Wednesday, May 19, 2010


It's always a must for me to meet my super friends whenever I go back to the Philippines. Surprisingly, this year has been very exciting and ever memorable. Why? First, I attended my highschool bestfriend's wedding. Secondly, I sang in my bestfriend's wedding. Third, I met my college mates which could be read as a mini reunion. Fourth, I had so much fun with Ed, Jhen and Melody on a "mock wedding!". Fifth, I enjoyed more good times with my friends Leez, Peluch and Ces. I even experienced Ace Water spa. Thanks to Peluchi's treat. And lastly, I met some of my friends which I can't mention thy names here. I'm avoiding any conflict. The who must not be named! LOL!

Let's start the story.

Wedding 2010!
Last 10 April, I attended my highschool bestfriend's wedding. Not only I had the chance to participate in the mass, I also got the honor to entertain her guests with my song performance. I sang a mash up of 'The Gift," "For You," and "It might be you!."Thankfully, I nailed my performance!

I enjoyed April's wedding not only because it ran smooth and was packed with elegance and charm, it served also as an opportunity for me to reconnect with my highschool classmates. In the wedding, I saw again Agatha, SM, Kyke, Rhea Luz and Sinag. And speaking of Sinag, thanks to her. She gave me a ride.

On top of the sharing of stories and lots of dining indulgence, my friends and I enjoyed the photo booth. Despite the long queues, we dragged ourselves and made our way to the stellar machine. Of course, we tried putting on some cute props to pair with our big smiles and outrageous poses!

A camera on our desk to capture the happy times.

The wedding ended with a bang. I so loved how April's mom shared her heartwarming speech about my friend. I also enjoyed seeing April with her groom. They were so happy. On top of the sweet moments, I was so glued watching the AVP. With that, I learned the love story behind April and Mark's beginnings. By sound of it, they're totally destined for each other!

Surprisingly, guess what, yours truly got the garter (thanks to April for choosing the smallest balloon) and put it on the lovely girl. We even had a kissing moment. Seriously, I just wish I vanished at that pressured and steamy moment. But as a "game na game" person, I did my best to simply enjoy the blessing in disguise (which I did and lasted until the next day! hahaha!)

Mini Reunion

It's been like seven years since I last saw my college buddies/orgmates. And so, with Kath's prodding, finally, I had the chance to meet some of my pals at UP.

Wennie, Rachelle, Lory, Kathleen, Joey, Kay and Chelsea came to our meet up. Seriously, I so loved the walk on memory lane. With all the bunch of stories, I realized that we really have walked fast the past years. Positively, it was good to know how our lives grew for the best.

Kath is already married to Stan (her long time boyfriend) and is now working at DFA. Lory is working as an Associate Producer at ABS-CBN. Joey is also working at ABS-CBN handling various shows. Kaye is active as a Marketing Staff at U&AP. Chelsea has just left I -Witness and is now on her way to finding a promising career aside from production. Rachelle is still teaching and is now hoping to finish her Masters at UP Diliman. And lastly, Wennie, who just came from US to read her paper on Filipino Language, is now a professor at UST. With these promising updates with my batch mates, I felt so proud.

The night capped off early because I have to attend an early taichi session with my dad the next day. Nevertheless, the few hours worked on a lasting impact. Truth be told, I missed them. Till the next get together. =)

Mock Pre-Wedding!

A visit to the Philippines means a meet-up of endless laughter with Ed, Jhen and (finally) Melody. This time, it was such a blast!

Our group date started when Ed and Jhen picked me up at UP Bahay ng Alumni. Okay, I was late because I got loss track of time because I was so engrossed talking with my professor (who also lend me some books to aide me in my current research on mass media). Thanks to their patience, my tardiness was waived.

The love team! LOL!

We had our dinner at Bigoli, an Italian restaurant located at Trinoma. The food was great. I soooo loved the pasta and the chicken. The dessert was also unforgettable.

Seriously, we we're very thankful that day. We said to ourselves: "finally, we are complete, the four of us!" To everyone's information, the last time we had a dinner kita kits, Melody was not present. I guess she was in Bicol. Actually, we were joking. Melody had an excuse to be out of the big picture because she was our official photographer. Positively, this time, Melody was "physically" present!

me and jhen!

The night was a hilarious evening. We were so serious pairing up Ed and Melody on their wedding. We even had their picture taken re-enacting a sweet (super kilig to death) moment. In fact, we asked them to sit beside each other and reenact their upcoming slicing of the cake!

Jhen's offering of herself as a wedding singer on Melody and Ed's mock wedding made us also laugh sooo loud. She was serious that she had the CD ready. Actually, we promised to make a duet! LOL!

With our tummy's filled with the yummy food and our hearts with good and funny thoughts, we went home with a complete satisfaction of what we can recall as a "merry mayhem!"

Next year, hopefully, Ed and Melody (naks) can bring their feelings for each other to the next level. Perhaps, marriage? Just kidding guys. I know. Melody has a boyfriend.

Simply Perfect!

Leez and Peluch are more than friends to me. They're my super friends. Seriously, they have been with me through my brightest moment, and my darkest. And I thank them for that.

Leeza and me!

And so, looking at my priority list of people to meet whenever I go to the Philippines, they're on my top 5. I would never leave mother Pinas without seeing them.

Me and Peluchi!

I just love hanging around with Leez and Peluch. I feel comfortable talking with them. We can laugh out loud even on the simplest things. We have the same penchant on coffee talks. We share our passion on making a difference. And more importantly, we are all natural on what we do, think, say and act. Bottom line, we blend perfectly just like how a coffee is brewed to its distinct taste.

Last April, things got differently. Instead of filling the table with three heads, we had an addition, and I mean a sexy addition. Presenting, Ces!

Ces is my college buddy. And seriously, her addition to our group spiced up everything. And I mean everything. In fact, because of her natural wit and flawlessness on giving advices, I even tagged her chit chat moments as "Ces Says!" Okay, it all happened when Peluchi shared her sentiments on her status on a friendship with a guy which she thinks such relationship is bordering on Mr. Cupido's "lover's lane." Thankfully, our very Doctor Ces came to the rescue.

Apart from Ces' impressive impromptus, I so loved her big transformation. Thanks to running, she lose a lot of weight. Now, she's an inspiration!

The night was a memorable one. First, Peluch and I enjoyed a refreshing session at Ace Water Spa. Peluchi treated me! Thanks! Second, the personal updates were remarkable. It was good to know everyone's moving forward within one's personal space - from career to love life and up to the physical beauty. Third, the get together became a reminder of how friendship can bind people together and come in one goal of comforting each others' hearts and soul. And lastly, I got to realize (which I always do), how I am blessed with lovely people who I now can say as my "lifetime" buddies.

Thank you very much Ces, Leez and Peluch!

Friendship Rocks!

I've always believed friendship does not happen overnight. Just like any life processes, it circulates on stages. It can be improved and it can decay if it's not properly nurtured. Just like love, it grows to the better and best. It is sweet yet sometimes bitter. Perhaps, friendship is like a fruit which require us to wait and make it ripe.

On top of that, friendship is one of the priceless food for our soul. What's best, it doesn't only fill in the possible empty spaces in ourselves, but it also throws in more fillers to the people we share our love and care in an overarching social relationship called friendship. And frankly, this is the reason why I value friendship so much. It makes me human. It spruces up my life.

And so, to all my friends, thank you very much for making my life so meaningful. Aside from my family, you guys give me purpose to always dream and achieve that dream even if it's on the tip of total challenge.

My journey abroad will never be possible without your support. A simple hello in my YM means a lot to me. Even commenting on my FB wall energizes my sometime decelerating emotions because of homesickness. Plus, I appreciate all your efforts on making time to meet me whenever I go to the Philippines. Maraming maraming salamat!

Hanggang sa muling pagkikita! =)


  1. LOVE IT EARVS! Thanks for making my wedding a memorable one. :)

  2. Apes! Nako basta ikaw! Salamat din sa paginvite sa akin sa iyong super saya at elegant na wedding! =)