Monday, May 3, 2010


The Church of Nuestra Senora de Penafrancia is the second church we visited in Bicol. Painted in creme and brown, it is popularly known as the old Penafrancia church.

On the entrance of the church, some statues of angels are placed. The floor is very clean and designed with boxed tiles.

Apart from the wooden pillars, the ceilings are designed with imagery which depict the life of Jesus Christ. Some chandeliers add to the grandeur of the interiors.

Not only you'll be mesmerized with the interior, you will also enjoy the solemnity and tranquility of the church. Since we visited this Church on a Good Friday, a purple cloth are everywhere.

The third church we visit is Naga Cathedral. The big church made of old stones!

The altar is just jaw dropping because of its gold etchings and some exquisite patterns.

The ceiling is also high and over empowering.

There are statues of angels on the entrance of the church.
By this time, the statues for the procession are prepared at the side of the church. Seriously, the statues are sooo big!

This wall captures my attention. It has the same texture and design as seen in Intramuros' walls. A hallway is found inside. This gives me some goosebumps!

Fourth church is the Carmel Montessori. If you have been to The Good Shepherd of Baguio or of the Pink Sisters in Tagaytay then you'll have an idea of the ambiance of this church.

The interior has blue walls and wooden long chairs. The design is simple yet very relaxing.

Some interesting statues are found outside.

Fifth stop is the Parish of St. John. It is a very simple looking church. The ceiling has a dome architecture.

Most of the churches in Bicol have this. The "salubong" is held in this area on Easter Sunday.

Next is the Nabua Cathedral. I call this the "Brick" Church.

The interior is also jaw dropping. See the gold plated altar? Nice!
Here is another church, the Iriga Church.

Last stop is the St. Therese of Avila parish. The church is like made of ashes! It has a very distinct color and texture. The interior of this church is just magnificent!

I just realized, we visited 8 churches! Weeeee!

Thanks to Stacey for some of the photos. =)

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