Friday, April 9, 2010


Our long drive to Bicol started at 4 in the morning. Everyone was (obviously) excited. Too bad, my eldest brother and his wife weren't able to join the long planned trip. Ate Charmaine, my brother’s wedding cannot travel anymore because of her due pregnancy.

It was a sunny day. We started a smooth travel. We greeted the morning by praying the rosary, a family tradition.

We traveled on a Maundy Thursday. We expected everyone is going home to their provinces. However, we didn't expect a series of bad road encounters. That migraine causing road experience started in SLEX. The vehicles moved slowly. And that flow included us.

We experienced more comgested roads in San Pablo, Candelaria, and in Sariraya Quezon. Some roads were trafficked well but some were left without proper coordination. Waaaah!

Apart from the frequent stop overs for toilet use, we also stopped in one terminal in San Pablo where we bought some chips and water. Of course, we also had some cam whoring on the side!

Positively, I didn’t feel any boredom on our way. The marvellous mountains, the tall Coconut Trees, the smooth roads (although there were some rugged), the bahay kubos, the vast rice fields, the animal farms, and a lot more sceneries were just a lovely sight to digest. These are views which I don't normally see even in the green city of Brunei. Iba pa rin talaga ang Pilipinas.

As the clock hit 1 noon, we planned to have our lunch on one area. We had lunch at Atimonan Quezon near the sea shore. Interestingly, the fresh breeze calmed our hungry senses as we enjoyed our Adobo and rice. On one hand, the scenery perked up our spirit that indeed, in a few more hours, we will be in Bicol.

After eating our lunch, we took the luxury of enjoying the scenery by taking our pictures!

After another 5 hours, we reached Bicol. Bicol is very distinct not only because of its green fields and coconut farms, the pungent farm scent was just calming.

Baao Camarines Sur is the hometown of my parents. This is where they grew up, met and deepened their love for each other.

It only takes 8 hours to reach Bicol, however, in our case, we had in 13 hours. Blame it on the road congestion! Seriously! Thankfully, munching the ever popular "shingaling" helped us ease the traveling discomfort.

Okay. I would like to commend my youngest brother for driving 13 long hours. As a tradition in our family, once you conquered driving Bicol, you can now call yourself a pro. In my case, oh well!

Positively, despite the long dreading hours of travel, our exhausted bodies were energized with great food. And I mean really mouth watering and incomparable set of dishes prepared by my Auntie. For dinner, we had adobong bicol, tilapia, we had choco suman, homemade kalamay at leche flan.

That night, I had to break my virginity on liquors. And so I tried drinking the much raved “The Bar.” Okay. I didn’t like it. Seriously, I’m so not into Alcohol. Maybe this is the reason why I fit in Brunei’s no-alcohol policy!

Here are some bonding moments captured by Stacey's SLR! "The Bar" is on the middle!

Soon, we hit the slack and hoped for more extreme and unforgettable moments with our relatives in Bicol. Plus, we were also excited to visit the pristine beaches of Caramoan. Also, try the emerging tourist spot in Camarines Sur - The Camarines Sur Water Sports Complex.

Photos are courtesy of Stacey Pierce.

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