Friday, May 7, 2010


After our visit and picture taking at the Cagsawa Ruins, we fetched our Auntie and headed to Embarcaderos to have our lunch. Embarcaderos is located in the Sea Port of Albay.

It was just newly built which aims to attract more tourists. Seriously Embarcaderos was refreshing. Not only it has a marvelous view of the mountains and the port, it also boasts some restaurants which you can totally enjoy as you breathe the fresh sea breeze.

Since it's new, most of the spots were unoccupied. ABOUT EMBARCADEROS: (information and the city plan pictures are from

The Embarcadero, formerly dubbed as The Sunwest Wharf, is projected to be the premier 24-hour seafront business and tourism complex and IT Center in the Bicol Region. Embarcadero will be the center of commercial, recreational and tourism activity in Legazpi City and the provinces of Albay and Sorsogon. It is located at the Legazpi port area, near the foot of the Kapuntukan Hill, also known as 'Sleeping Lion Hill'.

The Embarcadero is regarded as the jump-off point to Bicol’s 8-wonders of eco-tourism – the Whale Shark of Donsol, Sorsogon – world’s largest fish, Manta Ray, the world’s fifth largest fish can be seen at Ticao Pass, Mayon Volcano – world’s most perfect cone volcano, Misibis Resorts, Estates & Spa – the first Tourism Estate Zone in South Luzon with triple Class A classification by the department of Tourism, Boiling Lake – the natural steam of Nag-Asu Lake in Manito, Albay which is like a natural Jacuzzi, Sula Channel – the country’s longest salty river known for its calmness, Pototan Cave – famous for underground river cave and the Vera Falls – one of the tallest falls in Bicol known for its pristine waters and lavish rainforest in the area.

A prime commercial, recreational, tourism and IT center, it will feature a landmark 30-meter lighthouse, civic space, souvenir shops, first class restaurants, “Dampa” restaurants, coffee shops, hotel, convention center, leisure and amusement park and about 800 seats call center. All these entwined with a fastcraft ferry transport and semi-submersible vessel, the Embarcadero is truly the jumpstart to a Bicol Experience!

We had lunch at my Father's favorite eating hub, Mang Inasal!

Right after our lunch, we walked around, sent back my Auntie and went to Iriga to buy some pasalubongs.

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