Tuesday, March 23, 2010


This is the third part of my special coverage with the Royalty's Celebration of Princess Majeedah's Birthday.


After I enjoyed my food in about 20 to 30 minutes, I tagged along Faith and we began walking around like a hungry beast ready to jump on our prey. The urge was to have a picture with the "I don't know" celebrities. At this role playing, we were like literally the paparazzi who wants a piece of the unknown celebrities.

What's our proof they were celebrities? Well, we only knew they were celebrities from other countries because some people approached them just to have a picture with them. By merely observing how other people went gaga, we were convinced they're for real! And so we thrived on that reality to support our crazy and desperate assumption to make the night even more unforgettable.

The funny thing was, despite the fact that I didn’t know them, I took the courage of approaching them and asking to strike a pose with me - either in a formal or candid, eccentric and outrageous composition.

To start off, see these girls? Okay, they are not gays. They are real gorgeous girls. God! They’re just toooo tall! Thankfully, when I approached them, they’re cooperative with me to try the serious shot and the WACKY POSE! Seriously, having a picture with them was just overwhelming. I thought at that moment I was a host of some Beauty Pageant. They're simply stunning.

Next celebrity catch, she is one of the Emcee. She's another goddess to mesmerize your eyes! And. she’s tall too! Unfortunately, I didn't like the way she delivered her spiels and her interaction with her co-host. Truth is, her physical glamour saved her weakness in hosting.

I always believe that there are people who are not gifted with jaw-dropping beauty but definitely blessed with incomparable talent. Meet this girl! She is one of the host during the celebration. And I must say, her wit and natural banters spiced up the gathering. Job well done! Plus, cute baby ah!

After hunting for the Athenas of the night, Faith and I walked around to look around for the Zeus. Our first catch was this guy. By merely looking at his fashion, you can say that he's the "boy next door type" of celebrity. Actually this guy resembles John Lloyd dressed in a preppy outfit. Unfortunately, this picture contradicts his look in person. Kinda not photogenic.

The entertainment industry or celebrity world won't be complete without the Adonis to lure the girls and gay crowd. At this point, I present to all of you, the hunky persona! Wondering what did he do in the show? Well, he just joined a game where he acted out some fashion show scene. But I guess that appearance gave him loads of kaching kaching!

After meeting the boy-next-door star and the hunk, we now move on to the ever cool and witty guy. Seriously, this guy goofed around a lot. Imagine Luis Manzano's character and you'll understand my description. He was hurrying up when we had this picture. He's was being called on stage!

Lastly, my night wouldn't be complete if I didn't have a picture with one of the performers who stole my heart. I'm talking about this girl named Angel. Seriously, I loved her voice. She's simply amazing. And she proved that in her 12 straight song performance that night. Unfortunately, someone should throw her a fashion makeover. She doesn't deserve to be dressed like a doll.

Whoa! The night was just spectacular and star studded. The moment I sat and as I browsed the pictures on my camera, I felt I appreciated how beautiful and handsome our Asian Race is! Although in reality some of the celebrities who attended the gathering are half-breed (in my assumption), still, they are a sweet sore in the eye! On one hand, they just have to improve their rapport with the people and their performances especially if they want to stay long in the industry or if they have plans to get into the international market.

Guess what, after this night, I started to have an inclination on Asian music. Although I don't understand the Malay Language, I find the melody amusing and adorable! Mabuhay ang Asian Celebs!


  1. Apes!!!!!!! Hindi naman! I'm preparing na my song for your wedding. Sana magustuhan niyo! hehehe! =)