Sunday, May 2, 2010


The month of May has just started. And as the month of the rainy season walks in, I would like to share my new found exercise routine courtesy and well-taught by my dad: TAICHI!

When I had my one month vacation in the Philippines last April, aside from the endless food trippin, the out-of-town trips, and the loads of meet up with friends, I had one fruitful encounter: my Dad taught me his secret to a healthy lifestyle. He taught me the chinese martial art, Taichi.

Learning Taichi was not that easy at first. I had to wake up at 3:30 in the morning and join my Dad. We walked for around 30 minutes just to reach an open lot where we can execute the routines and wait for the sun to come out. At first, I was a bit scared of the place where my Dad does his movements. It was so dark. But thankfully there was a security guard roaming. Soon, after three sessions, I got to adopt the nature of this slow moving exercise.

I did learn the basic moves. The "taichi walk" for 45 minutes to an hour was just refreshing. I was sweating soooo much! Plus, the stretching and meditations were empowering without harassing my bones and muscles!

For me, Taichi is more than an exercise. It is even more than a discipline. But frankly speaking, I enjoyed it because it was a perfect time for me to spend quality time with our Papc. Yeah. I call my dad as Papc. Every time was soooo fun and healthy!

And to this day that I'm back in Brunei, although I'm still adjusting with waking up at 5 am and doing the routines while being surrounded by the early morning breeze and tranquility, I feel like doing the routines connects me to my Papc in an intense link. As I execute the routines, I can hear his voice guiding me and directing my every moves. On top of that, I am so glad the routines bring me closer to my family on a different level. Seriously, I will never forget all the good things this chinese exercise brought into my life.

I am so proud of my father. He retired from work back in 2008 and he transformed himself in a very healthy and smart man. In fact, whenever the whole family goes out, he never loses the gusto to walk and walk! Aaminin ko, mas may energy pa siya sa amin. At, he's slimmer than us his children!

Thanks Papc for teaching me Taichi. At least, I won't have to spend a penny to achieve a healthy life.

P.S. I am now on my third taichi session here in Brunei. Go go go!

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