Wednesday, May 12, 2010


As early as 9 in the morning, our excitement was as intense as the heat of the summer. We were all set with our swim wear and lots of food. Thanks to Auntie Zaida for sending us a container of yummy home made donuts (na nakakaloka ang pinsan ko dahil nahulog ang donuts while we're waiting for everyone to go!). That accident remained to be a secret! hahaha!

It took us two hours from Baao to go to Sabang Port. Baao is the hometown of my parents where we stay whenever we go to Bicol. With having lots of relatives to our advantage, we didn't have any problems on getting foods to bring and some advices on the tour.

When we reached Sabang Port, we asked around. Too bad, since we arrived at around 11 am, the boatman didn't advice us to go to the exact Islands of Caramoan. They told us that it's dangerous to travel at that time. The sea waves were in raged. They also told us that an overnight stay at the Island is suggested for us to truly enjoy Camaroan Island.

Luckily, at an amount of 1,600 pesos, the bangkero got us a small boat (na super scary dahil parang isang malakas na ihip lang eh liliparin kami!) and we jumped in for our water summer adventure. After 45 minutes of scary/ heart stopping experiences on the boat as they didn't give us life vests, we finally reached the majestic and jaw dropping Island. The island is called Rose Island and it's one of the many Islands composing Caramoan.

Rose Island was a good choice. It was a blessing in disguise! There were few people in the Island when we visited it! That gave us a lot of space to explore and enjoy the Island's beauty.

Seriously, the island was so refreshing. Luckily, we didn't get super tan because the sun was hiding. It was gloomy that time even during lunch time.

The sea was crystal clear and the sand was just so irresistible to play around with. However, we just didn't like the small rocks on the shore. It's kinda painful in our toes.

We didn't have rice for our lunch. We just kept on munching lots of chips and donuts! yeah we ate the donuts despite the dirt it got from an accidental fall! We need to finish it or unless my Auntie will get upset for the possible fact we didn't even touch her home made donuts!

See Lot (my cousine wearing the purple top) in this picture, she's trying hard to finish the donut! hahaha!

We headed back to Port Sabang by 3 in the afternoon. We didn't risk to travel late as the sea waves could be as perky as our experiences on Rose Island.

We arrived safely at Port Sabang by 5. It was raining that time. Obviously, we were all wet yet very happy with our memories at Rose Island.

It was soooo fun to ride the boat. We're so good at hiding the fear on our faces. Seriously, si Papa lang ang hindi takot! He even consistently had an umbrella during our trip!

To find out more about Caramoan Islands, visit

Of course, I would like to acknowledge Stacey for some of the beautiful photos! Thank you LOADS!

Til our next adventure. Next stop: Camarines Sur Water Sports Complex! Abangan!

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