obviously it’s not a liquor. There's also a big glass with some bread.

This is where the King and Queen will seat. The table was topped with a white candle placed in a Victorian era themed silver candle holder. White fresh flowers added the grandeur.

Lucky Draw prizes were properly organized in one table. They had electronic draw.

The celebration started at around 8:30. The amazing sights made my hunger fade away.

Soon, the people approached the catering. By merely looking at the guests gestures, fashion and composure, I can tell they belong to the superclass. There were model-likes. Some I guess were Asian celebrities – Malaysian or Indonesia- as some guests approached them for some souvenir shots. And

some were affiliated or relatives of the Royal family.

This is my plate!

I heard the Royal Family invited Bea Alonzo, Jericho Rosales and Vina Morales. Unfortunately, these Pinoy Stars had some taping schedule conflicts. Waaaaah!

See this? Strict Security!

To be continued...

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