Friday, April 9, 2010


31 March 2010.

My flight was scheduled at 11:50 AM. However, because I was just so excited to leave Brunei, I had everything prepared by 8 am. In fact, I woke up at around 8 in the morning just to check everything is okay.

Early morning, I received a text message from Faith. She wants to pass by and hand me over another set of her DVDs. Without hesitation, I waited in the highway where Faith asked me to wait.

Soon, I got Faith’s packages. I was so overwhelmed. I didn’t only get more Cds, she also gave me some books!

I ran in the staff house carrying three paper bags filled with CDs and some Books. The moment I reached the staff house, I planned to sort out everything. Sadly, I received a call from my boss. Since, she’s following our office assistant she wanted to pick me up earlier than 9:30. I jumped out of where I was standing. God, I wasn’t even taking a bath and it’s already 9!

Okay. I calmed down. Packed my breakfast and went rushing to the toilet. Thankfully, I finished in 15 minutes. Setting aside the excitement, Ligong pato na!

Together with my boss, our office assistant picked me up and sent me to the airport. After the goodbyes and hugs, I checked in my things.

I took my breakfast and Jollibee. I was seated in one corner and feeling afloat. I even had the chance to take some shots of the views tickling my attention. And after 3 hours, I was in the Philippines. I was home.

My father, eldest brother,my cousin, youngest brother and his GF picked me up. There was the same excitement which never fades in my heart whenever I reaches Manila.

One reaction I had when I stepped out of the fully air conditioned airport: ANG INEEEEEEEEEEET! Finally, Philippines’ Summer has slapped me! And what a good start, hello hello traffic!

When I arrived home, I didn’t have the luxury to rest. I had to shop for toiletries and I had to pack my things for our Bicol trip the next day.

And so, I landed in the ever famous SM Fairview (10 minutes from our house) to buy the things I will be needing for our family’s 8-day vacation. Even though I felt like fainting, I battled the tiredness by immersing myself with the beautiful and summer themed surrounding of SM. In an hour or two, I had everything done.

By 9 PM, I started packing for our Bicol adventure. Despite the Jetlag, I was able to get a good short sleep. I only had three hours of sleep because we left the house at 4 in the morning.


  1. sobrang saya earvs!!! I am soooooo happy for you!!! Sobrang na-feel ko ang excitement mo and I'm sure ako rin ganyan pag uwi ko! :) Ang saya saya Earvs!!! Enjoy Pinas!:)

  2. Lei! Siguradong mageenjoy ka! Super nageenjoy talaga ako sa Pilipinas! Sagad sagaran ang laktwatsa at kung anu ano! Kelan uwi mo? enjoy!