Thursday, March 18, 2010


Before, I was not a heavy internet user. But now, everything has changed. I am now an uber internet afficionado. My life revolves around technology and the glorious wonders of the internet. I'm sure, most of us are into this digital boom.

Why is this so?

Truth is, the internet serves as my root of survival overseas. It is where I get my daily dose of news ranging from politics, showbusiness, sports, culture, etc. Oddly, I don't visit a news website to get all of these. I simply rely on twittering. yeah. You heard me right. I just converted myself into a twitter addict from being a facebook boy!

Apart from the vertical and linear orientation of Twitter which makes its features more user friendly, I prefer twitter because it is simply entertaining. Every time I check on my tweets, there comes the popping of celebrity shout outs which I religiously follow. By merely following them via online (the hell with wasting time ),you get to feel you are kinda close to them and you enjoy the illusion of being a part of their world. Especially for a person like me who was once a part of the Kapamilya network, it's just nostalgic to reconnect with the Stars I used to work with.

Honestly, Twitter is like a more fresh and hippie version of any showbiz magazine. You get to digest the instantaneous thoughts of the celebs wherever you are.

On a funny thought, tweets determine the authenticity of the celebrities. By simply reading their one liners and activities, you get to check who has a loose brain, a wired persona or a firm educated foundation. See it for youself and be the judge.

On a different note, I am addicted to twitter because I get to catch a series of lovely and reality striking quotes. There's just joy in sharing these quotes on my Facebook where my friends get to read and like.

Twitter also brings me closer to the Philippines. I get to interact with my friends. At the same time, I get instant news updates from Inquirer, Pagasa, etc. With just one click of the links, you are smacked down with tons of information!

Twitter has also been my constant companion in ranting. Yeah. I rant, sometimes. I guess it's part of being human. If I am irked or irritated, I will quickly make a blasting one liner on my tweets. Positively, it feels good to blurt out the emotion or thoughts hiding inside.

Social networking appeals to me because I'm not a confrontational type of person. Imagine, a person once called me "backstabber" after I chronicled in my blog her rude attitude. I didn't confront her. And soon, as I let silence took over, the anticipated war died down. In reality, there are incidents we have to let go and simply pick up the pieces when the right time calls. At least no one's hurt. Positively, there's always a white flag to raise to restore peace.

On a more extreme thought on social networking, I'm now so desperate to get a mobile phone wherein I can surf the net endlessly not only because I need it for my schooling (online degree), but I desire to have one as to meet my addiction on these social media such as Twitter.

I just wish my social networking addiction won't interfere with work or school. I know I can control myself. Maybe I just needed some relaxation.

Oh God. Here I go again. I better check the tweets! =)

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