Friday, April 9, 2010


As a way of sharing our blessings to others, My Dad sponsored a reunion for not only our family but for all the Cabalquintos who live in Baao, Camarines Sur. The rule: As long as you are a Cabalquinto, you are very much welcome to join in the reunion!

Here are some raffle items! These are mugs which are not used in our house and so we just decided to give away as prizes in our games and raffle draw.

My Dad asked my Auntie Zaida to facilitate the catering. Auntie Zaida is a well known caterer in Baao, Camarines Sur. She has catered from small gatherings to some big functions thrown by politicians in town. On top of that, her food never fails to impress the guests. Recently, she catered to a function attended by over 1,500 guests. Can you just imagine that? Unimaginably, she had the event ran smooth and successful. And so, with a long history of successful catering services, my Dad got her in our reunion with so much confidence.

A shot of my Auntie Zaida preparing the table napkins on the presidential table.

My cousin Debbie and Arthur were busy at the registration table.

My cousings Sheree with Baby Joy and Menard.

My cousins!

This is the presidential table where we sat.

Our reunion had 300 guests. Actually, my Dad planned the reunion two years ago. He was aiming for such get together because he wanted everyone to know each other and to create a line up of officers who will address the needs of our kababayans in Bicol. Okay. My dad is not running for any political post. He just wanted to share his blessings and make others happy.

The reunion was held at Baao West Central School, Gabaldon Building, San Ramon, Baao, Camarines Sur. Yours truly was the guest while my brother Jepjep and her girlfriend Stacey were the photographers. My other cousins also helped in throwing a happy atmosphere in our games. We also had some raffle items to give away and some cash prizes.

Hosting the Cabalquinto Reunion was such a joy for me. I saw the happy faces on everyone as I talked on stage and invited everyone to participate in our fun games. Some kids were just unstoppable on joining our crazy activities. And guess what, the song "Nobody" played like ten times during the party. It was the most requested song!

We had the ever popular game "Hephep Hooray!" It was soooo outrageous!

The food was just amazing. We had embutido, leche flan, buko salad, kaldereta, spaghetti and many more! Everyone was so stuffed with overflowing food! Thumbs up to my Auntie Zaida for a job well done!

I had also my share of giving away some of my blessings. I asked my father to break my money into twenties. I gave away some cash prizes to those kids who performed on stage. And seriously, a lot showcased their talent from singing to even some declamation stint.

As I handed the winners their twenty pesos, a reality pinched my heart. That moment slapped me with the truth that people in the provinces can be very joyous with an amount of money we thought could be at in low value especially in Manila. As my father told me, twenty pesos is a big amount for most of the people in the provinces. They can already buy a rice or some food to pacify their hunger. Plus, who wouldn't be happy to receive a money which they will can only earn for some days, weeks and even for a month.

The reunion capped off with the election of new officers. Another set of sponsors were picked for the next Cabalquinto reunion.

I enjoyed attending our biggest reunion of our family. Not only because the people showed me how happiness can be fired at a simple gathering but more importantly, they made me realized how fortunate I am and my family. I will never forget that day. Till our next reunion!

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