Wednesday, May 5, 2010


After our Bisita Iglesia which finished at around 3 in the afternoon, we took a rest for a while and got ready for the procession. Together with my cousins, we observed the religious practice.

This is Lot, me, my brother jeff and Papa!

This is Lot, Akela (the daughter of my cousin whose working abroad) and me!
This is michelle, Menard (the eldest son of my cousin Ate Jenjen), me and Ate Jenjen.

This is Stacey, the girlfriend of my brother, Menard, me and Jeff.

The gang! Jeff, Stacey, Michelle, Menard, Me and Ate Jenjen.

There were a lot of people. Most of them were kids.

As the night walked in, the lights of each "karo" was lighted with bright lamps adorned with flowers.

I was so surprised to see all the statues for the procession. My father was right. It was all life size, beautiful and amazingly decorated. Just look at these pictures and you'll be blown away! I heard there are some families who own the Saints. They keep it in safety and they bring it out on the next lenten season.

After the procession which took us just an hour, we had our dinner. And guess what, we really took an effort to capture the dish. We had ginataan at pritong Tilapia. I didn't just drool over its taste but I was shocked with the huge size of the fish. Seriously, parang dalawang tilapia ang pinagsama para sa isa! Plus, it tasted very fresh.

Right after our dinner, my father and Auntie tagged us along to visit the one month old son of our cousin. My cousin is currently working as a season while his family lives here in Bicol. Honestly, when I saw the baby, I felt a spark. I realized then that soon our family will have a little angel as the wife of my brother is soon to give birth!

Me and Ate Jenet with her lovely son! Cuuuuute!

As our parents and aunts talked inside the house, we the youngster went out to catch a fresh air. End up, we had the cameras clicking! Yeah, we're a family of cam whores. We love taking pictures of our each and every move.

Nakakaloka lang! Ibang lebel ang gabing ito. Picture taking paired with tawanan equals kabaliwan! Ang kulit kasi ng pinsan ko, adik sa picture! Lahat na lang, picture! Peace Lot! Di ko makakalimutan ang humahabang leeg na pose! O di ba, pulang pula ako sa kakatawa!

With our hearts filled with laughter, we headed home to set up a bonding session. You're right. We had an inuman session. Of course I didn't drink. This time, we had GSM Blue with a sprite. Okay. I had the softdrink! hahaha!
This is me, Ate Jen, her son Andrei and husband Tobal, me and lot. Yeah! We're eating La-La! Wagi!

We capped off the night with big laughs, unforgettable memories, bonding with everyone, and loads of food trippin! I now kinda missin this as I write my blog! Til the next Gooood Friday in Bicol. It's all GOOD!

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