Monday, March 22, 2010


Get ready to be blown away with my exclusive 5 part coverage with the Royal Family's grand birthday celebration of Princess Majeedah! Enjoy!


Everyone knows that the only thing that is running in my mind in the past days is the thought of enjoying my upcoming one month vacation in the Philippines – the beach, the booze, the big time food tripping, and a lot more. And as the days come near, the excitement builds up uncontrollably which manifest on my noticeably consistent countdown. True enough, my mind is already lurking in Philippine soil while my physical self struggles to finish some loose ends.

Surprisingly, a wind of change blows my wandering. A text message from Faith is the culprit.

I was booked for a singing engagement in one road show last Saturday. I was asked to sing two songs which I had been rehearsing meticulously for the past days. Thankfully, my housemates didn’t throw an object on my door to tell me how my voice jolts their privacy. I was also bound to attend a birthday party of my gym mate right after the singing stint.

Judge me or whatever, with one SMS from Faith, my choirmate and mentor in the church, I canceled all my itineraries to give way for something rare and truly remarkable. She invited me to come with her in the Istana, the Palace of the Royalty. It was the birthday of Princess Majeedah,his Majesty's daughter. Faith is the music teacher of Princess Majeedah. And with that privilege, she is allowed to bring some select friends to join the banquet.

The first time I stepped on the Palace was during the 2008 Hari Raya Open House. I was with my father then. We waltzed our way just to have a precious 10 seconder hand gesture with the Royal Family. I thought that was the end of it all. I was wrong. Last Saturday was a Deja Vu of genuinely amazing!

The event last Saturday was out of my expectations. The invitation was sudden that I couldn’t believe I was bound to experience something which is to die for. I panicked, muchness.

I was overwhelmed with Faith’s reason of inviting me. Apart from our strong friendship, she was proud of my credentials and background – UP grad, blah blah and blah. *wink*

I prepared myself – physically and even emotionally. I had to wear something presentable, fitting to the celebration, yet I had to bind my confidence and wit. As my fashion statement, I had my plaid vest, fuchsia polo shirt and my slacks.

Faith picked me up around 6:30. She didn’t want us to be late. With this kind of much anticipated gathering, the Palace was expecting a mass of special guests from Brunei and from other parts of the globe. Our early bird drive brought us a huge advantage. We had a lot of time to tour around and take our pictures.

To be continued...

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