Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Last April 11, our family went to Laguna to participate in a traditional pamamanhikan. My cousin Joy is all set to marry her long time boyfriend Red!

The gathering was packed with fun and food. There was also a videoke session which my Auntie Susan facilitated to entertain the family of Red.

Red's family!

Joy with Ate Charmaine and Kuya!

The couple with Kuya and Ate Charmaine!
For the food, we had Relyenong bangus, pasta, barbecue, cake, and the super yummy na mango sago ng aking pinsan! Go go go Lot!

As our gift, we passed by Red Ribbon and bought a cake. Interestingly, we had a very funny pre-cake eating moment for Red and Joy! What a lovely pair!
We left Laguna by 4 in the afternoon for me and Sheree to catch up a mass. =)

Now, we all have to wait for October to crawl in and the bells are about to ring!

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